Elegance is Timeless

As a recovering online impulse shopper, I now force myself to really think about each purchase to know if it’s truly meant to be. Sometimes that can mean waiting several months to acquire the object of my affection but then it won’t lead to the dreaded buyer’s remorse and a closet full of unworn clothes. Patience is truly something that can pay off long-term; who doesn’t want to buy pretty things on sale and avoid paying full price? Needless to say, my patience was truly rewarded when I was presented with the opportunity to feature the dress I have coveted for ages, the magnificent Stop Staring Timeless dress in green.

Available in sizes XS to 3X in a variety of colours ~ MSRP $158

IMG_4011Being a longtime Stop Staring customer, I have always found their sizing to be consistent to the brands’ size charts throughout their various collections over the years. Depending on the material of the specific dress (which Stop Staring indicates on their website), you will want to adhere to the size chart accordingly. Based on my current measurements (36-27-39), I fit precisely within the size Medium range. When the Timeless dress arrived, I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to my expectations after all this time. From the moment I tried it on; I didn’t want to take it off. The fit was perfection and required no alterations at all. The Timeless dress features a delicate keyhole cut-out with sash detail, cap sleeves, with matching belt and a sash off to the left side of the skirt. Made from a tropical stretch fabric, which is not quite as stretchy as their millennium bengaline. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knees.

IMG_4022The sheer elegance and unique design in such a stunning shade of green is a winning combination all around. The Timeless dress captures the soft femininity of the era while accentuating the female form in a classic manner; this is not your typical wiggle silhouette. I chose to pair it with my staple Rago 1294 girdle to ensure to create a sleek line as intended by the design. If green isn’t your favorite colour, the Timeless dress is also available in red, plum, baby pink, blue & more. There is no doubt that this classic beauty has won the hearts of several celebrities as well…now you can steel their look at an affordable price!

IMG_4016The Timeless dress is ideal for any occasion or in my case, perfect work attire for the office. Accessorizing all depends on the setting or the look you wish to achieve. With the lovely sash details, I would opt to keep things simple with a bracelet and round toe pumps or strappy kitten heels. To create a genuinely glamorous look, add a bold chunky layered necklace, long satin gloves and sky high heels to knock their socks off.

IMG_4014After waiting for soooooooo long, it is truly a rewarding feeling when the object of your affection turns out to be even better than you had imagined. The Timeless dress instantly became a personal favorite in my collection and I will be the first to say…DON’T WAIT!!!

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The Winner of the Pinup Tank of Your Choice from Le Bomb Shop!


PhotoGrid_1410825095273Another exciting giveaway has come to a close, thank you to everyone that took the time to enter! If it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t have such amazing prizes to be won. Let’s all take a moment to thank Le Bomb Shop for sponsoring our latest contest and showing their love for the readers of Pin Up Persuasion.


Now the moment everyone has been anxiously awaiting, the winner is….



*The winners have 7 days to claim their prize, otherwise it will be forfeited and redrawn from the existing pool of entries*.

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Add an Extra Dash of SparkleLux to Your Look

Well it’s good to be back after a much needed tropical vacation with the hubby! Time to get back into what I love the most, sharing more fabulous product reviews with my readers. Today we are showcasing the one of kind confetti jewelry by SparkleLux, all handmade in sunny Palm Springs California by Miss Tayva. By now you have probably seen her gorgeous pieces modeled by many renowned pinups like Micheline Pitt, Doris Mayday, Lisa Love, Sabina Kelley & many more!

SparkleLux jewelry is definitely one of the leaders in quality vintage reproduction confetti jewelry. Their pieces are still very affordable and should not be confused with cheap imitations. The old saying rings true, you get what you pay for when it comes to buying quality goods. When I placed my first custom order, I browsed the plethora of images on SparkleLux’s Facebook page to find which styles suited me best and staple colours to coordinate with my wardrobe. It was hard to narrow down my choices as there are so many gorgeous designs available. My final selections were:

  • Corrugated Earrings in Endless Sleep

IMG_3385 IMG_3373 IMG_3393

  • Lilli Tear Drop Earrings in White

IMG_3439 IMG_3442 IMG_3421

  • Atomic Tear Drop Earrings in Red & Gold 

IMG_3461 IMG_3448 IMG_3467

  • Round Earrings in One Mint Julep

IMG_3486 IMG_3484 IMG_3492Now that you are saying to yourself…”I need SparkleLux earrings!”…here’s your chance to win a pair for free! Miss Tayva was super kind to send these gorgeous STARLITER Round Earrings in Hi-Fi Baby for one lucky Pin Up Persuasion reader to win. Make sure to check out SparkleLux’s Etsy store for stunning ready made pieces that you can order today!

il_570xN.626978497_ms0mHow do you enter?

Simply click HERE or visit Pin Up Persuasion on Facebook.

The Giveaway starts Thursday, Oct. 9 & closes @ 12am on Friday, Oct. 24.

The Winner will be announced right here on the blog & on Facebook.


*The winner has 7 days to claim their prize, otherwise it will be forfeited and redrawn from the existing pool of entries*.

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Taming my Handbag Habitat – a review of the Superb Samorga!

So confession time… on the outside I look like a very tidy organized person…but under lurking underneath is utter chaos. And my handbag is somewhat of a microcosm of the rest of my home. Very pretty on the outside, but if you open it up… something might just jump out and bite you. Seriously. I am obsessed with storage because I always need new solutions to migrate mess too. That stack of pretty boxes? Vintage suitcases? Second closet? All are really mini (or not so mini) time capsules of whatever I tossed in there at the time. Perhaps anthropologically interesting in 100 years… but currently it really is rather embarrassing. For instance, this sums up my Tupperware cupboard perfectly. And yes, I have a whole cupboard for Tupperware in our small kitchen. The mess grew out of a drawer and earned itself a cupboard.

tupperwareEvery so often I get a strange fit of enthusiasm and decided that dealing with my organized chaos will CHANGE MY LIFE. Well we will see about that, but I’m starting small. Achievable. With my handbag.

*Disclaimer* In the interest of complete honesty which is the intention of this blog I am going to show you some disturbing pictures. If you are a nice normal tidy person who files their mail upon receiving, rolls their cables and can find keys in their bag in less than 10 seconds, you should probably skip this post. You have been warned!

This is my favorite handbag of the moment, the fabulous glitter and black from Pinup Girl Clothing. Isn’t she pretty?!


handbag1She is also quite large, and not possessed of any interior dividers which makes her very easy to fill with a large jumble of junk. She’s pretty deep, so you can’t quite see into the dark depths there… so I’ll go ahead and tip it all out.

handbag3I told you, pretty scary! And actually, this isn’t too bad… I was somewhat surprised by how little came out! Anything from light-bulbs and screwdrivers to underwear to a bottle of wine have been known to be found here….

Now, like any pinup worth her salt, I have a great many handbags. Although this is my go-to bag currently, I use many others depending on my outfit. And if I’ve been shopping. And when that happens, I pull out the necessaries for the day – wallet, lipstick, cell phone, diary and pop them in the bag of the day. And I get this

handbag4Look at me, all organized! Had you fooled huh!

Because of course, what happens, is I repeat this process and end up with this

handbag5Now, it’s a little hard to see, but inside nearly every one of those bags there are things lurking. And no, those aren’t all my bags!

Instead of 1 bag of junk…. I have 7 bags of junk. And it’s some law of my universe that when I’m looking for a particular lipstick it’s in the last bag. EVERY TIME. What is that!? On occasion there are benefits, like finding a $20 note you forgot about (who I am kidding, I mean a $2 coin…. yuuusss), or that eyeliner I thought I lost and already bought a new one. Now I have 2, neat!

An unintended consequence of getting those out to take that photo was that I really did find treasure! Here is some of the loot, of the non paper rubbish, non tampon or band-aid variety

handbag6So we’ve got a sparkly garter belt, an EFTPOS card I thought was lost, 80 cents (score!), a random bag of old screws, a tape measure, 6 hair clips, an earring, a polkadot headband (been looking for that one for AGES), my Wheels and Dollbaby ring, bobby pins, my Fluff mirror compact (THERE you are!), a bracelet, a pen, a comb, a brooch, a safety pin, a SIM card and 1 Hershey’s kiss. Not a bad haul.

Clearly, I need a new system. It would be nice to not have to spend 5 minutes looking for my keys every time I need them, and having to call my cellphone to find it in my purse. To have my lipstick instantly accessible! To not find weird scary things, ever!

So… where to start? Well I got the old wheels cranking and Googled “Handbag organizer”. I know right, pretty clever. And such a thing exists, loads of them! What a good plan, I can have everything in this cool compartmentalized thingymajig, all my bits can have their own home and then I just SWAP it from bag to bag! Genius! Why didn’t I think of this before! (If you have one of these and are shaking your head at me, cut me some slack… not all of us are as clued up on amazing technological innovations)

Well there are plenty of plastic looking ones around for less than $10, but I thought there must be something nicer out there for my beautiful bag! And I stumbled across this fabulous company in Korea called Samorga, who makes oodles of different organizers for every type of handbag, all out of quality felt and in all colours of the rainbow. And they make custom sizes too. They have been well reviewed on many sites and blogs, are reasonably priced and actually very cute! Needless to say, I had to get my hands on one.


I ordered an organizer in a size I thought would work well in a variety of my handbags, in a gorgeous orange heather colour. And a few weeks later it arrived, nicely packaged and wrapped in tissue. The quality looked excellent and the felt thick and soft and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

handbag7Luckily since I had guest-imated the size, it seemed to fit my favorite red Amoeba handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing, as well as several others. The size I ordered was the N1(W8 H5.9 D4in) / mini. Once again I tipped out my handbag disaster… and got to work.

handbag8And here is my new organized…organizer! So tidy! A pocket for everything, and best of all you can actually SEE what’s in the pockets!

handbag9Here is the Samorga organizer in my Amoeba handbag. The size I ordered fits snugly in this handbag, I have to close it firmly due to the shape of the bag since it tapers at the top. It is an odd size bag though, and I am left with the “end bits” of dead space where it curves. But considering the space I am using is now actually useable, I am well pleased. I can also tuck things I am not going to need immediate access to down in the corner, like a pair of gloves, or an apple ;)

handbag10I have also shown it in another handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing, I have this one in both leopard and pineapple print.

handbag11It really makes it so easy to transfer from one bag to another!

And here it is in a larger tote like I might use on the weekend so there is extra room for things like a water bottle and sweater. Or kid crap.

handbag12My verdict is… I love this and it’s fabulous! So practical, and for someone like me, a lifesaver! I’d like to think I won’t ever lose my keys again… but chances are I will find a way. I definitely want a tiny one now for my little handbags :) I just took my new organized handbag on its first outing and I had to keep opening it to look at how pretty it is… I even wanted to show the man at the gas station. But I didn’t. He didn’t look like handbag fan.

Hope you enjoyed this review… and if you have a handbag habitat that’s looking a bit on the wild side… grab yourself a Samorga baby… you won’t regret it!

Natalie – True Confessions of a Vintage Addict xx


Thank you to the lovely Natalie for sharing her tips on how to organize the trenches of our handbags. You can find more fabulous articles just like this one at True Confessions of a Vintage Addict.

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