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Matching Mother Daughter Outfits by Miss Betty Doll

Hi all you lovely ladies! I am so excited to have the opportunity to write a guest post for the lovely Jessica of Pin Up Persuasion. I have been following this blog for years and think the world of it and its writer.

I’m here today to cover a topic some of you retro lovers may or not be aware of – matching your outfit to your daughters! I match my little Selene every single day. It’s ridiculous. It’s kinda pathetic. But it makes me so happy! You see, my husbands family is chock-full of males, so I knew my chances of having a baby girl were slim. And then I had a dream I would have a baby girl with big, beautiful blue eyes. Nine months later, there she was :) Months before she even arrived, my co-workers watched me receive package after package of goodies to dress her in. At first I just went after the outfits I had always thought would be cute- disney princess outfits, Pumpkin Patch dresses and the like. Girls really are so much fun! But then I came across this image of Sabina Kelly and her daughter and thought I should try purchasing her one or two outfits that match what I have in my wardrobe – perhaps for a special event.

image 1But then I had her, and within a few months I found myself matching with her every single day. I don’t know what her style will be as she gets older, and since she’s too little to tell me or dress herself, I figure I may as well take full advantage!

As you can see below, matching outfits were fairly common in the 1950’s and 60’s.

image 2 image 3 image 4There are oodles of images of us matching on my instagram account, and women often ask me how I do it, where to begin, etc. So, here’s how I got started.

First, I found that each of us having an outfit in every color helped. Being an avid collector of modern pinup clothing, I was already covered. So for Selene, I started at Pumpkin Patch (I find mysel wishing their dresses came in adult sizes, so they must be a little pinup, eh?) and then filled in any missing pieces with off brand clothing from Big W (Wal-mart in America, Big W here in Australia!) and Kmart. I don’t actually buy identical pieces, I just match our color palette and patterns to get a similar look.

Here’s some examples:

image 5 image 6 image 7 image 8 image 17 image 16Sometimes I may have a patterned dress for myself and a plain colored dress for Selene. In those cases, I like to accessorize her until we’re twinning it ;)

Here, I have a floral dress for myself and a plain yellow outfit for Selene. I popped a little red rose in her hair (just a hair clip from a costume jewelry store) and voila! We match.

9 10Selene’s outfit – Big W, red rose is a hair clip from local accessory shop. My outfit – Bernie Dexter dress, Lila Jo hair flower

In this outfit Selene’s dress was patterned and my dress was more plain, so I added matching colors with my belt and hair flower.

11Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress and etsy hair bow. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing dress and seperate belt, Lila Jo hair flower

Then there’s days where I just have to match her Disney outfits, and feel like it’s such a shame I can’t go Disney bounding around Disneyland! Ah, how I miss living in America.

12 13Selene’s outfit – Minnie Mouse onesie from The Disney Store. My outfit – Pinup Girl Clothing Top and Skirt, Lila Jo hair bow

Finally, sometimes I run across dresses that match so well, I have to text one of my girlfriends and tell them I am having a match-gasm. Seriously. I have those.

14 15Selene’s outfit – Pumpkin Patch dress, etsy hair bow. My outfit – Le Bomb Shop dress, Lila Jo headband

I’m still on maternity leave, and of course when I do go back to work I won’t be doing this daily any more. But I find that matching my daughter is super fun, and makes even little errands an event. Motherhood is hard, and matching gives me a little purpose every day, and a routine. When she grows older, I can imagine us only doing this once in awhile. I’m soaking it in while I can.

So for all you beautiful ladies with little daughters (or neices!), try color-coordinating for your next outing and tell me you don’t love it :)

Miss Betty Doll


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The Dawn of a New Generation by Naomi

Hi! I’m Naomi, a self-proclaimed teenybopper. I love writing about 1950’s culture and fashion on my blog, Just Teeny Boppin’ Along. As a teen myself, the American teenage culture of the 50’s is especially relevant and interesting to me, and wonderful Mrs. Jessica has allowed me to share a bit about it with you!

In the early 1900’s, there was no such thing as the “teenager”. Young people, especially young women, were extremely limited as to what they could do independent from their families. Cars were still luxuries, so there was no driving around with your friends, or picking up your date to the movies. Things changed in the 20’s, when women gained the right to vote. Many girls emulated the popular flapper’s style, as well as their independent attitude. As you can imagine, this did not go over well with their conservative, 19th century parents! While teens were still not recognized as completely separate from both children and adults, the rebellious attitude teenagers are known so well for today came to be.

High School FormalDuring World War II, childhood was cut short for many. Some young teens dropped out of school and enlisted early, or got jobs in the factories. Dads were overseas, Moms were working full time to help the war effort and support their families. Older children had to take care of their younger siblings. Adolescents had more responsibilities than ever before. When the war ended, fathers came home, and mothers took their work trousers off and put their aprons back on. Teens, however, had come to love the freedom they had during the war, and didn’t want to give it up! They found new jobs, or got allowances from their parents, and spent their money on records, clothing, and movies. Businesses caught on and began marketing towards “teen-agers” and “Juniors”. The teenager was born!

Teen Boys and Their CarSo we’ve finally gotten to the 50’s. Though it doesn’t seem that way today, the 50’s were a boundary pushing time. Elvis came out with his Rock and Roll music, and obscene (for that period, anyway) dance moves. Teen drug use and sexual experimentation shot up, but so did high school attendance. The media influenced youth like never before. Movies like The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause came out, and the news went wild, constantly warning of the rising rate in juvenile delinquency. Greasers and teenage gangs were often glorified, but so was the family unit, with wholesome, family oriented television shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best being very popular.

Teen Girls at a Record PartyMusic was a huge part of 50’s teenager culture, and a great source of great conflict between teens and their parents. Before the late 40’s, parents had a lot more control over what sort of music came into their homes. The radio played safe, conservative music, and if a child wanted a record, they usually had to ask their parents for the money to pay for it. Once teens began getting their own jobs, they spent a significant portion of their paychecks on music, often the records of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Jerry Lee Lewis. The heavy, throbbing beats and slightly risque lyrics of these musicians were a far cry from the soft swing and pop that adults had grown up with, and most parents didn’t want their children listening to what many called “the devil’s music”.

Teenagers at an Elvis concertAs I mentioned earlier, businesses began to pay more attention to teenagers in the 1950’s than they had before. Advertisements targeted the “teen-ager”, with all sorts of products just for teens. Junior clothing sizes came out in the 50’s too, with styles exclusively for girls and boys. Magazines like ‘Teen and Seventeen were full of articles on how to be popular and more attractive.

Teens at the JukeboxCars made a huge difference in the lives of teenagers. By this time cars were no longer a luxury but a necessity, and many kids were able to save up enough to buy one. This new mobility enabled teens to go to dances, take dates to the drive-in, go parking (ooh lala!), or even drive to the local “juke-joint” and buy a drink.

Teens in AdvertisementsWithout the teenagers of the 50’s, so much of what we have today would be unavailable to us. The music we listen to, TV shows we watch, and the clothes we wear would probably never have existed. The teenagers of the fifties–our parents and grandparents–refused to conform to the standards of earlier generations, eventually resulting in the “generation gap” and the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s.

Typical Teen BoysI hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this, as I loved writing it. Thanks!

Please visit Naomi’s blog for more fabulous and informative history lessons at

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Recreating the Silhouettes of the 1950s by The Nylon Swish

As brands such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Trashy Diva and Bernie Dexter grow in popularity, more and more women around the world are embracing the elegant designs of the 1950s. One of the aspects of vintage fashion that sometimes gets overlooked is underwear, however without the right shapewear it is not always possible to make the most of your vintage threads. I have made some suggestions on how to achieve three of the most iconic silhouettes from the 1950s.

Full skirts and nipped waists

One of the most popular items of clothing worn by women who are inspired by vintage fashions is the circle skirt. Generally made from a full circle of fabric, these skirts look very full (especially if worn with a petticoat) which accentuates a women’s waist and often make it appear smaller.


Photo by Lisa Larsen, 1952

Women have previously spent a lot of time trying to achieve the perfect nipped waist to further accentuate the silhouette created by full skirts, they wore corsets, steel boned girdles waist cinchers and other similar garments to help pull them in. If you love wearing circle or swing skirts and want to emulate the nipped waists of the women from around the 1950s, here are some items of shapewear that can help you achieve this silhouette:

1. One of the best ways that you can achieve a nipped waist is by taking advantage of the strong elasticated bands on shapewear, for example, pairing this Rago 1359 with a 2202 longline bra and ensuring that there is some overlap from both garments will mean that the elasticated bands will pull your waist in twice as much.


Rago Style 2202


Rago Stye 1359

2. Another great way of minimizing the size of your waist is to wear cinchers, these items are elasticated and very comfortable.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.19.18 PM

What Katie Did Glamour Waist Cincher


Rago Style 2107

3. If you’re feeling hardcore, you can opt for a corset to guarantee maximum waist cinching results. In this situation, I would recommend wasp corsets as they are short and will not compromise physical movement in any way. The added benefit of a corset is that you can wear it over your clothes as outerwear as well as underwear. Orchard Corset make fun and affordable corsets in many different styles and colours.


Orchard Corset Steel Boned Wasp Corset


Orchard Corset Steel Boned Wasp Corset

Body Contouring Clothes


(Photo by Slim Aarons/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

If you prefer a more understated look and tend to opt for pencil style skirts and tight-fitting tops, you will know that it is essential to choose the right underwear to create a smooth figure and avoid VPLs and bra bulges on your back. Some essentials that will help smooth you out are:

1. Longline bras – The long band of fabric reaching down to the stomach will help prevent bulges under and above the bra strap.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.28.03 PM

What Katie Did Cabaret Bustier

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.28.45 PM

What Katie Did Kate Longline Cone Bra

2. Longline girdles – Both open bottom girdles and panty girdles are great to smooth out problem areas but longlines add even more support.


Rago Style 1294

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.30.14 PM

Kiss Me Deadly Jacquotte Longline Girdle

3. All in one foundations – Corselettes and one piece items will provide ultimate support and leave you lump and bump free.


Rago Style 9071

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.31.36 PM

Revival Lingerie Polka Dot Corselette

Bullet Boobs

7b6aaffd6771acb46220ef0ead35c190Neither underwired bras nor moulded cups existed in the 1950s, women therefore wore non-wired bras which were constructed very differently to the bras on the market today; these bras caused women’s breasts to be a pointy or ‘bullet’ shape. Depending on how brave you’re feeling, there are different levels of point that you can achieve:

1. Mild point – This is the least extreme version of the bullet bra, so if you want to ease your way into a pointier shape, I would recommend this model.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.32.18 PM

What Katie Did Cone Bra

2. Medium point – This bra is not padded so depending on the material that your top or dress is made of, the bra will appear more or less pointed.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.06.57 PM

What Katie Did Maitresse Bullet Bra

3. Extreme point – This bra is padded and has been designed to create an a very distinctive point.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.33.00 PM

What Katie Did Padded Bra

I hope this helps you to finish off your vintage looks!



Twitter: @TheNylonSwish

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Taming my Handbag Habitat – a review of the Superb Samorga!

So confession time… on the outside I look like a very tidy organized person…but under lurking underneath is utter chaos. And my handbag is somewhat of a microcosm of the rest of my home. Very pretty on the outside, but if you open it up… something might just jump out and bite you. Seriously. I am obsessed with storage because I always need new solutions to migrate mess too. That stack of pretty boxes? Vintage suitcases? Second closet? All are really mini (or not so mini) time capsules of whatever I tossed in there at the time. Perhaps anthropologically interesting in 100 years… but currently it really is rather embarrassing. For instance, this sums up my Tupperware cupboard perfectly. And yes, I have a whole cupboard for Tupperware in our small kitchen. The mess grew out of a drawer and earned itself a cupboard.

tupperwareEvery so often I get a strange fit of enthusiasm and decided that dealing with my organized chaos will CHANGE MY LIFE. Well we will see about that, but I’m starting small. Achievable. With my handbag.

*Disclaimer* In the interest of complete honesty which is the intention of this blog I am going to show you some disturbing pictures. If you are a nice normal tidy person who files their mail upon receiving, rolls their cables and can find keys in their bag in less than 10 seconds, you should probably skip this post. You have been warned!

This is my favorite handbag of the moment, the fabulous glitter and black from Pinup Girl Clothing. Isn’t she pretty?!

handbag1She is also quite large, and not possessed of any interior dividers which makes her very easy to fill with a large jumble of junk. She’s pretty deep, so you can’t quite see into the dark depths there… so I’ll go ahead and tip it all out.

handbag3I told you, pretty scary! And actually, this isn’t too bad… I was somewhat surprised by how little came out! Anything from light-bulbs and screwdrivers to underwear to a bottle of wine have been known to be found here….

Now, like any pinup worth her salt, I have a great many handbags. Although this is my go-to bag currently, I use many others depending on my outfit. And if I’ve been shopping. And when that happens, I pull out the necessaries for the day – wallet, lipstick, cell phone, diary and pop them in the bag of the day. And I get this

handbag4Look at me, all organized! Had you fooled huh!

Because of course, what happens, is I repeat this process and end up with this

handbag5Now, it’s a little hard to see, but inside nearly every one of those bags there are things lurking. And no, those aren’t all my bags!

Instead of 1 bag of junk…. I have 7 bags of junk. And it’s some law of my universe that when I’m looking for a particular lipstick it’s in the last bag. EVERY TIME. What is that!? On occasion there are benefits, like finding a $20 note you forgot about (who I am kidding, I mean a $2 coin…. yuuusss), or that eyeliner I thought I lost and already bought a new one. Now I have 2, neat!

An unintended consequence of getting those out to take that photo was that I really did find treasure! Here is some of the loot, of the non paper rubbish, non tampon or band-aid variety

handbag6So we’ve got a sparkly garter belt, an EFTPOS card I thought was lost, 80 cents (score!), a random bag of old screws, a tape measure, 6 hair clips, an earring, a polkadot headband (been looking for that one for AGES), my Wheels and Dollbaby ring, bobby pins, my Fluff mirror compact (THERE you are!), a bracelet, a pen, a comb, a brooch, a safety pin, a SIM card and 1 Hershey’s kiss. Not a bad haul.

Clearly, I need a new system. It would be nice to not have to spend 5 minutes looking for my keys every time I need them, and having to call my cellphone to find it in my purse. To have my lipstick instantly accessible! To not find weird scary things, ever!

So… where to start? Well I got the old wheels cranking and Googled “Handbag organizer”. I know right, pretty clever. And such a thing exists, loads of them! What a good plan, I can have everything in this cool compartmentalized thingymajig, all my bits can have their own home and then I just SWAP it from bag to bag! Genius! Why didn’t I think of this before! (If you have one of these and are shaking your head at me, cut me some slack… not all of us are as clued up on amazing technological innovations)

Well there are plenty of plastic looking ones around for less than $10, but I thought there must be something nicer out there for my beautiful bag! And I stumbled across this fabulous company in Korea called Samorga, who makes oodles of different organizers for every type of handbag, all out of quality felt and in all colours of the rainbow. And they make custom sizes too. They have been well reviewed on many sites and blogs, are reasonably priced and actually very cute! Needless to say, I had to get my hands on one.

I ordered an organizer in a size I thought would work well in a variety of my handbags, in a gorgeous orange heather colour. And a few weeks later it arrived, nicely packaged and wrapped in tissue. The quality looked excellent and the felt thick and soft and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

handbag7Luckily since I had guest-imated the size, it seemed to fit my favorite red Amoeba handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing, as well as several others. The size I ordered was the N1(W8 H5.9 D4in) / mini. Once again I tipped out my handbag disaster… and got to work.

handbag8And here is my new organized…organizer! So tidy! A pocket for everything, and best of all you can actually SEE what’s in the pockets!

handbag9Here is the Samorga organizer in my Amoeba handbag. The size I ordered fits snugly in this handbag, I have to close it firmly due to the shape of the bag since it tapers at the top. It is an odd size bag though, and I am left with the “end bits” of dead space where it curves. But considering the space I am using is now actually useable, I am well pleased. I can also tuck things I am not going to need immediate access to down in the corner, like a pair of gloves, or an apple ;)

handbag10I have also shown it in another handbag from Pinup Girl Clothing, I have this one in both leopard and pineapple print.

handbag11It really makes it so easy to transfer from one bag to another!

And here it is in a larger tote like I might use on the weekend so there is extra room for things like a water bottle and sweater. Or kid crap.

handbag12My verdict is… I love this and it’s fabulous! So practical, and for someone like me, a lifesaver! I’d like to think I won’t ever lose my keys again… but chances are I will find a way. I definitely want a tiny one now for my little handbags :) I just took my new organized handbag on its first outing and I had to keep opening it to look at how pretty it is… I even wanted to show the man at the gas station. But I didn’t. He didn’t look like handbag fan.

Hope you enjoyed this review… and if you have a handbag habitat that’s looking a bit on the wild side… grab yourself a Samorga baby… you won’t regret it!

Natalie – True Confessions of a Vintage Addict xx


Thank you to the lovely Natalie for sharing her tips on how to organize the trenches of our handbags. You can find more fabulous articles just like this one at True Confessions of a Vintage Addict.

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