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Some people read books. I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. The majority of the blogs I read are centered around the pinup/retro/vintage lifestyle. Jessica knows about my addiction/obsession/hobby of blog reading and asked me to share some of my favorites with you!

The Rockabilly Socialite – Miss Dollie is the Queen (in my book) of Rockabilly. She has quite an extensive vintage wardrobe and her house is to die for. Read her blog to get the latest rockabilly happenings in and around Southern California, delicious recipes (she recently went vegan) and product reviews. Dollie is also the Queen Bee of a vintage ladies group she formed called the Honeybees – they often get together for cooking, crafting and parties. You can also follow Dollie on Instagram.

The Technicolor Cutie – Missy is a retro mom and vintage loving gal also in California. She is a hair stylist by trade (she always has killer hair) and has mad sewing skills (she makes quite a few of her own clothes). I’m so jealous of her hair and sewing skills! She can also be found on Instagram.

The Glamorous Housewife – Bethany is another lucky lady living in California (are you sensing a theme here? I need to move I think). Bethany has some vintage in her wardrobe but she is really amazing at taking modern day clothes and putting a retro twist on them. She is also quite the entertainer and often posts about parties, DIY decorating tips, recipes and has her own You Tube channel with make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and recipe tutorials. She’s also on Instagram!

Super Kawaii Mama – Candice is a vintage loving lady from Down Under. She blogs about all things fashion, hair, and lifestyle. She also has a You Tube channel – and I honestly could listen to her talk all day long. She just has one of those voices. And like all the others, she’s on Instagram!

And a few more quick ones:

Diary of a Vintage Girl – Fleur is from England and has a love for 40’s fashion. She is a jack of all trades modeling, acting, voice overs, hosting events, blogging, and she has her own vintage ladies group – The Vintage Mafia (I love that name). Oh and she runs half marathons.

The Fiercest Lilliputian – Emma is a children’s music teacher living in Nashville with a lovely vintage wardrobe.

Atomic Redhead – finally a blogger from the Pacific NW; she loves Disney, thrifting and vintage and she has collected quite an impressive wardrobe!

Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder – Another Aussie, Leah finds some amaaaaaaaaaazing things and takes amazing photos of it.

The Haute Rockabilly Fashionista – Wendi’s wardrobe makes me weak in the knees and she has stupid amazing luck finding great vintage treasures (bakelite, lucite confetti purses) for a steal! So jealous.

Midnight Maniac – finally a dame from my neck of the woods! Rebecca lives in Wisconsin and blogs about fashion, the environment, cooking and lifestyle. She has a talent for mixing vintage and modern pieces. Oh, and she organized the Mississippi Mayhem (our first rockabilly weekender in the area) this year!

Phew! Ok these amazing blogs should keep everyone reading for awhile. I know I’ve found a great blog when I find myself going all the way back to their very first post! I’ve done that with all of these. Please share what vintage/retro/pinup inspired blogs you love to read!


Let’s not forget the fabulous Amber’s blog


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Trashy Diva Jenny Dress: Vintage Class mixed with Comfort by Mai Tai Miranda

I have so much love for Trashy Diva clothing that I own at least ten pieces from this remarkable New Orleans based company. Since we are getting into the colder months, especially here in Canada it was timely to review one of my favorites, the long sleeved Jenny dress.

1441513_10151998089792604_1671267710_nThe Jenny dress comes in 3 colors (Black, Military, and Bordeaux) and two sleeve lengths! For me, I just had to choose the Bordeaux as the color is so lush and rich. The dress is a nice thick knit of rayon, nylon, and spandex which allows for a lot of stretch and beautiful drape. Of course it is also super comfortable and cozy for the many damp days here on the west coast of British Columbia.

The design of the dress is reminiscent of the 1940s with its gathered puff sleeves and strategic pleating/darts on the bust which are echoed in the skirt. The skirt is a full a-line and very flattering. The dress is easy to put on over the head with a small side zip from the waist to the sleeve.

1418405_10152003480502604_1101551544_nThe style of the dress allows for easy accessorizing, since it was a sunny autumn day I chose to add a skinny leopard print belt, a vintage bakelite bangle, and a beige snood (hand crocheted from Planet Pinup on etsy). With the addition of my black heeled oxfords I hoped to pull my vintage look together. This dress can be easily dressed up with a sparkly vintage brooch, some killer heels, and a pair of Cuban seamed stockings. I have winterized it quite a few times by pairing with thick tights of different colors and a cardigan.

I love vintage clothing but it is rare to find my size as being a modern 14/16 makes me a vintage 20/22. In terms of sizing, this is a very generous cut compared to other Trashy Diva offerings. You can safely size down from what the chart suggests as there is so much stretch. I usually wear a 16 in Trashy Diva and this one is a 12! This is a very good dress for all bust sizes (I am a 36G/GG) as the style works due to the darting. This dress is one of their more expensive and I picked it up during their online Black Friday sale last year, but most of my Trashy Diva dresses have been purchased from Rowena in Edmonton, they have a few styles (not this one though) on their website

1414767_10152003480497604_1411220381_nI am very lucky to have a fabulous photographer residing in my town and she produced these beautiful images (she is gorgeous pinup herself). Please check out Dawn Mahaney Photography on Facebook.

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The Return Of Retro Swimwear by Susan Bodack

Susan Bodack manages the blog and social media for, an online boutique specializing in designer swimwear, beachwear, footwear and accessories. For more articles on swim fashion, visit the Beauty and the Beach blog today.

We’ve all heard the adage “an oldie but goodie,” and nowhere is it more evident than in the world of fashion. Trends seem to revolve on a generational turntable as fashions recur over and over again with just slight variations or updates. Some may even argue that there are really never any new fashions, just old ones resurrected and made popular again.

One fashion trend that took the world by storm, and took many breaths away in the process, was the sexy yet glamorous pinup girl look. The retro fashion of the 1950’s saw a unique contradiction in fashion as increased sex appeal shared center stage with an emphasis on feminine features. Perhaps no other era had such a dazzling, classy look as the ladies of this time with their siren red lips, perfectly styled hair, and clothing cut to emphasize curves of all shapes, sizes, and places. Luckily for women today, these same trends are hotter than ever and as flattering as they were 60 years ago.

Although today’s mainstream fashion has certainly seen a retro revival, perhaps the pinup resurgence is most easily seen on the sand. Not only did the sex symbols of the 50’s rock the fashion world, they also changed the swimwear industry forever. Debuting in the late 1940’s, the two-piece swimsuit was really brought into vogue by the classic pinup girls of the 50’s. Featuring bustier tops, high-cut bottoms and ultra-feminine designs, these swimsuits simultaneously helped flatter any woman’s figure while radiating subtle sex appeal.

Today, these classic two-piece fashions, as well as their one-piece counterparts, are loved by women everywhere for their incredible versatility and universally flattering fit. A woman who is challenged in the chest area will love the added oomph a pinup-inspired bustier top can provide, particularly one with extra hoist provided by thick fixed halter straps. On the other end of the spectrum, any lady with fuller, curvier hips will be grateful for the extra coverage provided by a high-waist bottom, as they help to hold you in and slim the tummy. Women of all sizes can be intimidated by the dreaded thigh or backside area, but yet again, pinup fashion comes to the rescue as boy-cut shorts and ruched skirted bottoms provide additional coverage in those troublesome spots.

Not only are the cuts of the classic pinup era universally flattering, but the prints and designs are timelessly fun and flirty. Today’s hottest swimwear designers are sticking to the classics–if it’s not broken, why fix it? Think pinup-inspired one-pieces and two-pieces featuring polka dot prints in an array of color combinations and sizes. But if you’re not into polka dots, look for styles featuring luscious cherry prints, sweet gingham patterns or sailor-chic nautical designs. For solid swimsuit lovers, look for retro styles with sweetheart necklines, ruched bodices, little bow details, and/or subtle ruffle trim. Regardless of the style you choose, you can guarantee a youthful yet ultra-glam look.


A very warm thank you to Susan for guest posting on Pin Up Persuasion. Would you ladies like to read reviews on retro inspired swimwear in the future???

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Love at first try by Julia Metz ~ The Morticia by What Katie Did

My obsession with What Katie Did started around 5 years ago, I was working in Camden Town managing a shop stocking their corsets. I had tried steel boned corsets before but this was different, it was love at first try. WKD corsets use flat steel bones along the busks (the hooks at the front) and the grommets (the holes at the black) this gives a flat stomach, maximum support and great posture. The rest of the boning is spiral steel, which is flexible metal. This adapts to your natural shape and will help you reduce your waist further and be more comfortable. Before you get put off by the price tag you really do get what you pay for. They use luxurious high quality fabrics and each corset is handmade from start to finish by one corset maker. If you want a corset that lasts then it is worth the investment, my oldest corset is 4 years and after lots of wear it is still going strong.

morticiasI have owned 8 WKD corsets in my time, 3 of which I sold after changing size. 7 out of the 8 of my collection are the Morticia Underbust. The reason I love this style so much is that you are able to achieve amazing waist definition without having to over tighten it at the ribcage or hip due to the shape and goring at the hips. WKD recommends this style only if you have a 10” or greater difference between your waist and hip measurement. My measurements are: waist of 31-32” and 40.5” hips; what you also need to bear in mind is your underbust measurement. As this style flares out at the top if you have a small underbust measurement this may not be the right corset for you as it would gape at the top. This style must be named after the fictional character from The Addams family, who wouldn’t want to re-create the silhouette of Carolyn Jones from the 60s series?

The Morticia product description recommends that you can reduce your natural waist by up to 5”. I wear a 24” in this style. Now before you think hang on that is more than 5”, if you are an experienced corset wearer in the Morticia you can get a smaller size than you would usually wear. The dramatic shape of this style means you can tighten more at the waist than with another corset without crushing your ribs or creating buldge at the hip. The 5” modesty panel gives you some room to wear it in. You will find after a few hours you can really tighten the waist and create an exaggerated hourglass silhouette. I will add here that I am quite soft so I find it easy to reduce my waist by this amount but it will not be right for everyone. Before I changed size, I had a natural waist measurement of 41” and I wore a 32” Morticia.

If you are looking for a corset to wear underneath your clothes, I would recommend the Cabaret Sheer Morticia. I have this in black and feel it is the most subtle under garments. As the main body it not as thick as the other versions it is easier to disguise. See the photo below for how my PUG Monica dress looks with and without a corset. If you are wearing an outfit where it is more noticeable try wearing support underwear over it to further conceal it. This sheer style also look fabulous layered over a bright red dress for a vampy rockabilly look. If they discontinue this style at some point you can re-create it using the ‘Design you own corset’ option, they also have a pale pink available which you won’t find on the site.

morticia monicaI have to say my favourite Morticia has to be the Lalique Velvet version. After getting the black version I became so in love with it that I had to get the red too. The main base is duchess satin with velvet overlaying the boning & to create a diamond shaped waist band. The waist band gives the illusion of an even teenier waist as it draws the eye to your narrowest point. The velvet feels extremely luxurious and adds an extra touch of glamour. If you are a velvet fan you will need this in your life.

lalique velvet morticia blackYou can add this waist band on any style using their ‘Design your own Corset’ function. It was like all my Christmases came at once when they added this feature. I used this option to create a black leather Morticia. My boyfriend is a huge leather fan and I had always looked for a leather corset in a similar shape but never found one that fit as perfectly. These corsets are made to order but having a bespoke piece really is worth the wait. Do be aware that you cannot return corsets ordered through this option so make sure you know your size before placing your order.

morticiaMy newest addition is the raw silk Morticia in bubblegum pink. I initially owned the black in a larger size and really loved the elegant matte finish of the fabric, raw silk feels more exclusive as it is not used by every corset maker. I remember lusting after the bubblegum pink version hanging in my shop but thinking to myself that I wouldn’t wear it as much as black. All of my collection is black or red and black, these are my go to colours and I love them but I felt like adding a pop of pink to my palette. The colour is even more fabulous than I remember and the fabric makes it feel luxurious. I am excited to find new colour combinations and have a bubblegum pink & mint vision that I must make a reality. If you like the look of the raw silk there are lots of stunning colours, the claret & orchard green are beautiful and will give you a really unique looking corset.

pink morticiaIf you are lucky enough to find a WKD on ebay in your size you can usually snap one up for around half the price. If you are unsure of your size buying directly from the WKD site will give you the security of being able to return your corset if it isn’t right. I received excellent customer service from Hannah through the website who helped advise me on matching trimmings on the bespoke corset option, they really know their stuff so if you are unsure drop them a line, they are the experts after all.


A big thank you to Julia for guest posting about her stunning WKD Morticia collection, I am green with envy!

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