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Heart of Haute Monique Dress by Jessica Leslie

I have always been inspired by people who can take something they love and turn it into a full time blog-job. When I discovered Pin-up Persuasion, at first I swooned, and then I thought “Drat! Somebody has beat me to it!” Now I am back to swooning. Jessica does such an amazing job highlighting the best in vintage and pin-up world.

I had thought if I ever started my own blog it would be called “Little Vintage No-Boobs” or something like that. I am 5′ 2” and have the luck of having the top measurements of a pre-pubescent teenager, an average waist, and, thanks to three kids, the hips of a model who also sports DD’s (32-27-38, for those curious). All that combined means that vintage clothes, old or new, often come with the additional price tag of my seamstress’ alterations. But does that temper my love for pin-up fashion? No! Does it stop me from buying those drool-worthy dresses? No! Is my husband going to kill me if I buy one more? No!…well, ok, maybe ;) When I find a line that is perfect from the first try-on, I know I have a much better chance of convincing DH that it is a good “investment.” I have found that in Heart of Haute.

My first (of hopefully many!) dress from HofH is their Monique Dress in Peacock. I can’t tell you how awesome these gals were from the get go. When they introduced this dress on Facebook, they only had three in stock- small, medium and large, one of each size. Being a 27” waist means that for many brands I am in between sizes, usually between small/medium, but for some, even a medium/large. I inevitably email the vendor and ask about stretch, other customer’s experiences, etc. I got a response within hours and they let me know that they thought the small should be fine, but if I was worried, for a small charge, I could have the dress made to custom size. What!?! You just won a customer for life.

I ended up getting a standard small and I loved it. Size wise, it fit like a dream. No alterations needed!

IMG_1194As for looks, I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it. The HofH line is hand made in America, so placement and precision is one of their strengths. No wonky off-centered buttons here.(That is a whole other post…) I had specifically asked in my email about how the fabric was set on the bust. I wanted to make sure the peacock was going to be in exactly the same place as their stock photo. Handmade wins every time.

IMG_1197One other thing I appreciate about HofH is their photography. Why, you may wonder? I have actually sent a Stop Staring dress back because the color was so vastly different than what the photograph presented. This dress, however, was exactly as pictured.

IMG_1201The last and best thing about HofH is the value. Where many pin-up lines sing to the tune of over $150 (and sadly $$ ≠ quality), most of HofH come in at right around $100. High quality for a lower price? Definitely a win in my book!


LVNB is an avid lover of pretty much anything pin-up and vintage. In addition to the chaotic life of a mom of 3, she is an active member of the swing dancing community in Vancouver, BC.

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Korean Skincare Routine by Alice

Some of you may have heard of the Korea Skincare Routine before. For those who haven’t, it’s how women in Korea, and other Asian countries like Japan, take care of their skin. What’s so special about that? Well, Korean women are addicted to skincare and spend lots of time and money on it, and less red tape in Korea means new products with excellent benefits get released earlier, thus meaning Korea is the skincare capital. Instead of the standard Cleanse/Tone/Moisturize of a western regime, a Korean skincare routine can have 10+ steps! I decided to try this out with Western products, and I am impressed with the results. It doesn’t take long, is really fun to do, and gives you great skin! Here is what I do to incorporate a bit of Korean skincare into my life

Step one: Take off your makeup with an oil cleanser. Or, baby oil. It’s cheap and effective. And no, it won’t clog your pores. Oil cleansing is much more effective for your skin, even if you have oily skin. How does that work? Well, oil doesn’t dissolve in water. So washing your face with water won’t do anything. What about products specifically targeted for oily skin? AVOID. What these do is strip the layers from your skin, which makes your skin panic as it thinks it’s drying out. How does it respond? It produces more oil. Oil cleansing, however, gently dissolves excess oil with oil, and then you wipe it off. Simple, cheap, and effective.

Step two: Wash your face with a foam cleanser! Over here, it’s really common to take your makeup off and then moisturize. Taking your makeup off is great, but it doesn’t actually clean the skin properly. A foaming facial wash is gentle and will cleanse your face. Here’s me doing mine. Excuse the turban chic, I’d just got out the shower. Foam mustache optional.

IMG_1279Step three: Tone your face. You want to do this with an alcohol free toner, as alcohol dries the skin, leading to increased oil production. Saturate a pad in toner, and wipe it over your face

collage1Step four: This is where the routine starts to differ. Typically in Korea, they use essence or serum, a liquid concentrated with skincare goods. For me, I use neroli oil. It’s brilliant for my dry skin. However, there are many different types of facial serum, for all different skin types, so use one that suits you. I use one pump and apply it to my face and neck

IMG_1286Step five: Eye cream! I have dark circles, and so I use one specifically for that, however any eye cream is fine to use. The amount on my finger is enough for both eyes. I use my middle finger to apply eye cream as I find it easier. That’s how I apply it, I’m not flipping you off.

collage2Step six: Moisturize! I use Olay, but use what brand suits you. I take a generous amount of moisturizer, and moisturize my face and neck. That’s it!

I’ve been doing this for about six weeks and seen a real improvement in my skin. I have dry skin, and this has made a huge difference. I should also add I drink 2L of water a day and make an effort to eat skin superfoods, which also helps my skin. Hope you found this helpful!


Thank you so much to Alice from for her very informative skincare regime. I will surely be trying these new techniques as well!

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Amber’s Blogroll Call

Some people read books. I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. The majority of the blogs I read are centered around the pinup/retro/vintage lifestyle. Jessica knows about my addiction/obsession/hobby of blog reading and asked me to share some of my favorites with you!

The Rockabilly Socialite – Miss Dollie is the Queen (in my book) of Rockabilly. She has quite an extensive vintage wardrobe and her house is to die for. Read her blog to get the latest rockabilly happenings in and around Southern California, delicious recipes (she recently went vegan) and product reviews. Dollie is also the Queen Bee of a vintage ladies group she formed called the Honeybees – they often get together for cooking, crafting and parties. You can also follow Dollie on Instagram.

The Technicolor Cutie – Missy is a retro mom and vintage loving gal also in California. She is a hair stylist by trade (she always has killer hair) and has mad sewing skills (she makes quite a few of her own clothes). I’m so jealous of her hair and sewing skills! She can also be found on Instagram.

The Glamorous Housewife – Bethany is another lucky lady living in California (are you sensing a theme here? I need to move I think). Bethany has some vintage in her wardrobe but she is really amazing at taking modern day clothes and putting a retro twist on them. She is also quite the entertainer and often posts about parties, DIY decorating tips, recipes and has her own You Tube channel with make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and recipe tutorials. She’s also on Instagram!

Super Kawaii Mama – Candice is a vintage loving lady from Down Under. She blogs about all things fashion, hair, and lifestyle. She also has a You Tube channel – and I honestly could listen to her talk all day long. She just has one of those voices. And like all the others, she’s on Instagram!

And a few more quick ones:

Diary of a Vintage Girl – Fleur is from England and has a love for 40’s fashion. She is a jack of all trades modeling, acting, voice overs, hosting events, blogging, and she has her own vintage ladies group – The Vintage Mafia (I love that name). Oh and she runs half marathons.

The Fiercest Lilliputian – Emma is a children’s music teacher living in Nashville with a lovely vintage wardrobe.

Atomic Redhead – finally a blogger from the Pacific NW; she loves Disney, thrifting and vintage and she has collected quite an impressive wardrobe!

Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder – Another Aussie, Leah finds some amaaaaaaaaaazing things and takes amazing photos of it.

The Haute Rockabilly Fashionista – Wendi’s wardrobe makes me weak in the knees and she has stupid amazing luck finding great vintage treasures (bakelite, lucite confetti purses) for a steal! So jealous.

Midnight Maniac – finally a dame from my neck of the woods! Rebecca lives in Wisconsin and blogs about fashion, the environment, cooking and lifestyle. She has a talent for mixing vintage and modern pieces. Oh, and she organized the Mississippi Mayhem (our first rockabilly weekender in the area) this year!

Phew! Ok these amazing blogs should keep everyone reading for awhile. I know I’ve found a great blog when I find myself going all the way back to their very first post! I’ve done that with all of these. Please share what vintage/retro/pinup inspired blogs you love to read!


Let’s not forget the fabulous Amber’s blog


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Trashy Diva Jenny Dress: Vintage Class mixed with Comfort by Mai Tai Miranda

I have so much love for Trashy Diva clothing that I own at least ten pieces from this remarkable New Orleans based company. Since we are getting into the colder months, especially here in Canada it was timely to review one of my favorites, the long sleeved Jenny dress.

1441513_10151998089792604_1671267710_nThe Jenny dress comes in 3 colors (Black, Military, and Bordeaux) and two sleeve lengths! For me, I just had to choose the Bordeaux as the color is so lush and rich. The dress is a nice thick knit of rayon, nylon, and spandex which allows for a lot of stretch and beautiful drape. Of course it is also super comfortable and cozy for the many damp days here on the west coast of British Columbia.

The design of the dress is reminiscent of the 1940s with its gathered puff sleeves and strategic pleating/darts on the bust which are echoed in the skirt. The skirt is a full a-line and very flattering. The dress is easy to put on over the head with a small side zip from the waist to the sleeve.

1418405_10152003480502604_1101551544_nThe style of the dress allows for easy accessorizing, since it was a sunny autumn day I chose to add a skinny leopard print belt, a vintage bakelite bangle, and a beige snood (hand crocheted from Planet Pinup on etsy). With the addition of my black heeled oxfords I hoped to pull my vintage look together. This dress can be easily dressed up with a sparkly vintage brooch, some killer heels, and a pair of Cuban seamed stockings. I have winterized it quite a few times by pairing with thick tights of different colors and a cardigan.

I love vintage clothing but it is rare to find my size as being a modern 14/16 makes me a vintage 20/22. In terms of sizing, this is a very generous cut compared to other Trashy Diva offerings. You can safely size down from what the chart suggests as there is so much stretch. I usually wear a 16 in Trashy Diva and this one is a 12! This is a very good dress for all bust sizes (I am a 36G/GG) as the style works due to the darting. This dress is one of their more expensive and I picked it up during their online Black Friday sale last year, but most of my Trashy Diva dresses have been purchased from Rowena in Edmonton, they have a few styles (not this one though) on their website

1414767_10152003480497604_1411220381_nI am very lucky to have a fabulous photographer residing in my town and she produced these beautiful images (she is gorgeous pinup herself). Please check out Dawn Mahaney Photography on Facebook.

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