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A Leopard Can Change its Spots

There was a time in my life where I was obsessed with everything animal print; from bedding to clothing…you name it! Oddly enough, now I cannot even fathomg buying animal print items as they simply just don’t appeal to me like they used to. Maybe it’s because I went a little overboard as a teenager but our tastes are bound to change over time. Needless to say, it came as a total surprise how much I swooned over the Parfait by Affinitas 6501 Leopard Print Contour Bra from Orchard Corset.

Bra in sizes 30D-40G ~ MSRP $42USD
Briefs in sizes XS-2X ~ MSRP $18-36USD

LeopardFrontLeopardFrontSideWhen it comes to bras sizing, it’s truly a case of trial and error to find the right fit. The Parfait in Leopard is my second piece from Affinitas as I recently reviewed the Parfait 6901 in Rose. Since both styles seemed almost identical, I decided to order a 30F as the band was a bit loose on the Rose (32E). When the Parfait in Leopard arrived, it was evident the cups run large and needed to exchange for a smaller cup(30E). Once the correct size arrived, I was so pleased with the fit and how sexy the leopard print made me feel. The Parfait in Leopard features lightly padded foam lined cups, with adjustable straps, a wide black mesh band and double hook closure (triple hook on sizes FF-G). The leopard print is complimented beautifully by the black trim and tiny red bow accent.

Leopard360Overall, the fit is very comparable with the Parfait 6901 but I did find the cups to run quite generous and therefore had to size down. The 30 band fits firm and still has enough stretch to wear comfortably on the loosest hook. This shows it is an ideal fit and I can fasten it down as the bands loosens with wear. The Parfait in Leopard also gives a lovely rounded shape from the lightly padded foam cups and firm overall support. If I had to choose a favorite, the Parfait in Leopard is my personal pick Why? I just feel there is the perfect amount of support and comfort from the construction, slightly more so than the Parfait in Rose. Again, there was some slight rubbing around my underarms from the seams but I do have very sensitive skin and often have this issue when breaking in a new bra.

LeopardSideThe Parfait in Leopard has two coordinating briefs in either a high waist panty or boyshort with garters. This time, I decided it was best to try both styles to see which I preferred more. The high waist panty features a black mesh with leopard print detail and provides full coverage. The boyshort features the same fabric detail but also includes four detachable garters. Both styles I wore in a size Medium and the overall fit was spot on. The mesh is super comfortable and not prone to cut into your hips. I really love the full coverage of the high waist panty and the fabulous vintage silhouette. The boyshort is great for every day wear but did find the garters to cause them to slip down when paired with stockings. Since the garters are detachable, it is not necessary to wear stockings with the boyshort. They both fit comfortably and it’s nice to have two options to pair with the matching bra.


It has been a pleasant surprise to see Orchard Corset adding fabulous Pin Up styled lingerie to their line up. They have created a special section for us called the “Pin Up Parlor”; full of specialty corsets, shapewear and lingerie with the retro fashionistas’ in mind. Make sure to check it out and use the exclusive 15% discount code(PINUP2013) for Pin Up Persuasion readers.

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Pin Up Styling For The Full Figure Bosom

In the past year I have set out on a mission to find proper fitting bras and finally break up with Victoria Secret. When your bust size exceeds a double D in US sizing, it’s nearly impossible to find comfort while not sacrificing beauty. Why is it so impossible to find proper support mixed with fun flirty styles in local stores? This still remains a mystery but fortunately we have the luxury of online shopping to scour the globe for what we want. I was super excited to see Orchard Corset added the Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra to their line up as I had lusted after this beauty for ages and it is actually designed for full figure women.

Available in sizes 30D to 40G ~ MSRP $38 USD

Briefs in sizes XS to 2XL – MSRP $12USD

CharlotteThe Parfait Charlotte was my very first Affinitas purchase therefore I chose to consult with the Orchard Corset team on sizing. Initially when they added the collection to their site, the smallest band size available was 32; normally I wear a 30. Not knowing how the cups sizes ran, I ordered a 32F to start. When the Parfait Charlotte arrived, I immediately saw that the 32F was a bit too big in the cups and exchanged it for a 32E. Now that they are carrying the 30 band, I could easily size down to the 30F for a more snug fit in the band (if you go down one band size, you must increase the cups size by one as well). That being said, the 32E fits very well and I don’t mind having a little more room in the band for comfort. The Parfait Charlotte features lightly padded foam lined cups with a double hook closure (three hooks on the larger sizes) and fully adjustable straps. The colour is a lovely dusty rose, not a baby pink as seen in the stock photos. The contrasting black detail definitely adds to the sexy pinup styling and the satin accents just finish it off beautifully.

IMG_1999Well I am going to start by saying the Parfait Charlotte is so stunning in person, all the little details make it to be a fabulous bra when it comes to esthetics. The construction is superior in quality and luxurious for the affordable price point. There are a few major points that a bra must meet to get my approval as a good fitting. First, the cups need to give a nice rounded shape and the right amount of support. The Parfait Charlotte does both quite well; the foam lined cups give good definition and shape while the adjustable straps provide ample support. Next is fit. The underwire falls perfectly without digging in and the central gore lies flat against my chest showing this is a good overall fit. There is no spillage at the underarms or at the top of the bra and the band closes firmly on the last hook. Now for the most important point, comfort. From the very first time wearing the Parfait Charlotte, I have to admit it wasn’t like breaking in a new bra. It was quite comfortable and only caused me a slight irritation where the strap meets the satin due to the seam. I must mention that my skin is known to be very sensitive so this will probably not affect most. The Parfait Charlotte was fabulous even after a long 15+ hours and now part of my regular everyday bras.

IMG_2006The matching bikini briefs are a bit generous and I was able to size down to a Small even with my 40″ hips. They do cut in slightly but I am often in between sizes when it comes to briefs. Although I prefer the look of the high waist briefs, the bikini cut are more practical for everyday wear with jeans or dress pants. I’m hoping Orchard Corset adds the high waist briefs to their line up since they are very affordable and it would be great to have a both options.

IMG_2001Without a doubt, the Parfait Charlotte is designed with the pinup look in mind. This set would be fabulous to wear for a photoshoot or simply everyday to make you feel sexy. The great news is, it comes in cream, bubblegum pink, dusty rose and red! If bikini briefs are not your cup of tea, they also make a matching high waist brief as well. The red is coming soon to Orchard Corset, hopefully in time for the holidays!

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A Hollywood Starlet

What I truly enjoy most is sharing exciting new things with my readers. Recently I was contacted by the fabulous Curvy Kate team to help promote the North American Star In A Bra Competition, now open to my fellow Canadians! As a big fan of their lingerie, I was delighted to be given an opportunity to review the brand new Starlet in Petrol from Curvy Kate’s Autumn 2013 Collection.

Available in sizes 28D to 38G in Black or Petrol ~ MSRP $78CAD

Matching Briefs in sizes 8UK-20UK ~ MSRP $38CAD

2013-10-01 19.44.02With the help of knowledgeable lingerie bloggers, I have come to discover the right way to determine a proper fitting bra and not looked back since. There are several online bra calculators available but the most accurate seems to be from A Sophisticated Pair. Simply measure your underbust with the tape pulled snug (this is how your band should fit) and the fullest part of your bust. Enter both measurements in the bra calculator and this will give you a good starting point. I have personally found online reviews to be the most helpful when buying my first Curvy Kate set. This is where you’ll hear if the style is true to size, runs big or small in the band and cups, and so on. It’s exciting to be one of the first to review the CK Starlet in Petrol and give the same helpful feedback to others.

CKStarlet360I currently own the CK Tease Me, Thrill Me, and Elegance Plunge…which all ran small in the cups and big in the band. The Starlet definitely runs true to size and the 30F fits perfectly. The band is firm on the tightest hook and would recommend rounding up if your underbust is an odd number (ie: 29” round up to a 30 band). The molded foam cups are lightly padded and provide a nice rounded seamless shape. I absolutely adore the soft diamond embroidery complimented by the purple trim and bows with a tiny star charm in the center. The overlays remain indiscreet even when wearing a fitted top. The Starlet 30F was spot on for size as the central gore lays flat against my chest and there is zero spillage in the underarm area. I find it has the ideal underwire length as I never have an issue with them digging in after a long workday. One of the most important features that is an absolute must for me is the adjustable straps. Having a short torso, I always have to tighten the straps considerably to achieve the right amount of support. The Starlet features a double hook closure but I have to admit, I do prefer three simply for added comfort.

IMG_1651From the very first time I wore the Starlet, I knew we were a good match. Comfort is number one when it comes to undergarments and after a 16hrs+ day, you don’t want to be cringing from an ill-fitting bra. If you are just beginning to wear a firm band, make sure to gradually ease into it as this is will take some time to get accustomed to.

Before writing my review, I wore the Starlet over a two week period to ensure the comfort remained consistent while doing various tasks in my everyday life. The Starlet did not disappoint and has turned into a new personal favorite. The matching briefs are available in a high brief or thong. I will always choose comfort over a thong every time! The size 14 (Large) fits quite well; I probably could have sized down to a 12 but worry it may cut into my thighs. It’s always a struggle when it comes to buying briefs, Medium is a smidge too small and Large is just simply too big.

IMG_1648Curvy Kate has instantly become one of my favorite lingerie brands as they celebrate our curves and design with them in mind. Never is a million years did I think I would even consider entering an International Competition in my undergarments of all things! Regardless of the outcome, I cannot say enough good things about their products and the positive message they are spreading around the world!

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Love at first try by Julia Metz ~ The Morticia by What Katie Did

My obsession with What Katie Did started around 5 years ago, I was working in Camden Town managing a shop stocking their corsets. I had tried steel boned corsets before but this was different, it was love at first try. WKD corsets use flat steel bones along the busks (the hooks at the front) and the grommets (the holes at the black) this gives a flat stomach, maximum support and great posture. The rest of the boning is spiral steel, which is flexible metal. This adapts to your natural shape and will help you reduce your waist further and be more comfortable. Before you get put off by the price tag you really do get what you pay for. They use luxurious high quality fabrics and each corset is handmade from start to finish by one corset maker. If you want a corset that lasts then it is worth the investment, my oldest corset is 4 years and after lots of wear it is still going strong.

morticiasI have owned 8 WKD corsets in my time, 3 of which I sold after changing size. 7 out of the 8 of my collection are the Morticia Underbust. The reason I love this style so much is that you are able to achieve amazing waist definition without having to over tighten it at the ribcage or hip due to the shape and goring at the hips. WKD recommends this style only if you have a 10” or greater difference between your waist and hip measurement. My measurements are: waist of 31-32” and 40.5” hips; what you also need to bear in mind is your underbust measurement. As this style flares out at the top if you have a small underbust measurement this may not be the right corset for you as it would gape at the top. This style must be named after the fictional character from The Addams family, who wouldn’t want to re-create the silhouette of Carolyn Jones from the 60s series?

The Morticia product description recommends that you can reduce your natural waist by up to 5”. I wear a 24” in this style. Now before you think hang on that is more than 5”, if you are an experienced corset wearer in the Morticia you can get a smaller size than you would usually wear. The dramatic shape of this style means you can tighten more at the waist than with another corset without crushing your ribs or creating buldge at the hip. The 5” modesty panel gives you some room to wear it in. You will find after a few hours you can really tighten the waist and create an exaggerated hourglass silhouette. I will add here that I am quite soft so I find it easy to reduce my waist by this amount but it will not be right for everyone. Before I changed size, I had a natural waist measurement of 41” and I wore a 32” Morticia.

If you are looking for a corset to wear underneath your clothes, I would recommend the Cabaret Sheer Morticia. I have this in black and feel it is the most subtle under garments. As the main body it not as thick as the other versions it is easier to disguise. See the photo below for how my PUG Monica dress looks with and without a corset. If you are wearing an outfit where it is more noticeable try wearing support underwear over it to further conceal it. This sheer style also look fabulous layered over a bright red dress for a vampy rockabilly look. If they discontinue this style at some point you can re-create it using the ‘Design you own corset’ option, they also have a pale pink available which you won’t find on the site.

morticia monicaI have to say my favourite Morticia has to be the Lalique Velvet version. After getting the black version I became so in love with it that I had to get the red too. The main base is duchess satin with velvet overlaying the boning & to create a diamond shaped waist band. The waist band gives the illusion of an even teenier waist as it draws the eye to your narrowest point. The velvet feels extremely luxurious and adds an extra touch of glamour. If you are a velvet fan you will need this in your life.

lalique velvet morticia blackYou can add this waist band on any style using their ‘Design your own Corset’ function. It was like all my Christmases came at once when they added this feature. I used this option to create a black leather Morticia. My boyfriend is a huge leather fan and I had always looked for a leather corset in a similar shape but never found one that fit as perfectly. These corsets are made to order but having a bespoke piece really is worth the wait. Do be aware that you cannot return corsets ordered through this option so make sure you know your size before placing your order.

morticiaMy newest addition is the raw silk Morticia in bubblegum pink. I initially owned the black in a larger size and really loved the elegant matte finish of the fabric, raw silk feels more exclusive as it is not used by every corset maker. I remember lusting after the bubblegum pink version hanging in my shop but thinking to myself that I wouldn’t wear it as much as black. All of my collection is black or red and black, these are my go to colours and I love them but I felt like adding a pop of pink to my palette. The colour is even more fabulous than I remember and the fabric makes it feel luxurious. I am excited to find new colour combinations and have a bubblegum pink & mint vision that I must make a reality. If you like the look of the raw silk there are lots of stunning colours, the claret & orchard green are beautiful and will give you a really unique looking corset.

pink morticiaIf you are lucky enough to find a WKD on ebay in your size you can usually snap one up for around half the price. If you are unsure of your size buying directly from the WKD site will give you the security of being able to return your corset if it isn’t right. I received excellent customer service from Hannah through the website who helped advise me on matching trimmings on the bespoke corset option, they really know their stuff so if you are unsure drop them a line, they are the experts after all.


A big thank you to Julia for guest posting about her stunning WKD Morticia collection, I am green with envy!

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