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The Mighty Mini

There is one thing I will never claim to be is an expert on something that I know little about and learning along with the rest of you. It has been some time since I reviewed corsets on the blog as it is still very new to me and slowly learning the ropes, no pun intended. One of the major points that I took away from that last post was the proper method in tightening your corset, as I had no idea it should be evenly laced from top to bottom. Thankfully the staff at Orchard Corset are super helpful to those who are new to corset training and provide tons of incredible insight with their “how to” videos and on their blog. They recently released a new and improved version of their CS-301 Waspie Corset, available in a variety of prints and fabrics.

Available in sizes 16-46 in a variety of prints & fabrics ~ MSRP $65USD

CorsetFWhen it comes to corset sizing, it is recommended to order 4-7 inches (plus sizes over 38″ order 7-10 inches) below your natural waist line depending on your level of experience with waist training. With my waist now around 27″, I went with a size 22 which is in the middle of the suggested range and best for new comers. The CS-301 Waspie is perfect for those with a short torso like myself as the total height is only 8″, but also great for regular to long torso to give in a fabulous defined waist line. It features 12 spiral and flat steel bones, 5″ wide modesty panel, waist tape reinforcement, and high strength laces. The short design makes it ideal for a curvier figure to cinch the waist but not interfere with your hips. I also found this made it much quicker to season the CS-301 as the waspie molded to my body within two short wears and is much less restrictive than its longer counterparts.

CorsetA CorsetBThe CS-301 Waspie is great for those who are searching for a good introductory corset or simply a corset to wear on special occasions. Recently Orchard Corset introduced cotton to their corset line up which is a fabulous alternative to the traditional satin equivalents. The cotton is ideal for the summer months as it is breathable and considerably more lightweight. Hands down, I much prefer the cotton styles for every day wear. I would venture to say it would be easier to conceal under your garments than the satin. As you can see, I am almost able to close the 22 completely and would most likely need a 20 in the near future since my stomach area is rather squishy and have a very narrow ribcage. The one point of concern to note with the CS-301 Waspie if you have a “squishy” mid section, the excess flesh will push downward causing a tummy pooch at the base of the corset. In order to minimize this effect, I threw on a pair of Spanx high waist shorts which also worked to smooth out the harsh lines created by the extreme cinching.

CorsetD CorsetEHow to wear your corset is completely up to you. It is recommended to place a barrier between your skin and the corset to prevent body oils from compromising the material since they cannot be laundered (due to the steel boning). If you want to wear your corset under your dresses, make sure to wear a corset liner and some form of shapewear to go over the front metal grommets as they may damage your clothing. While seasoning your corset, simply wear a tank top or t-shirt since you’ll want to be comfortable during the breaking in process. It’s not about glamor at this stage, I just pair mine with a tank top and pj bottoms on a lazy Sunday.

CorsetCIt is exciting to finally find a corset that is suitable for a short torso and curvy figure like mine. I absolutely loved the CS-426 but unfortunately it was much too long for me. The CS-301 Waspie is the ideal mini style corset which is sure to become a staple in many pinup wardrobes.

Do you want to want to try the CS-301? If the answer is Yes, stay tuned for your chance to WIN a Waspie of your choice from Orchard Corset…

…all the details will be revealed later this week!




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A Solid Foundation ~ Part Two

The one aspect that I dreaded the most for Viva this past April was making sure to pack the right undergarments for EVERY outfit. Often times this means endless styles of bras along with shapewear to coordinate with each look. Who wants to pack dozens of undergarments? Definitely not me! So I grabbed all my bras and shapewear staples to start trying them with each look to see what to bring. Almost instantly, I saw that the Dominique Bustier that I wore for my wedding worked wonderfully with almost every single outfit! This eliminated the need to wear a bra and shapewear combined, it was a fabulous all in one foundation. Just before our trip, I rushed to order the Dominique 7749 Longline Push-Up Brasselette from Orchard Corset since it was more lightweight than the Dominique 8949.

Available in sizes 32D-40D in black, white & ivory ~ MSRP $59

IMG_2985 IMG_2977When I purchased the Dominique 8949, I found the cups to run rather generous and sized down to a 32D (which was still big in the cups) in comparison to my regular 34DD. Since we all know different styles in the same brand don’t necessarily run the same in sizing, I ordered the 7749 Longline in both 32C and 32D to ensure to get the right size in time for our trip. This really worked in my favor as the 32D was a perfect fit, even more so than the 8949. The 7749 Longline features a deep front plunge, a low back, foam lined cups, breathable lace mesh with light plastic boning, detachable garters and two rows of hook eye closures. In comparing the two longlines, I much prefer the 7749 as the cups fit firmly against the bosom and doesn’t cause any underarm irritation like the 8949 does after extended wear. One feature to note, the 7749 Longline is shorter in length than the 8949 which I find is actually better for every day wear. This did create a small bulge at the bottom of the longline but nothing that couldn’t be hidden with a little adjustment.

IMG_2965 IMG_2979The 7749 Longline is a fabulous foundation for not only vintage reproduction clothing but also genuine vintage. The shape of the cups create a slight bullet style and not the modern rounded shape which doesn’t bode well with the garments from that era. Normally strapless bras tend to flatten the bust dramatically, but the push up design prevents this from occurring and creates a lovely fuller bust line. I actually wore the 7749 longline with almost every single outfit at Viva, even under dark colours as well. The ivory is very versatile for both light and dark as long as the material of your dress is not sheer. The longline creates a sleek hourglass waist and holds everything in very comfortably. You will notice the boning will leave marks on your stomach but it’s simply due to the light compression and they will disappear of course. The low back and deep plunge neckline make this one of the most versatile undergarments for any outfit.

IMG_2984 IMG_2982The Dominique brand of longlines are terrific for women from average to full figured due to their wide variety of styles available. Not only are the versatile but they are very affordable as well. Don’t forget to use the 15% off coupon (PINUP2013) from Orchard Corset on your next order…conveniently located on the blog mainpage.




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Defining Your “S” Curve

Believe it or not, one of the topics I enjoy writing about the most is actually shapewear. For most women, there is such a negative connotation that comes along with the mere thought of the subject. This is why I take the time to feature different brands and styles so everyone can find what works best for them. Yes…I am YOUR guinea pig! When Orchard Corset asked me to try their recent addition of the Scandale Shapewear line, I knew it was time to venture outside my Rago comfort zone again to see how this new brand measured up! Since I am a big fan of the high waist girdles, the Scandale Sirene Cincher Slip (No. 8) was a great place to start.

Available in sizes S-2XL in Black & Nude ~ MSRP $60USD


Click to zoom image.

Since Scandale Shapewear is brand new to me as well, I knew it was best to consult with the Orchard Corset team when it came to proper sizing. Based on the size chart, my waist (27″) is a size Small but my hips (39″) were an inch bigger than the maximum. In the end, I decided to order a Small since the slip is super stretchy and sizing up would minimize the overall compression capabilities. When the Scandale No. 8 Slip arrived, I was immediately taken with the soft femininity in the design and lovely fabrics. It was evidently clear, this wasn’t your average shapewear and it was time to see what magical shaping powers it held. Needless to say, it took some serious wiggling and tugging on the first try since there is no built in zipper. With loads of stretch in the fabric, it took no time to shimmy into the Scandale No. 8 Slip and finally see if it was all that I had hoped it to be. Before we get to that, let’s talk about the design. The Scandale No. 8 Slip is long enough to shape from your waist to your thighs for that perfect hourglass look. With its unique V front design to prevent the unwanted rolling, contoured seams, a hidden soft lined panty with hook and eye crotch and four detachable garters, they really thought of everything we loathe when it comes to bad shapewear.


Before & After Front.

There is no doubt, going with a size Small was the sizing right choice and fit wonderfully. After shimmying into mine for the first time, I saw the flawless “S” Curve silhouette the Scandale No. 8 Slip created and was amazed at the incredibly elegant design. The firm compression is not at all uncomfortable like other brands I have tried and I was quite surprised at how it did not restrict my movement despite how fitted it was. It’s safe to say, the Scandale No. 8 Slip cinched me in almost an inch all over and more so in the hips since mine are a bit larger than the size Small allowed. I had a slight muffin roll at the top of the slip but nothing that a minor adjustment could not fix. I was pleased to see there was no cutting into my thighs and surprisingly not too long for my short torso. The detachable garters are a nice versatile option to have since we don’t always wear stockings. The small ribbon detail over the garter tabs just shows you to what length Scandale went for each element in the design.


Before & After Side


Before & After Back Side

Most of you already know that I am a devoted Rago Shapewear customer and completely loathe Spanx as a whole. So the questions is, where does the Scandale brand fare in all of this? I can say without hesitation that I will be wearing the Scandale No. 8 Slip when I need some extreme minimizing powers or wearing silky type dress that calls for a seamless silhouette. Although I adore my Rago 1294, it is not well suited for those situations and the Scandale does a fabulous job at both.


Before & After Back

The Scandale brand not only provides function and comfort, they do it with elegance. The quality in the craftmanship is quite spectacular and I am definitely looking forward to trying more items from their collection. Don’t forget the exclusive Orchard Corset 15% off discount code for Pin Up Persuasion readers, PINUP2013.

Discover the Collection
Which number are you?


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Taking a Step Back in Time

With our recent trip to Las Vegas, the hubby and I took advantage of staying at the fabulous Flamingo Hotel on our last evening after Viva. I chose this particular hotel as it is one of the few remaining with incredible retro inspired decor and it was the perfect setting to shoot for this particular review. Some of you may recall the Curvy Kate prize in our 2nd Anniversary Giveaway…the Carmen Rose Mix? Well it is quite a delight to see fabulous modern day lingerie with such a classic boudoir look made for us ladies with curves.

Available in bra sizes 28D-38J and coordinates in sizes 8-20.

IMG_2694We all know shopping for bras can be a daunting task, especially online without the opportunity to try them on before making your purchase. Online reviews tend to be quite helpful to take out some of the guess work and determine what size would work best for you. In this case, I was the one who had to take blind a leap of faith to figure out what size to get with the Carmen. Since I own a few Curvy Kate sets already, my instinct was to go with my regular bra size 30F and size 12 in the panties & matching suspenders. When the 30F Carmen arrived, instantly I knew the cups were too big as there was considerable gaping and no way I could fill them out therefore exchanged it for a size down in 30E. As you can see in some of the photos, there is still some gaping in the cups but much less than before. In all honesty, I am probably more a 28E or 30DD in the Carmen since there is room in the band and cups but I couldn’t bear exchanging it again. When the fullness of your breast is at the bottom (like mine), it is quite difficult to fill out the top unless the bra is a push style.

IMG_2743 IMG_2741The Carmen shorts and suspender belt are what makes this set so spectacular. The size 12 shorts fit wonderfully, there is no cutting into my waist or thighs. I also went with a size 12 in the suspender belt which fastened on the tightest of three sets of hooks. It’s safe to say, I could have sized down to a 10 no problem since there is a considerable amount of stretch in the fabric.

IMG_2710 IMG_2718What makes the Carmen so special in my opinion is the longline balconette bra design. It is not only gorgeous, the wider band is very comfortable since it does not dig into the ribcage. The band fastens with four hooks and has three rows to adjust to the right firmness. This is the first time I have tried a longline and I am smitten. They need to make a comeback in every day lingerie, women do not know what they are missing!  I am a huge fan of padded style bras since it gives you a nice smooth rounded shape and firmer support with fully adjustable straps. Normally I am not a big fan of pink but the hot pink with lime green accent embroidery is a perfect combination of femininity. The coordinating suspender belt has light boning to maintain its shape to prevent it from rolling up and features four garters to pair with stockings of your choice. In the photos, I paired it with the Gio French Heel Stockings in ivory.

IMG_2756 IMG_2746It is quite exciting to see Curvy Kate bring back such fabulous styles from the past and truly hope to see more of them in their upcoming collections. The Carmen Rose Mix is truly elegant in all regards and does not sacrifice function for beauty.


I would like to also say an extra special thank you to my husband for putting up with my crazy idea to shoot while on vacation. He was such a trooper and came up with a lot of the ideas you see in the photos. We had fun and hopefully you enjoy this little outside of the box blog feature today.

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