Where it all began…a lit’l place called Pin Up Girl Clothing!

This post is very near and dear to my heart as Pin Up Girl Clothing is the foundation of where my vintage clothing obsession began. I was an admirer from afar for a couple years and finally took the plunge in 2010 by placing my first order. Needless to say it was the best decision ever! My wardrobe now consists of over 50 pieces and constantly growing.

Black Label by Laura Byrnes

PUG (aka Pin Up Girl Clothing) is the best online retailer that I have purchased from hands down! The company was started in 1999 by the lovely Laura Byrnes – Supreme Overlord. The creator of the Pin Up Couture and newly released Black Label. The additional lines offered are Deadly Dames and Dixiefried. Micheline Pitt is the face behind the creation of Deadly Dames.  All four lines are available in XS to 2X!

Pin Up Couture

The biggest concern for all online shoppers is not being able to try something on before buying. The most vital feature PUG offers their online shoppers is the individual size chart for each of their garments.  Honestly, I have only had three items not work out simply because they did not suit my figure. Those are amazing odds to brag about since 3/4 of the clothes I try on at the mall never fit properly.

The quality of their materials and construction are second to none…plus they are made in the USA! Each piece is a wardrobe investment as they will last you for years, not one season like the stuff you buy elsewhere.

Deadly Dames by Micheline Pitt

The customer service is amazing hands down! PUG offers a live chat option during regular business hours, which means you should have an answer to your question in a matter of minutes.

PUG stands behind their products…I can personally vouch for that! On New Years eve 2010, I was wearing the Jessica wiggle dress and had a wardrobe malfunction with the zipper. Upon returning home, I posted on Laura’s Facebook page to inform her on the situation. Within minutes she replied to say her staff would take care of me once they were back in the office. Oh, did they ever…they made a customer for life!

…it is all about how a company ensures customer satisfaction!


International customers will never receive an order faster than from PUG! Being in Canada, my orders arrive in under 3 business days! If you order $300 or more, they offer free shipping (code CCFREEAIR) and for domestic over $150. Orders placed before 1pm PST ship the same day!

This past July, PUG asked their loyal customers to submit videos to be used at their next trade in Las Vegas in order to encourage other retailers to carry their products. Being so passionate about the company, I decided to do my very own video. Here is the final product…

The cherry on top of it all, the Facebook community on the PUG fan page. It is like one big happy family. Members are always providing positive feedback on fan photos or answering questions along with the PUG staff…Laura, Micheline, Vanessa, and Kevin. I have never seen such a uplifting and supportive environment between women.

Please stay tuned for an abundance of PUG clothing reviews…my wardrobe is ever expanding with these fabulous pieces!!!


3 thoughts on “Where it all began…a lit’l place called Pin Up Girl Clothing!

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  2. PUG! PUG! PUG! I can only echo your voice on the amazingness of Pinup Girl Clothing. they are simply the best and the clothing is what dreams are made of. I have never felt so feminine in my life (especially since I am a tomboy at heart). PUG caters to all sizes and shapes and their clothes have a modern twist that make them appropriate for all settings! Great work Jessica!

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