Vamp it up! *Wardrobe Staples*

Staples are essential in any women’s wardrobe. I will be introducing many of my personal top picks that you should consider to include your own retro wardrobe.

First off, the Deadly Dames Vamp dress & tops!

From Pin Up Girl Clothing

Available in sizes XS to 2X…in black, zebra, tiger, red with black dots & baby blue(top only).

More colorways coming in the Spring!

Let me just say the adjustable straps are the best feature ever! It allows you to minimize or maximize your cleavage in one quick adjustment, no special bra required. It also means the Vamp will work for a variety of bust sizes with no costly alterations.

The cotton sateen material is very slimming and forgiving for all body types by. The Vamp creates a corset style bustier look without sacrificing comfort. The tops have a “bottom up” style zipper for easy closure.

Dress them up or pair them with jeans…you will look fabulous in either look! Due to the simplicity of the style and colors, you can accessorize in a so many ways!

Check out a few examples of how I like to wear my Vamp tops & dress…get creative ladies!

9 thoughts on “Vamp it up! *Wardrobe Staples*

  1. The vamp tops/dresses are definitely a staple in any woman’s (pinup) wardrobe. My favourite is how you paired it with jeans and knee-high boots for a casual, but polished look. You look fabulous!!

  2. The Deadly Dames vamp top is awesome! I have it in red with black dots, black, and tiger print 🙂 In the cooler months, I wear them with jeans and a shrug, and in warmer seasons I love to wear them with my Dixiefried perfect pencil skirts.

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