A new personal favorite…JBR Clothing!

A couple months back I happen to stumble upon a JBR Clothing through word of mouth. Immediately I was impressed with their low prices on everything they carry! Their inventory includes Stop Staring, Lucky 13, Bettie Page, Lux de Ville…just to name a few.

At all times they offer 10% off if you order 3 items in the same shipment. What convinced me to take the plunge in ordering was a 20% sale had when their Facebook fan page exceeded 1000 likes. Their fan base is so underrated with the quality of service and prices they offer!

My first order consisted of several items from Lucky 13 but I was very weary of the sizing since I had yet to own any of their products. I sent an email to JBR to request their assistance. Within a very short time, Rachel replied offering to flat measure the specific items and even tried them on to give some personal feedback on the fit. Wow! What kind of first-rate service is that!!! The order was shipped promptly, with a personal touch of animal print packaging, return envelope and a pair of cute socks!

Being an International customer, another bonus with JBR is their reasonable shipping rates. One dress runs about $5.50 to Canada! My orders always arrive in under 2 weeks. One item did not quite work due to fit issues but the exchange process was so easy. Customer Service sent me an email asking if I wanted to put an item on hold until the return arrived or remain as a store credit. As soon as they received it, they notified me immediately. Done deal!

JBR provides personalized service to their customers. They even offer custom orders with the specific lines they carry, just send them an email to inquire! If an item is out of stock in your size, let them know and they will notify you as soon as it arrives back in stock.

The all around amazing service from JBR will make a devoted customer out of you, trust me!


6 thoughts on “A new personal favorite…JBR Clothing!

  1. I haven’t tried JBR and would love too, unfortunately their sizes only usually go to a large, very rarely an XL making it hard for women of all shapes to shop there. I know those manufacturers carry larger sizes, but maybe JBR doesn’t have the market for them? Just some feedback, great post as usual!

    • Nadine I will definitely pass the feedback onto them. If there is a particular item you want, I am certain they can order it in no problem. But I am interested to know why they do not offer XL at this time.

    • Hi Nadine- We do get in XL on almost every piece we purchase. Looking down our inventory list we have size XL for most of our items so I’m guessing you got unlucky on the items you tried. As Jessica said, we will try to get individual pieces for our customers so feel free to drop us an email at jbrclothing@yahoo.com if there is a specific item you want. We would be happy to help you. The hardest thing about retail clothing is knowing what our customers want. Getting what they want works out great for both sides so we are always looking for as much feedback as we can get.

      Thanks to Jessica for the wonderful blog and for being a huge proponent of our company since she found us. Truly appreciated.

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