A little inspiration from Pan Am!

When the show Pan Am began on ABC, the Vintage/Retro community were all a buzz about the stunning wardrobe the cast were wearing! The first few episodes featured dresses by Stop Staring. Christina Ricci’s character caught my eye when she was wearing a classic light grey wiggle dress…I just had to have it! After a little online research, I found it!

The Ashley dress in dove grey by Stop Staring – Available in sizes S to 3X in black, dove grey and powder blue.

Christina Ricci on the left wearing the SS Ashley

Until now, I have not purchased any Stop Staring for one simple reason…PRICE! The Ashley dress retails for $145USD. Being a girl on a budget I was on a mission to find this dress at an affordable price!

Front View

Low and behold…enter Daddy O’s. They had the Ashley dress in a powder blue for a steal at $95 but out of stock in my size. I quickly sent them an email to see if they could order in the dove grey for the same price. Immediately they responded saying they would contact the supplier and let me know ASAP. Within a couple days the good news came…it was available! Order placed.

Stop Staring fit is very true to their size chart. I opted for a Large in the Ashley based on my measurements – bust 36, waist 29, hips 41. I did not size down as per the size chart since I wanted it to be workplace appropriate. It fits soooooo perfectly and the quality is wonderful. It is made from millennium stretch fabric that is utterly comfortable and versatile. The amazing quality does reflect the retail price tag to be completely honest.

Back & Side View

The Ashley comes with a charcoal grey belt but you can definitely accessorize it however you wish. You can dress is down for a casual day look for work or go glam for an evening on the town.

Back View

If you love something enough, do not let price get in the way of having it! There are always options out there, with a little research you will stumble upon what your heart desires. Stay tuned for a retailer review on Daddy O’s!

16 thoughts on “A little inspiration from Pan Am!

  1. First off its a beautiful dress. U Rock it little lady!!! I was on daddy-o’s website last night looking for men’s rockabilly attire, but the site doesn’t have Canadian shipping costs….so I was wondering what the shipping was like on your dress?

    • Thank you hun! They do have great mens wear as well. If you email them, Christy will respond with an approximate shipping cost. I believe it is around $20-25 insured. Often I have my orders mailed to my family in the US to save on shipping when possible. Daddy O’s only charges the “true” shipping cost, no handling fees unlike a lot of other retailers.

  2. Oh this is lovely! I have been wanting that dress since that episode aired! Thank you for posting this information. I will be sure to contact them about getting it in my size. Thank you!

  3. Jessica, I would have never thought to look at this dress twice were it not for your review. It looks fabulous on you and on Christina. I love the dove grey but was worried it might be closer to sky blue from some of the promotional images I had seen. This, however, is beautiful. Very elegant.

  4. Well I made another trip to the Daddy O’s website and placed my order, and man I sure hope the shipping doesn’t cost me a fortune lol. I got a few surprises for Dave for valentine’s day. Now as I was going to say, I really wish that there were more suppliers for the head peices. Pill box hat’s, aviators etc. I LOVE what Christina Ricci is wearing in the above picture and would totally be open to wearing such beautiful and scrumptious little works of art, but there aren’t too many places around here that sell them. It’s a shame really.

    • That’s is so sweet of you! I am sure he will love it! Have you ever looked on Etsy? I often get my jewelry from there since it is always hand made and you are supporting independent sellers. Maybe you can start a business making those! The joys of the internet with having such a large selection at your disposal. I would be totally lost where we live since there are zero stores that cater to pin up/rockabilly girls sadly.

  5. I’m a bit behind on Pan Am and I’m just watching the episode where Maggie is wearing that dress 🙂 Love it! And you look great in it!

  6. Jessica you look fantastic! I absolutely adore the gorgeous Pin up clothing in Pan Am. I love the unique, original style. It’s so flattering and elegant. I’ve found a great website that sells Pin up styles at unbelievably low prices http://www.gothicrocka.co.uk. Their international shipping rates are pretty low too. I’ll take a look at Daddy Os to compare.

    • Hi Leslie. I will definitely check that site out, never came across it to be quite honest. It’s unfortunate that Pan Am is probably done for good, I was enjoying the cast wardrobes so much! If you are looking for affordable International rates, you should check out JBR Clothing. They also offer special orders any of the brands they carry, especially Stop Staring. There’s a link on the blog’s main page. We also have a 10% sale exclusively for the contest until March 28.

      • Awww the programme has only just started here in the UK…that’s a shame! I’ll take a look at the site you suggested..thanks!

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