A skeptic turned believer…

This might come as a shock to some but when Pin Up Girl Clothing announced the launch of their new “Laura Byrnes Black Label” I was very apprehensive of change. The main issue that plagued me was the higher price point as I am always conscientious of being on a budget. So I decided to sit back and wait to hear from fellow PUG customers on their review of the new line.

Slowly but surely, the rave reviews were pouring in about the high-end quality fabrics and classic day to evening looks available. Hmm…that started to make me think maybe I was wrong to write off the new line solely due to price. Then came PUG’s fabulous Black Friday sale of 30% everything! Ok…now I HAD to take advantage and buy one Black Label piece to see for myself.

What was the item that turned a skeptic into a believer?

The Marlene in Green Tea Knit($128USD on sale for $90USD)

Marlene in Tea Green - True Color

Available in XS to 2X in tea green, navy, black, plum and silver.

My huge dilemma was sizing! According to the size chart I was a medium with exception to my hips (36, 29, 41) but a lot of the fanpage feedback mentioned to order up for a looser fit. I was torn! Thankfully the wonderful Micheline Pitt responded to my plea for help and recommended ordering up to be safe. I am SO glad to have purchased a large, it fit perfectly to be work appropriate.

Front & Back View

I cannot tell you how exquisite the heavy knit fabric is!  The material has memory stretch, so it will retain its shape and not stretch out with each wear. Did I mention that I am a sucker for kick pleats!

The simplicity of the style allows you to accessorize based on your personality, look, or setting you want. Here are a few ways I like to wear my Marlene.

Back & Side View

Thankfully I came to my senses before I missed out on this spectacular new line! I am anxiously awaiting the release of a few new items…stay tuned for more reviews on Laura Byrnes Black Label.

8 thoughts on “A skeptic turned believer…

  1. To anyone who enjoys the Marlene, I’d highly recommend trying a Burana.

    I ordered both. I tried on the Marlene first and enjoyed it, but then I tried on the Burana… for me, the Marlene paled in comparison. (This is not a dig on the Marlene – which Jessica obviously looks fabulous in – but instead mighty high praise for the Burana!) I felt the neckline of the Burana lent a more vintage-inspired feel. My mother, who happened to be visiting, and husband agreed.

    However, if your do prefer to wear a belt, I’d stick with the Marlene. I sent my Marlene back, but did notice that belts looked quite right and even enhanced the Marlene, but each of mine look awkward on the Burana. I prefer to go without anyhow.

    Thanks for reviewing for us, Jessica! I adore that tea green!

    • Heather you do indeed look smashing in your Burana! You are the reason I took a chance and ordered the Marlene to be completely honest. There is no way I would be able to wear this without a belt, it gives me some added confidence to distract from my “trouble” areas.

      If you would be willing, I’d love to add your photo of the Burana to the review. Let me know ❤

      P.S. This colour is even more gorgeous in person!

  2. I’m a big fan of the Marlene of course since i won the Plum, Navy and the green tea as well 🙂 I love how it can be dressed up or down by how you decide to accessorize it. I also am a big fan of this dress especially during this time of the year here in Canada!!

    The Marlene looks fabulous on you Jessica ❤

  3. So love this! And the color – wow! You are rocking it! The pic with the glasses and the belt is the kicker for me. Nailed the look.

    Also, huge fan of PUG clothing here.

  4. Thank you so much for your reviews!! I have basically the same measurements as you (minus an inch or two on the hip and add a few inches in height). I just ordered the plum version since it was on clearance and it looks like such a versatile dress. I love the way it looks with a belt and kick pleats are icing in the cake!

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