Every girl needs her own Steamer!

The one thing that I dislike more than anything in the world is ironing!!!

Why? It takes forever and always seems to cause more wrinkles in other areas. It is a never ending battle for me, so I literally gave up on it for many years! Some clothes sat in the clean basket for months just because I could not bring myself to iron them.

Yes…it may seem extreme, but that is how much I LOATHE ironing!

Then came the new addiction of online shopping for Pin Up/Retro clothing.

The problem: All of the clothes are shipped in neatly folded packages with tons of creases!

What was I to do???

After some searching, I came across the wonderful idea of a home steamer. Being the skeptic that I am, it was time to find a good one at a reasonable price.

Which one did I end up buying?

The Rowenta Compact Steamer on sale for $59.99 (CAD) at Home Outfitters.

The Rowenta Compact Steamer

It is not overly fancy but it sure does the job for what I need. The steamer heats up within 2 minutes and does not take much time to get most creases out. The trick is to keep the hose vertical to prevent water droplets onto the clothes. Even if it does transfer, it will dry quickly with no visible marks even on satin type materials.

A steamer is VERY gentle on your clothes and will not cause burn marks like an iron.

I suggest steaming in an open area or in the bathroom with an exhaust fan. Otherwise the condensation build up will cause sweating on your walls or ceiling.

Honestly, this gadget is a lifesaver for time and practicality! If you do not currently own one, keep an eye out for sales and scoop one up when you can.

Say goodbye to your iron as you will never want to switch back!

2 thoughts on “Every girl needs her own Steamer!

  1. Just curious, how effective is this on heavier-duty fabrics? I’ve seen steamers used before on materials that are too delicate to iron, but how would they go on something like stretch bengaline (which half my wardrobe seems to be made of)?

    • Hi Hil! I use this one all the time on my bengaline dresses. You may have to go over it a couple times for tough (packaging) creases but most of my dresses from Pinup Girl are this material & never had any issues. Hope this helps 🙂

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