Your Perfect Swing & Wiggle Dress *Wardrobe Staples*

Every Pin Up wardrobe must have a go to swing dress & wiggle dress for every day wear. The two that I am always wearing are from Pin Up Girl Clothing

The Heidi and the Natasha! …you cannot own just one!

Both are available in sizes XS to 2XL in a wide variety of colors.

The Heidi in cherry was my 1st purchase for this style as it was only $88USD on sale for 20% at the time. Based on the size chart I would be a medium since the hip area was open. If you are in between sizes definitely order up as the material has little to no stretch. It is always easier to have something taken in, impossible to make bigger. As always, it fit perfectly since the size chart is spot on!

Heidi Cherry

When PUG released the Heidi in black pin dots I knew it was time to get another one of these dresses since they were so versatile for every day wear…day or evening. The material on this particular colorway has a little more give than the cherry. Make sure you check the size chart for the specific color you want to purchase as it varies slightly for each one.

Heidi in Pin Dots

The length falls below the knee since I am only 5ft 4inches…it would be very easy to hem if you would like it shorter. I personally like the tea length as it is perfect for the workplace. Yes, I do wear most of my Pin Up clothes to work as some of you may have noticed throughout my reviews.

Recently I was finally able to acquire the Natasha in cherry print from a fellow PUG fan on the Swap/Sell Page since it has been sold out on the PUG site. It is the true definition of “wiggle” dress.

Natasha Cherry Print - Front & Side View

Ladies, the cherry and leopard print in this dress run at LEAST one size small! There is NO stretch in these so please make sure to size up accordingly. I ordered a large and it JUST fits with some help from the Rago 1294 and lots of shimmying. Once its on, you will feel like a knock out with curves!

Back & Side View

These two jewels are perfect wardrobe staples for you Retro closet…what color Heidi or Natasha suit your fancy?

***I have not mentioned this before but if you ever need sizing advice on a particular item I have reviewed or brand, please contact me anytime! My experience is always at your disposal and love to help! You can find me on Facebook or just leave a comment below.***


A few extra photos with my pups, they wanted to join in on the photoshoot!



15 thoughts on “Your Perfect Swing & Wiggle Dress *Wardrobe Staples*

  1. I own both dresses myself and I must say that the wiggle dress definately does make me feel sexy and smokin hot and curvacious! The material is thick and durable, and will last a long time. Great quality peices and should most definatley be the two staples to a pinup wardrobe. Also the Heidi gives good lift to the bossoms and makes your breasts look much bigger which is an added bonus!

  2. Sold!! I need to add more Natasha’s to my wardrobe and also think it’s time to purchase a Heidi. Great reviews as always and stunning pics. 🙂

  3. I have the Heidi in black pin dots and like it a lot. I did not consider having the Nathasha before, but it looks very good on you, it probably will be my next puchase! Is it work appropriate (for an office)? Thanks for the sizing advices, always good to know!

    • Hi Rosalie! I definitely wear mine to the office, you can add a little shrug if you prefer to cover your shoulders or add a camisole if you find it is too low cut. There’s always tons of options to make it suitable for work.

  4. Great review, I have both of these as well and love, love, love them! I wear them to teach all the time (cardis are great for the wiggle dresses) !

  5. I got my first Heidi dress, in cherry print! I love it. I can’t wait to get the black Heidi w/white pin dots, though I think that pattern would look great as a wiggle dress! You look fantastic in everything, but I especially love the cherry Natasha!

  6. Do you think it is possible to buy the Heidi dress and have a dress maker tailor it into a Natasha dress, given the Natasha is a small make and I might need some more give around the hip and thigh area?

    • I honestly don’t think you can change the swing dress into a pencil dress without modifying the pattern. Your tailor would have to confirm if it’s do-able or not. I’ve been told the new batch of Natasha cherry are running larger than previous batch. Check with live chat to confirm the new measurements. 🙂

  7. You look fabulous in all of them….”wow” factor going on with your choices for you. I went with the heidi swing black w/pin dots. I tried the cherry but it didn’t “wow” me. Awesome and fun review. 🙂

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