Mon Cheri…A Growing Love Affair!

I always strive to be completely honest with my readers so I must tell you that I was not really a fan of the Mon Cheri by Deadly Dames when it was released. Maybe it was the fear of exaggerating my already pronounced hips even more or just my lack of ability to relate to the models wearing them on the site. So many fans were raving about the Haute Couture quality and design…I started to waver. Once I saw photos of the Mon Cheri on other customers, I came around and ordered it in olive green from Rowena.

Available in XS – 2X in mauve, olive green, champagne and black – MSRP $160USD.

Front View

Based on the size chart, I was definitely in a Medium (bust 36, waist 29, hips 41).

Maybe it was because I was having a terrible day when my dress arrived, I was nearly in tears when trying it on. Why? The puckering on the hips scared the heck out of me and thought something was off on one side. Also, the waist was very tight and felt it looked awful on me. So I decided to put it aside and try it on another day.

Side Views

A couple days later, I attempted it once again. I figured out that the side that felt off was because one of the sewn in pleats was misaligned. It is minor, so I think some ironing can fix that (hopefully). I had tried it on with the Rago 1294 but found it was very noticeable in the stomach area and decided to go without. Then disaster struck! While lifting the skirt, I heard a loud “rip”! I was nearly in tears again trying to get the dress off to see what happened. Low and behold the back slit ripped about 2 inches. There was no way for me to lift the skirt without this happening since it was so fitted in the hip area. I am having my seamstress move the slit and reinforce it so this does not occur in the future.

Back View

With all these troubles, I was worried this dress was just not going to work for me. Thankfully after receiving some lovely compliments from my boyfriend and PP friends, they convinced me it was truly gorgeous and I was just focusing on the unfortunate mishaps.

The Mon Cheri is fully lined made from a mix of organic/synthetic blended fabric. It will give a bit with wear to form the body or with a gentle tug in the snug spots. It comes with a velvet removable belt to provide a defined hourglass shape. It is the true definition of Haute Couture at a more reasonable price. I suggest to pair it with nude or black seamed stockings and your favorite pair of heels (Black, Nude).

Full Front View

Although I had a few mishaps and roadblocks, I have learned to love the Mon Cheri dress. It is definitely not for everyone and I suggest for you to order up in your are in between sizes.

7 thoughts on “Mon Cheri…A Growing Love Affair!

  1. The Mon Cheri dress is one of those that in IMO is a dress that looks good no matter your size. I too bought this dress in Olive and am waiting on the restock of the Mauve in my size. I’m in love with the structure and the bust support that it gives my FF cup. This dress is a home run!

    • I completely agree! Plus even our fellow Natasha split the dress at the same spot so it was not just me. lol. The mauve is going to look amazing with your skin tone…that was my 1st choice but I’m very fair and would probably looked washed out. It is definitely made to accommodate the well endowed ladies.

  2. Great article Jessica. Waiting for mine to arrive – should be later this week so will let you know what I think. I think you look great in it but fully relate there are some days when you don’t seem to get your mojo when you try on your gorgeous new clothes!

  3. It looks very good on you! I love this dress, but I’m not sure it would look good on me, wich is not too bad since I have many dresses on my wishlit ;-). I also love this color, it enhance your complexion.

  4. Jessica: Thank-you so much for the wonderful review. We have practically the same measurements. I have been swooning over this dress in the beige color. I may decide to size up so I can zip up the back myself.
    BTW: the color looks fabulous on you

    • I was beginning to wonder where you went Linh! If you size up, the bust area will probably need altering. I’m wearing the VS miraculous which helps me fill this out nicely. The beige is so stunning, great choice! Green is my go to colour now after getting the Ava in Jade green.

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