At Long Last…

At long last this dress is mine! I have lusted over The Bombshell dress from Stop Staring for at least a couple years now. Recently I made a visit to a little boutique called Delirium Clothing in Waterloo, Ontario. As I was sorting through plenty of beautiful clothes, I stumbled across this dress. It was even more gorgeous in person! I attempted to talk myself out of trying it on but could not resist the urge.

Front View

Knowing that I normally wear a Large in Stop Staring, I thought it be best to stay with that. Seriously…I fell in love all over again when putting it on! There was no way I was going to let this one go any longer.

The Bombshell is definitely very form fitting but flattering to your every curve. The Large fit like a glove, better than any of my other Stop Staring dresses. On the SS site, they recommend to order up in this dress as it does run small compared to their size chart. It is made from stretch millennium fabric and trust me there is plenty of stretch in there.

Side View

Available in size S-3X in various colors – MSRP $146USD.

Lets be honest, I definitely have to wear shapewear underneath this dress for a sleek silhouette. In these photos I am wearing the Rago 1294 which helps create a nice hourglass shape. The high neckline allows you to wear any bra of choice. I am wearing the Miraculous from Victoria Secret for a little extra ounff!

Back/Side View

Perfect for work or a night out on the town. The art deco neckline defines the true meaning of classic elegance! I am a sucker for kickpleats. That is one element that REALLY attracts me to the Stop Staring Clothing line.

Stop Staring is one of the major sponsors for the Viva Rockabilly weekend event in April. I am so excited to meet them in person! This dress will definitely be in my suitcase…can’t wait to show it off!

Back View

I am becoming a Stop Staring die hard customer with these recent purchases…you should definitely give them a try if you have not already.

9 thoughts on “At Long Last…

  1. Finally, the dress!! I didn’t even realize Stop Staring! was a main sponsor of Viva. Can’t wait to check out that booth, too! Pretty dress on you, and of course, kick pleats! 😉

  2. Hi Jessica. I know this is an old post! But I am obsessing over this dress and remembered your review. When I look at the dress on the model, I feel like there is not a TON of room for a fuller bust, and sort of discourages me from getting it. I am a small in SS, 34D 25 36 but I worry about making that wonderful underbust seam look misplaced and deformed. I could always size up…but maybe this isn’t my style? Thoughts?

    • Hi Brittany. As I mentioned in the review, this dress runs smaller than your normal SS styles. I wore my VS miraculous bra which definitely gives me a lot more up top(already a 34D without) and the seam was not an issue at all. I find the model looks very flat, I cannot even see where her bust begins & ends to be completely honest. Plus the bengaline has tons of stretch and you can definitely email the store where you plan to purchase it from for the flat measurements to be 100% certain. I think you can pull this off no problem 🙂

      • sweet! thanks! I may go up to a medium, but that was all the encouragement I needed, if you are 34d and fit this so beautifully. That VS Miraculous is a beast of a push up too (I have one in my arsenal too, so I know how much room it takes up!) 🙂

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