Overcoming my fear of velvet…

My fear of velvet dates way back to when I was a child. The thought of that material reminds me of the awful clothes my mom used to make me wear when I was little. The crush velvet dresses at Christmas time or the velvet shirts paired with corduroy pants…a child scarred for life! There was no way that I was going to go near velvet again when I was able to choose what clothes to buy and wear…end of story!

Well the story did not end there as you can predict…

When Micheline Pitt released the Film Noir in velvet I was running away in fear once again. It looked smashing on everyone that posted photos on the fanpage  but I had my mind made up it was not for me. The rusty rose color was absolutely stunning…it was calling my name. For months I resisted the curiosity to try velvet again until my friend Maralynn posted ridiculously gorgeous photos of her wearing that exact same dress…SOLD! She allowed me to share these photos with all of you.

Above – Maralynn Adams: Photography by John L Hall. Click on the photo for a large view.

The Film Noir is available in XS-2X in rusty rose, champagne, emerald green and black – MSRP $110.

I purchased the Film Noir (on sale $90) with the same order as the Mon Cheri from Rowena. Based on the size chart I would be a Medium (bust 36, waist 29, hips 41). The Film Noir is made from stretch velvet so if you are in between sizes, it is best to size down if you don’t mind a snug fit. The draping/ruching will hide those little imperfections and define your hourglass silhouette.

Front View

I recommend that you wear some shapewear because the back of the Film Noir is quite unforgiving. It will show panty lines or any little imperfections. A pair of Spanx or the Rago will work perfectly. In my photos I am wearing the Rago 1294.

Side View

It is a little bit of a struggle to get into this dress if your hair & makeup are already done since there is no zipper. Make sure to keep this in mind when planning your preparations. I do find myself adjusting the bust quite a bit, it tends to slip down when wearing a seamless bra. I may take it to my tailor to see if she recommends taking up the shoulders or leaving it as is because I do not want to alter the bust draping.

Back/Side View

The Film Noir is definitely an extremely comfortable and warm dress. It is more suitable for winter or cooler temperatures. The 3/4 sleeves give great coverage and not too tight since there is a considerable amount of stretch.

Back View

My fear of velvet has not been conquered but this dress has truly made me rethink my hesitations. You should definitely give it a try if you had the same reservations…you will not be disappointed!

P.S. The necklace we are wearing is the Pink Champagne Bubbles by Eldorado Club…also available at Pin Up Girl Clothing.

10 thoughts on “Overcoming my fear of velvet…

  1. The Film Noir is gorgeous on you and also on the lovely Maralynn! I ❤ my film Noir in Emerald green but i still have a soft spot for the rusty Rose… 🙂

  2. Jessica, you look drop dead gorgeous in this color velvet dress. Your story reminded me of my childhood’s pant: the crush green velvet pant that my mom made for me and I had to wear it to school. I threw temper tantrum and cried whenever I had to wear that hideous pant.
    I have a 4 year-old daughter now and I have not bought anything velvet for her…Your story may persuade me to give velvet clothws a second chance.

  3. I love this on you too, can’t decide which is more beautiful the rusty rose or the emerald one, aahh.. is this the true colour in person or is it the deeper colour i’ve seen in pictures without flash ? what i mean is, is it a more rusty brownish rose or does i look more rosey like in your picture and the third picture of your friend?, it’s beautiful on you anyway and on Maralynn, the necklace goes perfectly with this dress, love it!

    • Both a beautiful colours but personally feel the rusty rose is more versatile. The colour is a rose with a rust hue, the brightness is from the flash off the velvet. I would not say its a dark colour, definitely more rusty pink in person, not brown. Hope that makes sense. Let me know 🙂

  4. Hi I have exactly the same problem. As a child my mother did a similar thing to me, making me wear a velvet dress in the summer. Till today I cannot touch, look or even think about velvet, peach and kiwi. I am a very rational and logical woman, so for me to rationalise this fear has been extremely hard. Especially when other members of the family and friend took it as me faking or exagerating. I am quite happy to hear that I’m not the only one!!!

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