Classic Victorian Elegance…

When Micheline Pitt started showing sneak previews of the Fall/Winter Deadly Dames line…all I kept seeing was this gorgeous Victorian Rose print on so many of the pieces! You can choose from the Je Tadore, La Amore, Courtesan wiggle & swing dress, and my personal favorite…the Deadly Curves skirt!

Available in XS to 2X in Victorian Rose Print, Champagne and Mauve – MSRP $78USD.

Doris in white, Victorian Rose Print skirt with Nude Pumps

Since I was in between the Medium & Large in the size chart (waist 29, hips 41), I decided to order up because this material has zero stretch. The fit is perfect and does not require any alterations. It is made from stretch sateen (do not let the name fool you, there is no stretch) and is fully lined in stretch chameuse. The back zip and front slit permit you to walk with ease and is not constrictive at all. The lining is perfect to hide those little imperfections and define your sexy silhouette.

Black Vamp, Victorian Rose Print Skirt with Black Pumps

I did purchase the matching Dolly top in white stretch cotton but unfortunately it did not suit me. The Medium was too snug in the waist and the frills were just too pronounced for my liking. If you are in between sizes, I recommend you order up.

Doris in white, Victorian Rose Print skirt with Nude Pumps & 3" belt

The Deadly Curves skirt can be paired with a multitude of styles and colors. In my photos I chose to wear it with the Doris in white and DD Vamp in black. I will definitely try to find a matching top in the gorgeous pink to accentuate the roses. Wear it with a large 3 inch belt for a defined waist or without for a softer look.

Black Vamp, Victorian Rose Print Skirt with Black Pumps & 3" belt

As for shoes…take your pick! White Mary Janes, nude or black pumps…whatever you have in your closet will likely go with this versatile skirt.

Tiny blue cupcake necklace from PUG

I have to say that this skirt is a new favorites in my wardrobe and cannot wait for spring/summer to get here. You definitely should grab one of these items in this classic Victorian Rose Print before they are gone forever!

22 thoughts on “Classic Victorian Elegance…

  1. Jessica: Your hair is gorgeous. Love how your hair turned out in hot rollers. Love the black belt with the skirt. Thanks again for the wonderful review.

  2. Jessica, love that outfit on you!, and love the hair too. We are only an inch difference in waist, me being 30 inches, i’m planning on ordering the Large in the skirt too when i order my black vamp (you and Michelle helped me decide on a medium on PUG facebook page remember? 🙂 , i hope it fits me too, looks like it’s perfect on you!

    • Thank you Kat! The large will definitely fit you no problem, there’s still room in the waist for me. You have to post a photo when you get the vamp & skirt! Michelle & I like to help wherever possible…I always like to ensure others get the right size & fit for themselves. You are going to look great! ❤

      • Thanks Jessica, i appreciate how helpful you girls are, haven’t ordered just yet as i want to get the Marlene too, i saw your post on the green one which looked fabulous and really want the plum one now :), so am saving up, i can see this becomming an addiction lol. It’s great you have similar measurements since i can’t exchange from where i am, thanks for all the help 🙂

      • I am always happy to help! Feel free to PM me of FB whenever you want. My closet is exploding with PUG & generally know about my sizing. Exchanges are not possible for me either (in Canada) so it’s always nice to get it right the 1st time. Welcome to the addiction. 😉

        P.S. Love the plum marlene!

  3. Hi Jessica!
    I found your blog through the PUG Facebook page and I always look forward to your updates 🙂 I have a question about the Vamp top…my upper body measurements are 36.5 (bust ) and 27.5 (waist). I was about to pull the trigger on my PUG shopping cart and then I got a notice saying that the Medium Vamp was sold out! Do you find that it is true to size, tight, loose? Do you think that sizing up to a large (38.5 Bust, 30 Waist as per the measurements on the website) might be too risky? Thanks so much for your insight ^_^

    • Hi Cat! Welcome 🙂 I find the Vamp tops pretty true to size and they do stretch out a bit after wearing them. Honestly, I believe you can size down to the small if you don’t mind a little cleavage. The straps are adjustable so this helps adjust how much or little exposure the girls have. Sizing up will be way too big for you and be expensive to alter. Let me know if you have any more questions, I am ALWAYS happy to help 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jessica 🙂 I am almost confident enough to go down to small except for the bust measurement (34-34.5″). I wear a 34D/36C bra I’m afraid that I’ll be spilling out the sides or if I needed to adjust the straps to provide more tata coverage, that the seam will cut across some portion of my bustline! If you wear the same or comparable bra size, what size is your vamp and based on the fit of yours, do you think the small would be ok bust-wise? Sorry for grilling you about this top! 🙂 No returns for me either since I live in Canada 🙂 Thank you again!

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