The Grand Prize Sponsor…The Foxxy Shoppe!

A Pinup Couture outfit of your choice & a piece of jewelry by Oyster from The Foxxy Shoppe.

The Foxy shoppe is Miss Foxy’s LOVE LETTER. It is her ultra-feminine heart’s dream come true, born out of her love of being a woman and absolutely all of which that entails; presented with charm and warmth for each and every woman regardless of her age or figure type to explore, enjoy and define for herself.

A place where you can find a special gift for your special someone too!

The Foxy Shoppe presents a gorgeous quality selection of head to toe femininity. From the most demure, to the raciest of underpinnings – the modest to most jaw-dropping, head-turning dresses… How you’ll love our pretty high heels, soft silky hosiery, lovely clutches, handbags, scents & surprises too!

It is a place for women and those who love them… It is a place for you!

The Foxy Shoppe is a place where you are invited to stay a while, steal away from the hustle and bustle of the world, even for just a moment! It is truly our pleasure to assist you, welcome you, and show you that manners & CHARM always have been, and always will be IN STYLE.

OH! Speaking of style-The Foxy Shoppe is a place to get dressed to kill ; Or perhaps undressed to THRILL…*wink*

Click here to check them out!

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