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Following The Bunny Down The Hole…

One of my recent fashion discoveries is the edgy Hell Bunny Clothing from the UK also known as Popsoda Clothing. All their creations embrace a Rockabilly, Lolita, Emo and Goth feel which makes them truly unique. Originating in 2004, Hell Bunny has become the leader in the alternative clothing scene creating for Punk Kittens, Pyschobilly Cats and Retro Bunnies! They forge such fun unique prints and original styles…something new and quirky every time.

Hell Bunny has exploded onto the fashion scene all over the world!

Their main line is available in XS to XL & limited plus size styles in XL to 4XL.

When the Hell Bunny Spring 2012 line was released…I was immediately smitten by the Olivie in Mint Green(also available in pink). This was definitely going to be my first Hell Bunny dress without a doubt. Not being familiar with their sizing, I contacted them via their Facebook fanpage. They replied almost immediately and provided amazing customer service on the spot. Based on the size chart, I thought the Medium would be ideal but since this style has a elasticized back…they suggested to size down to the Small. As you can see, it fit like a dream!

The halter style is very comfortable and I do not find it pulls on my neck at all. You can adjust the tension to your desired comfort level with the long straps. The halter straps are long enough to alter into regular if you prefer. A cute feature is the little pockets on the skirt…perfect for your chapstick or treats to keep close at hand. The flared skirt gives it such a light girlie feeling…you will want to twirl over and over!

Sadly my trusted steamer was not strong enough to remove the packing creases in the light cotton material. You will have to break out the iron to get them looking wrinkle free.

I highly recommend you wear a full petticoat for a complete ensemble. Hell Bunny also offers a wide variety of fun colors and lengths. They can be used with all your vintage circle skirts and dresses, definitely a worthwhile investment.

As you can see the Vanda dress in polka dot blue fits exactly the same as the Olivie…the only difference is color and no button detail. Your perfect look for summer, pairing it with a white cardigan and mary janes.

My list of Hell Bunny dresses keeps growing every day. Stay tuned for a review on the Tigerlilly in green…I cannot wait to get it!

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While on a little shopping trip out of town, I came across the Stella Doll dress in Birdcage print by Collectif. The all over print was so eye catching and feminine with the pop of pink. Why had I not seen this before on their website? That was simply because I had over looked it many times since the photos did not do this dress justice.

Available in sizes 6UK-22Uk in a variety of colors and prints.

Quickly I asked the clerk to try it on in a 14UK (Large) like all my other Collectif dresses. Surprisingly enough, the Large was considerably too big and needed to size down to a 12UK (Medium). Sadly the store was sold out of this size so I had to hope it was in stock on Collectif’s site. It took some time, research and some begging but I did manage to find one at the Collectif store in the UK.

When the Stella in Medium arrived I was anxious to try it on hoping the fit would not be too small. I am happy to say the Medium fit well but there is a bit of room in the bust and waist area. If you are in between sizes, definitely order down.

The Stella dress is made from a non stretch cotton material with a convenient side zipper. The wide tie halter straps can be converted into regular ones if you prefer non halter. It features a cute collar and faux belt with bow at the underbust. The flared skirt will make you want to twirl over and over like a little girl. The length is quite generous, as you can see I am only 5 ft 4 inches and it falls mid calves. I am planning to have it shortened to a little below the knee to remove the excess fabric for a better over all flow.

This dress is perfect to pair with your favorite petticoat. If fitted dresses are more your cup of tea, the Stella is also available in a wiggle. Sadly the Birdcage print is discontinued for the season but you may find some left in other styles.

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Contest Submission Deadline Fast Approaching!

A little reminder to all of you that the deadline for your submissions in the 10,000 Views Giveaway is on Wednesday, March 29. Get out those cameras and take some photos this weekend! Your odds of winning one of the fabulous prizes are very high…you never know unless you enter.

Click here for all the details!

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Makeup Lesson #2 at Sephora

Before the holidays I had stopped at my local Sephora store to grab a couple beauty basics ie: eyelash curler and some brushes. Unfortunately the experience was very negative due to the lack of service and left empty handed with a sour impression of Sephora. I sent in a letter about the situation in order for them to be aware of what occurred and in hopes this does not happen to others. Personally I have worked in the retail industry all my life and feel good service is a must no matter where you go. Sadly, there was no response from Sephora and just left it at that.

Recently a friend mentioned she had an issue with Sephora and received a prompt resolution via their Facebook page. I decided to mention the situation once again and received a private message almost immediately. Long story short, the local Sephora invited me back to their store to attend free makeup application and offered a goodie bag of samples. I cordially obliged as I wanted to give them a second chance to make things right. They paired me with a fellow Pinup/Retro admirer which was pretty awesome.

As I walked into the store I was immediately greeted by Jackie, the employee I had been dealing with via email. She introduced me to the makeup artist Ashley whom was going to teach the makeup session. Of course I had to bring my retro makeup book as reference material for the look I wanted to achieve. Ashley knew exactly what this look entailed and went about the store to find products she was going to use.


When she began, the first thing she mentioned was to start out with the eyes and do your primer and foundation last. This way if you mess up, you can just wipe it off and restart without affecting your base. It makes sense right? We started with a concealer (Kat Von D eye primer) on the eyes since I have very fair skin and the veins in my lids are pretty noticeable. Next step was to apply a base of light all over shadow, worked up to just below the brow. Slowly she built up the shadows in the crease, utilizing several neutral colors (Too Faced Naked Eye Pallet), from lightest to darkest gradually.

Kat Von D Eye Primer

Too Faced Eyeshadow - Naked Eye Soft & Sexy

Then we were onto the black eyeliner, something that scares me to death since you must achieve a solid clean line to have the perfect effect. Being a beginner, Ashley recommended to use the gel eye liner (Stila smudge pot – black) with an angled brush. Using short even brush strokes, she created a flawless line. Drawing in the wing was a bit tricky, but not impossible. Just have some q-tips handy with eye makeup remover to quick corrections. She filled in any areas with black eye shadow to ensure a flawless finish.

Stila Smudge Pot Eyeliner - Black

Thankfully I am very fortunate to have a natural arch to my brow and do not require much tweaking in this area. She just lightly filled them in with a smudge-proof brow powder (Anastasia Duo II – ash blonde) using an angled brow brush. From there she curled my lashes using a heated eyelash curler to avoid any damage with the traditional clamp style (very bad for the health of your lashes). Since I am still very new to all of this, Ashley recommended to try half lashes rather than the full ones which are much trickier. She applied the first one and I did the second. It was not perfect but with the proper lighting and some tweezers, it would be pretty easy honestly. The eyes were now complete!

Anastasia Brow Powder - Ash Blonde

As a base, she applied an oil free primer (Smashbox photo finish) and then a light coat of all over foundation (Diorskin nude – light beige). Surprisingly she applied a concealer under the eyes AFTER the foundation. Why? To save on product since the foundation would just smudge the concealer around. Who knew!

Smashbox Primer - Photo Finish

DiorNude Concealer - Light Beige

Lightly apply a bronzer (Too Faced – Chocolate soleil) around the edge of your face just to make it pop. Afterwards, select a nice pink blush to add on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off with a red liner and lipstick of your choice, my personal favorite is Mac Russian red.

Too Faced Bronzer - Chocolate Soleil

Mac Lipstick - Russian Red

After removing the makeup later that evening, I found that my forehead was a bit irritated from either the primer or the foundation or my new face cream. It could simply be because my skin is not used to these types of products or need to find an alternate brand that does not cause an irritation. I am going to test out each one separately to see what happens and go from there. Thankfully Sephora has a great exchange/return policy in these cases.

The Final Look

I was blown away at the final look and felt pretty confident I can accomplish this on my own with a little practice. For the first time ever, I spent over $200 on beauty products and do not regret it one bit! Next purchase will be a good set of brushes, stay tuned!

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