Doris, Doris, Doris! *Wardrobe Staples*

Well Pinup Girl Clothing has gone and done it again…check out these stunning & classic separates! Most of us cannot justify wearing dresses everyday therefore separates are so essential in any girls’ retro wardrobe. These collared blouses and flared skirts are named after the lovely model Doris Mayday.

Both are available in XS-2X in a multitude of colors & prints.

The Doris top is meant to be form fitting and accentuate your bosom. Based on my measurements (bust 36, waist 29), I purchased a Medium in a variety of colors…white, black and red. It is made from stretch poplin with a zipper down the back and 3/4 length sleeves. A little trick to close it if you are home alone…tie a string to a paper clip or safety pin, then attach it to the zipper prior to putting the top on. Once you have it on, just pull down gently on the string until you can do it by hand. Voila!

I am not kidding when I say…your bosom will be out there for the world to see in these sexy tops! In order to be workplace friendly, I must wear a camisole under for extra coverage. I like to get a little help from my Victoria Secret Miraculous bra as shown in these photos.

My one pet-peeve is the back zipper that rides up while sitting and causes the material to wrinkle. I constantly find myself adjusting for this very reason and wish it would stay put. The Doris top can be paired with your favorite swing skirts, capri pants, jeans, pencil skirt…and so much more! The possibilities are endless…they will be one of your go to tops for years to come!

If you are searching for that perfect vintage full skirt, look no further! The Doris skirt is made from luxe cotton sateen and comes with a wide vinyl belt to cinch in your waist. I opted to purchase them in a Large since my waist measurement (29 inches) was on the high end of the medium and it seems to run a bit small. They fit perfectly and definitely do not regret sizing up. I shortened the skirts by about 2 inches since I am only 5ft 4inch and my seamstress tapered the sides just a tad.

The floral prints are so breathtaking in person and definitely very vibrant. You can pair it with some cute mary janes or simple flat ballet shoes depending on the setting.

This complete ensemble makes me feel like a vintage housewife, there is no doubt about it. The classic elegance of the Doris skirt & top will be seen and felt every time you wear it. I cannot wait to see what other color and prints are released by PUG…I will want them all!

10 thoughts on “Doris, Doris, Doris! *Wardrobe Staples*

  1. I have often thought of going this way as I LOVE the Yellow/Black floral skirt.. I am glad you posted, I will see if my favourite shop has these pieces in stock.. You look GREAT..

  2. You’ve made me want both of these skirts Jessica, they look so lovely on you! I especially love how you paired the black Doris with the black and yellow floral šŸ™‚

  3. These outfits are gorgeous. Too bad the Doris top didn’t work for me but there are other PUG tops that would work, I think. Can’t wait to buy more tops and some Doris skirts hopefully one day soon.

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