Makeup Lesson #2 at Sephora

Before the holidays I had stopped at my local Sephora store to grab a couple beauty basics ie: eyelash curler and some brushes. Unfortunately the experience was very negative due to the lack of service and left empty handed with a sour impression of Sephora. I sent in a letter about the situation in order for them to be aware of what occurred and in hopes this does not happen to others. Personally I have worked in the retail industry all my life and feel good service is a must no matter where you go. Sadly, there was no response from Sephora and just left it at that.

Recently a friend mentioned she had an issue with Sephora and received a prompt resolution via their Facebook page. I decided to mention the situation once again and received a private message almost immediately. Long story short, the local Sephora invited me back to their store to attend free makeup application and offered a goodie bag of samples. I cordially obliged as I wanted to give them a second chance to make things right. They paired me with a fellow Pinup/Retro admirer which was pretty awesome.

As I walked into the store I was immediately greeted by Jackie, the employee I had been dealing with via email. She introduced me to the makeup artist Ashley whom was going to teach the makeup session. Of course I had to bring my retro makeup book as reference material for the look I wanted to achieve. Ashley knew exactly what this look entailed and went about the store to find products she was going to use.


When she began, the first thing she mentioned was to start out with the eyes and do your primer and foundation last. This way if you mess up, you can just wipe it off and restart without affecting your base. It makes sense right? We started with a concealer (Kat Von D eye primer) on the eyes since I have very fair skin and the veins in my lids are pretty noticeable. Next step was to apply a base of light all over shadow, worked up to just below the brow. Slowly she built up the shadows in the crease, utilizing several neutral colors (Too Faced Naked Eye Pallet), from lightest to darkest gradually.

Kat Von D Eye Primer

Too Faced Eyeshadow - Naked Eye Soft & Sexy

Then we were onto the black eyeliner, something that scares me to death since you must achieve a solid clean line to have the perfect effect. Being a beginner, Ashley recommended to use the gel eye liner (Stila smudge pot – black) with an angled brush. Using short even brush strokes, she created a flawless line. Drawing in the wing was a bit tricky, but not impossible. Just have some q-tips handy with eye makeup remover to quick corrections. She filled in any areas with black eye shadow to ensure a flawless finish.

Stila Smudge Pot Eyeliner - Black

Thankfully I am very fortunate to have a natural arch to my brow and do not require much tweaking in this area. She just lightly filled them in with a smudge-proof brow powder (Anastasia Duo II – ash blonde) using an angled brow brush. From there she curled my lashes using a heated eyelash curler to avoid any damage with the traditional clamp style (very bad for the health of your lashes). Since I am still very new to all of this, Ashley recommended to try half lashes rather than the full ones which are much trickier. She applied the first one and I did the second. It was not perfect but with the proper lighting and some tweezers, it would be pretty easy honestly. The eyes were now complete!

Anastasia Brow Powder - Ash Blonde

As a base, she applied an oil free primer (Smashbox photo finish) and then a light coat of all over foundation (Diorskin nude – light beige). Surprisingly she applied a concealer under the eyes AFTER the foundation. Why? To save on product since the foundation would just smudge the concealer around. Who knew!

Smashbox Primer - Photo Finish

DiorNude Concealer - Light Beige

Lightly apply a bronzer (Too Faced – Chocolate soleil) around the edge of your face just to make it pop. Afterwards, select a nice pink blush to add on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off with a red liner and lipstick of your choice, my personal favorite is Mac Russian red.

Too Faced Bronzer - Chocolate Soleil

Mac Lipstick - Russian Red

After removing the makeup later that evening, I found that my forehead was a bit irritated from either the primer or the foundation or my new face cream. It could simply be because my skin is not used to these types of products or need to find an alternate brand that does not cause an irritation. I am going to test out each one separately to see what happens and go from there. Thankfully Sephora has a great exchange/return policy in these cases.

The Final Look

I was blown away at the final look and felt pretty confident I can accomplish this on my own with a little practice. For the first time ever, I spent over $200 on beauty products and do not regret it one bit! Next purchase will be a good set of brushes, stay tuned!

19 thoughts on “Makeup Lesson #2 at Sephora

    • It is a bolero, I have it in black as well. It came from a local store called Bootlegger…only $20. Check out the store at the mall that carry clubwear or jeans. You’d be surprised what you find for accessories.

  1. i have also had an awful time when trying to contact sephora directly, but find i get a prompt reply when i complain on their facebook page (who would ever figure THAT one out? but i’m happy it worked out to both our advantages!). i’m really impressed that they set you up with someone that understood the look you were trying to achieve and taught you a few tricks, plus had you help out with the application of the lashes so you could really get a “handle” on them and once you were home didn’t feel like a lambie-pie lost in the woods! i LOVE the end result and hope you are able to figure out which product is giving you grief! you look gorgeous!!!

    • It is thanks to you that I had such a positive experience the 2nd time around…I would have never went back if they didn’t respond to my situation. Ashley was a great teacher, I’ll be going back to see her in the future. It’s looking like the facecream is the culprit, going to switch it for the one I used previously. Thanks lovely…you rock!

      • Please dont laugh @ me. I’m soo behind with being member of the social net working sites. There are a few blogs I love to read (yours ofcourse,, et a few others that has anything to do with retro decor). Do I have to create a facebook page before I could enter the contest?
        Easter is almost here & I think Viva Last Vegas is the same weekend. Enjoy your weekend.

      • No laughing…I’ll help you out no problem! If you don’t have Facebook, no worries about “liking” the sponsors. Just send me an email with a photo of said favorite item with a little review about it.

    • I opted to purchase a Sephora palette that had those in it along with dozens more for the same price. Better to have multi purpose items where possible. Which brushes do you like? I have yet to purchase them, still researching. P.S. Thanks you hun! ❀

      • Honestly, I got a very basic set of eye brushes that were Sephora brand. They’re amazing! I’d also invest in a good kabuki brush for all-over face powders, blush, and bronzers. πŸ™‚

  2. looks good!! i always find its hit or miss with Sephora. When I want help, its hard to find it… I feel like I have stalk someone around the store to get it, but when i already know what I want, then they come asking me if I need help. I love Sephora anyway… not so much for the employees, but more so for all the amazing make up they have to offer!

    • That is exactly the reason I made the complaint in the 1st place. I was in their store for over 10min looking for the products I needed and couldn’t find either. At the same time I was searching for assistance and there was not one employee on the floor. Needless to say I walked out empty handed and very upset with the lack of service. They truly made up for it last weekend, everyone was so friendly and they had loads of staff on the floor to assist customers.

  3. You have lovely big eyes, Jessica.
    I always do my mascara first especially now that I am older and my vision is not as good. That way I can clean up the smudges.
    I use eye shadow applicators with the sponge tips for the clean up. That way, I can wash them and reuse them instead of putting so many Qtips in the garbage.
    Thanks for the review and I’m glad you spoke to them and got what you went there for. I totally agree with letting the company know if you are satisfied and happy and when you’re not.
    I wrote to a restaurant that I had been to twice and the services was really bad. They sent me a nice gift certificate and told me they’re talk to their staff etc.
    Keep up the good work.

    • For once my big eyes come in handy. lol. Just wish they allowed me to see far away without glasses. I truly believe companies should have an opportunity to fix any customer service issues…if you don’t tell them, they will never know right? See you in a couple weeks at Viva!

  4. I love the result, it look very beautiful and classy! Usually, I don’t put makeup, except when I go out, but I think lessons would be a good thing. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. i think your make up is great!! I have fair skin like you. after make up i usually looked like a ghost standing beside my friends in the photos and photos taken in the night especially with flash effect… i looked to pale…

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