While on a little shopping trip out of town, I came across the Stella Doll dress in Birdcage print by Collectif. The all over print was so eye catching and feminine with the pop of pink. Why had I not seen this before on their website? That was simply because I had over looked it many times since the photos did not do this dress justice.

Available in sizes 6UK-22Uk in a variety of colors and prints.

Quickly I asked the clerk to try it on in a 14UK (Large) like all my other Collectif dresses. Surprisingly enough, the Large was considerably too big and needed to size down to a 12UK (Medium). Sadly the store was sold out of this size so I had to hope it was in stock on Collectif’s site. It took some time, research and some begging but I did manage to find one at the Collectif store in the UK.

When the Stella in Medium arrived I was anxious to try it on hoping the fit would not be too small. I am happy to say the Medium fit well but there is a bit of room in the bust and waist area. If you are in between sizes, definitely order down.

The Stella dress is made from a non stretch cotton material with a convenient side zipper. The wide tie halter straps can be converted into regular ones if you prefer non halter. It features a cute collar and faux belt with bow at the underbust. The flared skirt will make you want to twirl over and over like a little girl. The length is quite generous, as you can see I am only 5 ft 4 inches and it falls mid calves. I am planning to have it shortened to a little below the knee to remove the excess fabric for a better over all flow.

This dress is perfect to pair with your favorite petticoat. If fitted dresses are more your cup of tea, the Stella is also available in a wiggle. Sadly the Birdcage print is discontinued for the season but you may find some left in other styles.

9 thoughts on “Stella…STELLA!!!

  1. Huh, I never even considered this style of dress from Collectif because I assumed it would be too small for my bust. But it seems like it’s fairly boob friendly then? What bust size do you think the 12 fits?

    • Hi June. I wore it on Friday with my VS Miraculous bra that brings me up to a 37″ bust and there was still room to spare. I believe it should accommodate up to a 38″ bust in the 12UK. Definitely boob friendly 🙂

      • Oh, thanks! I can get my bust down to 38″ in the right bra so I’ll definitely have to think about this for the future. 😀

    • Hey Jess, huge fan as I am of collectif, I have been too afraid to try this dress because of my 36G bust, but apparently I was so wrong. Bonus of this dress is that it also looks pregnancy friendly! The only thing I would do is change the halter straps to regular. Woohoo Thanks so much!

      • Surprisingly there is A LOT of boob room! I had to find a bra that helped me fill it out more to be completely honest. Definitely pregnancy friendly with the high underbust belt and tons of extra length.

  2. Very pretty dress, looks great on you! i had to laugh when i read the heading, is that a reference to a Seinfeld episode? i still have that ingrained in my mind from long ago lol.

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