Following The Bunny Down The Hole…

One of my recent fashion discoveries is the edgy Hell Bunny Clothing from the UK also known as Popsoda Clothing. All their creations embrace a Rockabilly, Lolita, Emo and Goth feel which makes them truly unique. Originating in 2004, Hell Bunny has become the leader in the alternative clothing scene creating for Punk Kittens, Pyschobilly Cats and Retro Bunnies! They forge such fun unique prints and original styles…something new and quirky every time.

Hell Bunny has exploded onto the fashion scene all over the world!

Their main line is available in XS to XL & limited plus size styles in XL to 4XL.

When the Hell Bunny Spring 2012 line was released…I was immediately smitten by the Olivie in Mint Green(also available in pink). This was definitely going to be my first Hell Bunny dress without a doubt. Not being familiar with their sizing, I contacted them via their Facebook fanpage. They replied almost immediately and provided amazing customer service on the spot. Based on the size chart, I thought the Medium would be ideal but since this style has a elasticized back…they suggested to size down to the Small. As you can see, it fit like a dream!

The halter style is very comfortable and I do not find it pulls on my neck at all. You can adjust the tension to your desired comfort level with the long straps. The halter straps are long enough to alter into regular if you prefer. A cute feature is the little pockets on the skirt…perfect for your chapstick or treats to keep close at hand. The flared skirt gives it such a light girlie feeling…you will want to twirl over and over!

Sadly my trusted steamer was not strong enough to remove the packing creases in the light cotton material. You will have to break out the iron to get them looking wrinkle free.

I highly recommend you wear a full petticoat for a complete ensemble. Hell Bunny also offers a wide variety of fun colors and lengths. They can be used with all your vintage circle skirts and dresses, definitely a worthwhile investment.

As you can see the Vanda dress in polka dot blue fits exactly the same as the Olivie…the only difference is color and no button detail. Your perfect look for summer, pairing it with a white cardigan and mary janes.

My list of Hell Bunny dresses keeps growing every day. Stay tuned for a review on the Tigerlilly in green…I cannot wait to get it!

14 thoughts on “Following The Bunny Down The Hole…

  1. Thank you for posting about this dress! I have had the blue one for a while and LOVE it! I have wanted the green one, but was worried the color wasn’t really as “minty” as it looks in some online pictures. Well, think I need the green one too . . . πŸ™‚

  2. I have one of these dresses in a strawberry print and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the skull and flower print one. The only problem I had, was it chaffed the heck out of my underarm…the fabric was really stiff, so I had to change for the night 😦

  3. First thing I thought when I looked at their facebook page – is this Lip Service? All their styles look like ripoffs of other older companies.

  4. Gorgeous! That mint color is to die for. How is it length-wise? I can see it on you, and it seems to fit just right, but I’m worried that it’d be a tad long on me. and with that bottom, I don’t know if i could hem it! (I had to take up my Doris skirts almost three inches, that’s the only thing I have to compare it to…)

  5. 50’s clothing is timeless and stylish. It made the most of a womans curves and gave her sophistication at the same time. I don’t know why it ever went out of fashion. There is no comparison with today’s trashy gear’ Would love to see more.

  6. you are positively torturing me here! i LOVE both of those colours and have been contemplating ordering one for a while now. seeing them both on a fellow redhead, now i think i need both too!!

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