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The Rago Love Affair Continues… *Wardrobe Staples*

Orchard Corset is my new go to retailer for shapewear, especially when it comes to Rago. The 9357 Lacette Open Bottom Corset Bodybriefer was the next on the MUST TRY list. Available in a variety of colors, the red & black was the winner for sex appeal.

Available in sizes 34B to 48D – MSRP $66USD

Definitely keep in mind that the 9357 Bodybriefer is for Extra Firm shaping…it is hardcore! Based on my bra size, I went with the 34D. When it arrived, I looked in disbelief because it was about half of my size…there was no way this was going to fit, or so I thought. Orchard Corset said my measurements were right in line and it had an abundance of stretch. I put it aside for a week debating whether to order up to a 36D instead.

Finally, I decided to give it another chance and see if I could make it work. Ladies….remember I said this was hardcore? It IS! After A LOT of stretching and shimmying, the bodybriefer fits like a glove and nips you in at all the right places. The 34D in fact fit perfectly with exception for the bust. Since it is a bullet style cup, I found this area to be a bit too generous. In order to resolve that issue, I have opted to wear the Victoria Secret Miraculous bra. Whatever you do, do not give up…it will most definitely fit, it does take some patience on the first few wears.

The description from Orchard Corset says it all: “Lacette” open bottom corsolette with inner circular bands for smooth shaping and firm control. This sexy body shaper trims and shapes full and average figures giving a smooth and unbroken look. Features lace jacquard knit elastic, circling bands to control waist, hips and back, firm nylon lace front flattens tummy comfortably, nylon lace cups with compressed fiberfill. Inside bands prevent girdle ride-up. 6 attached garters

This bodybriefer addresses all those nasty “trouble areas” in one sleek and sexy design. If you are looking for anΒ All-in-One to achieve a perfect silhouette, this is your best bet. I still love my Rago 1294 but this one definitely eliminates the bulge issue between your bra and the top of the girdle.

During my trip to Viva, I participated in my first pinup photoshoot with Vestige Photography. One of the looks I chose was to wear the 9357 bodybriefer. It was an amazing experience to say the least but I was terribly nervous being my 1st time (remember, I am not a model…just an everyday gal). These are the final product from shoot, I was blown away at the magic they created with my hair, makeup and posing! A heartfelt thank you to Susana, Jennifer and Madison.

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Polka Dots Anyone?

A girl can never have enough polka dots right? I came across the Darling dress by Switchblade Stiletto while shopping at Sourpuss. Made in the USA and very affordable sassy pinup/rockabilly clothing.

Available in various prints in sizes S to XL – MSRP $64USD

First things first, do not use the size chart on the Sourpuss site for this dress as it is very inaccurate. After checking the Switchblade Stiletto chart, I decided to order a Large. That chart is spot on and the dress fit perfectly with exception of the straps. They were several inches too long and had to be altered. Something very minor and not costly at all.

The material is very flattering since it is quite thick and made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. There is a smidge of stretch, definitely order up if you are in between sizes. The elasticized belt with snap closure provides a fabulous nipped in waist. I love that this dress is a bit edgier than my average wiggle dresses.

Surprisingly this brand is not very well known and quite understated. I am always happy to spread the word about the smaller companies because Switchblade Stiletto definitely makes great quality clothing.

They have a nice selection of pencil skirts, I may have to add one to my wishlist and report back at a later time. Do you own any Switchblade Stiletto clothing?

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Viva Shopping Madness!

As you all can guess, I could not pass up the opportunity of shopping like a mad women while at Viva in Las Vegas. To be completely honest, despite all the goodies I am going to share with you…I was rather disappointed with the overall selection at the event. The majority of the indoor vendors where true vintage items, memorabilia, or just uninspiring. The outdoor car show on Saturday proved to be more fruitful in variety and deals.

The first Viva purchases was at the Daddy O’s/Stop Staring booth. I was elated to meet the face behind the brand, Alicia Estrada! She is a true sweetheart and also very excited to hear about the Pin Up Persuasion blog. There was no way I could walk out empty handed from there, I purchased these two dresses.

Lux De Ville did not have a vendor booth set up but their purses where available at many kiosks. I scooped up the Sin City Kiss Lock purse for 20% at the Sourpuss kiosk. During the weekend, LDV also had their golden ticket giveaway. If you were spotted with one of their purses, they would give you a golden ticket to receive a special gift. We scored a Starlite wallet in our choice of color…I went with the green sparkle.

These unique purses by Victory Jane USA are super cute! Each one has a custom pinstripe hand painted for a one of a kind element. This green was too gorgeous to pass up, it retails for $70.

Jewelry was one of the hot items I was searching for. The entire weekend I kept going back to see a classic vintage pearl necklace, debating if I should purchase it or not. On the last day, the vendor was marking everything down so I took a chance by offering $20 for the $39 necklace. To my surprise, they sold it to me for $22…score! The little poodle brooch is also vintage. I loved this little birdie & Angelina Wrona artwork by Classic Hardware.

It was a flower heaven at Viva! The little tropical frangipanis are from the hotel gift shop, I had to have one in every color since they were only $3! Another popular hair accessory was the Snood; a mesh hair wrap. We will see how that works in the near future, need to experiment with it first.

My last purchase at the weekend vendors was a pair of Tres Noir Bombshell sunglasses in black and white. Not in a million years did I see myself paying so much for sunglasses but these are so worth every penny. They retail for about $92 but managed to get them for $85.

While exploring the Las Vegas strip, we ventured into the Forum Boutiques where I tried on my first pair of Louboutin shoes! It was love at first sight of those stunning red soles. No I did not buy a pair but my fiancee promised he would buy them next year. A girl can only hope.

Next stop was Bettie Page Clothing at the Forum shops. I tried on a few dresses and noted which ones I plan on purchasing in the coming months. The one deal that was impossible to turn down was the Illusion Dress on clearance for only $50. It fits like a dream.

Last but not least, Sephora! I most definitely had to take advantage of the cheaper US prices and lower sales tax. After falling in love with the look of liquid eyeliner it was time to try different brands to see what works best. A friend recommended the Kat Von D three piece eyeliner set, so I decided to give it a whirl. During my last makeup lesson, they used the Kat Von D eye concealer as well along with the Dior heated eyelash curler so I grabbed those as well.

Even with limited selection, overall I purchased a bunch of fabulous items at Viva. I am excited to order a couple new Bettie Page dresses very soon and will definitely let you know how things work out in upcoming reviews. Time to start practicing that perfect retro eyeliner look!

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Rule The World With An Iron Fist!! by Chrystal Allen

Iron Fist Clothing is a UK based brand that began in 2001 as a men’s clothing line. Four years later, the minds behind IFC ventured into the brave new world of women’s shoes. This is where I happily fit in as consumer. My first exposure to these wonderfully colourful and detailed shoes came about by looking at pin-up photos on I saw the famous and first of my collection, Zombie Stompers, on a gorgeous redhead (I couldn’t find the photo to credit, sorry). It was shoe love at first sight and I knew I just had to own the shoes that were literally smiling right back at me, ASAFinanciallyP!! I was able to finally find them at a new (at the time) local shop, Get Funky Boutique! So lucky was I that this unique store opened up on one of the main streets in my hometown, as I had coveted these shoes for months online but was too fearful to order them without trying them on. What if I got the wrong size?! Panic? No more! I now had the chance to see and feel them in person and I was not disappointed, ladies. The store owner, who has her own awesome look and is extremely friendly warned me that Iron Fist pumps tend to run a half size large. I have to admit, I was kinda relieved, as I “usually” wear a 7.5, and Iron Fist doesn’t make half sizes. So I ask for a size 7 and PRAISE THE COBBLER, they fit like a glove!! I’m not talking “Ok, they squish my shoes but don’t cause too much pain” kinda fit, because we’ve all have shoes like that, or is that just me? I mean they honest and truly fit like they were made for my feet*!!!!! Even more delighting was the realization that even though they’ve got a 4″ heel, they’re super comfortable! You can actually put these bad boys on and walk around ALL DAY (I’ve done it!) without feeling like you’re wearing bear traps on your tootsies by the time you take them off. Bonuses are, all Iron Fist shoes are 100% vegan, and they come with really cute decals on the very bottom. I’ve shown these in the photos but please ignore the fact that some are well worn.

*I’m aware that some of you won’t have the same luck with Iron Fist, and I’m so sorry for your loss ;(

In this photo I’m wearing Zombie Stomper pumps, a Living Dead Souls swing dress, Cuban heel stockings, red lipstick and a $2 headscarf. I was not having a good hair day, ladies, please be kind.

So far, I’ve got 4 pairs of Iron Fists in my too-slowly-growing collection. Let me introduce you to my “feet babies”….

Zombie Stomper – My eldest. Lime green peep toe pumps with fuchsia zombie eyes and white zombie teeth. The heel is a black textured suede (faux, of course, see above) and there’s a cute satin bow at the back. $80 @ Get Funky.

All Hope Abandoned – Black pumps with sugar skull and flower decals, in the flower is a shiny rhinestone to add some “oooohh” factor. This pair also came with a second pair of heel tips, just in case. I believe they include these heel tips in all Iron Fist shoes from 2009 to present, but I could be mistaken. Got them for $45 @ Get Funky (I love 50% off sales).

Race With the Devil – Charcoal pumps with pinstripe details. Chrome finish heel and hanging dice from the back. I also included a photo of the shoe off, because the print inside is so cute, makes these shoes feel even more like Vegas (in my humble opinion)!! $80 @ Get Funky.

Society Suicide – Somebody vomitted rockabilly all over these, and I LOVE THEM!!! A black satin-y platform pump with tropical flowers and sparrows. Cute polka-dot mary jane strap with a moveable (not RE-moveable) bow, the inside is leopard print. The left and right shoe are slightly different, they laid the print across them differently to give some extra character. $90 @ Get Funky, or a very Merry Xmas present from your clever and loving father πŸ™‚

These shoes can add character and sass to many outfits, I personally love to wear them with a LBD or a pair of jeans to show off just enough of my personality to not scare folks away. I have to also mention that while I personally have a penchant for pumps, Iron Fist uses a lot of their designs on different styles of shoes and other items such as – flats, flip flops, booties, rubber boots, Ugg style boots, bikinis, dresses and bags. So they really have something for everybody who likes a little unique flair! ~C

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