Drum Roll Please… Winners – 10,000 Views Giveaway

I am truly honored that so many of you took the time to enter in the 10,000 Views Giveaway. The decision was not easy, I wanted to pick them all! In the coming weeks, I will be sharing your fabulous reviews on the blog for all to enjoy. For those of you that submitted private images please rest assured…they will remain that way. There will be an contest photo album created on the PP Facebook page as well.

A BIG thank you to all the contest sponsors…The Foxy Shoppe, JBR Clothing, Orchard Corset, Collectif, Daddy O’s, Rockabetty & Dress 911!

The GRAND PRIZE of a Pinup Couture dress & Oyster Necklace from The Foxy Shoppe goes to Natalie Porter!

The SECOND PRIZE of the $100 JBR Gift Card goes to Ella Macedo!

The THIRD PRIZE of the Rago 1294 from Orchard Corset goes to Tara Boyd!

The FOURTH PRIZE of the £30 Collectif Gift Card goes to Natasha Dawson!

The FIFTH PRIZE of the $50 Daddy O’s Gift Card goes to Chrystal Allen!

The SIXTH PRIZE of the $40 Rockabetty Winnipeg Gift Card goes to Erica Bass!

The SEVENTH – ELEVENTH PRIZE of the $25 Dress911 Gift Cards goes to Katherine Rogue, Anouk Van Den Bovenkamp, Kay Dean, Amanda H & Sarah Forshaw.

The TWELFTH & THIRTEENTH PRIZE of the custom made necklaces goes to Cara Hill & Marie Gogo.

The top two winners were hand picked based on their submissions and the remaining winners were selected at random. Here is the list of winners in random order.

6 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please… Winners – 10,000 Views Giveaway

  1. Yay! I won! Thank you very much, Jessica and sponsors! Also, congratulations to the other winners! Woo hoo!

    I’m eager to read all the entries but today is income tax day. Gotta get it done because then I will have only one day to pack for Viva Las Vegas! Yikes!

    Thanks again.

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