Lace ‘Em Up!

Corsets are an unfamiliar territory to many, including me. I had seen so many exquisite hourglass waists that were the work of art from this style of clothing but always shied away from them. Was this for me? How does it work? So many questions…where on earth should I begin?

While shopping for my Rago Shapewear, I discovered Orchard Corset. Not only did they sell a wide variety of shapewear, they also offered an incredible selection of Corsets at affordable prices. Should I finally try one? Yes!

After discussing some options with one of their staff members, they recommended that I start with the Crepe Suzette 426 Premium Longline Contoured Maroon Authentic Underbust Corset. Based on my measurements, we went with a size 24 since this style runs a little bit big and I was in between sizes (29 inch waist). When ordering a corset you should order 4-6 inches below your natural waist measurement to allow for cinching.

Available in sizes 18 – 40, in a variety of colors – MSRP $290USD; Orchard Corset $95USD.

The CS-426 features a contoured underbust line, double spiral steel boning, waist tape for reinforcement, all metal grommets and high strength laces (trust me, they will take some abuse with how much you will be pulling on them). You must allow your body and corset to become accustomed to one another, do not try to fasten it too tight on the first few times.. Otherwise you will damage the corset and/or cause injury to yourself. Take it slow!

When the corset arrived, I noticed two things immediately. First, the quality can be easily seen and felt by its weight. Secondly, it was laced in an intricate pattern and I wanted to ensure to adhere to the proper lacing instructions. Thankfully Orchard Corset provides some very informative videos on how to lace your corset from scratch, how to fasten your corset either alone or with assistance and many others. Below is the tutorial on how to lace up your corset – by yourself.

I must admit, the first time I wore the corset was for my review photos. It took a lot of work with the help of my fiancee but we got there…again, take your time to work it in. This is definitely more snug than you should try for just starting out but I wanted to provide some insightful photos on what look you can achieve with this corset. The maroon satin is even more stunning in person, the photos do not do this color justice.

The one thing I cannot recommend more is to continually strive to learn new things and venture outside your comfort zone.

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6 thoughts on “Lace ‘Em Up!

  1. dreacat

    I’ve had to wear corsets for theatre performances before, and always loved the look and the good posture they forced me into. I should probably get myself one for recreational use now.

  2. Jen D.

    I have this very corset from Orchard and I love it! It is great for waist training.

  3. Dianna

    What shirt is are you wearing in the pictures? I love how it complements your corset!

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