2nd Prize Winner – Turning Men Into Gentlemen by Ella Macedo

When I first heard about the Pinup Persuasion competition I was super excited, especially with all the great prizes up for grabs! Then I realized how hard it would be to choose just one item in my wardrobe that I couldn’t live without- I love every piece of clothing i own and so picking one was certainly a hard task!

After a couple of weeks of agonizing, the deadline finally prompted me to make a decision and I picked the Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie Party Dress in Floral. The reason I picked this dress is because I have worn it on so many different occasions. It can be a casual summer barbecue dress with wedges or a more formal dress with killer pumps.

The quality is of course 10/10, as with all Pinup Girl Clothing items. My measurements are 36-28-42 so my bust fell into the small and waist into medium. I decided to go for the medium and it fits perfectly! I love my dresses to be very fitted on top and this dress is just right!

What i found most interesting about this dress is the effect it has on men. Every time I wear it, without fail, I notice how much more chivalrous men are towards me- They open doors, step out of the way for me on the sidewalk, nod politely when passing, and compliment me in a more gentlemanly way than usual. Its like I have transported them strait back to the 50s! This sort of courtesy still exists of course but I definitely felt like the Birdie commanded it a lot more!

I love to wear my Birdie with a bright red

lipstick- I use MAC Ruby Woo with MAC Cherry lip liner . The Vinyl belt that comes with the dress is absolutely perfect and I like to tie in the theme with a red hair flower accessory like the one in these photos. This piece is a side comb and perfect of sliding in behind a victory roll. You can get them on eBay from seller “bonitagirl14”. I like having my hair up with this dress to show off the lapel and elongate the neck. Classic victory rolls like in this photo are my day to day staple and rolling the back up makes it a little bit more elegant. If I’m dressing down the dress, I will wear a red headscarf.

Finally, the red chiffon petticoat adds extra poof and makes it a lot more fun! I got this one from Vivien of Holloway for £59 and its by far my favorite out of the few different types of petticoats I’ve tried and definitely worth the slightly higher price.

I have the Birdie dress in the 3/4 sleeves in Royal Blue and it is just as gorgeous but the floral is so fantastic with its versatility and class. If you have not got yours yet then you better get one soon! It’s a definite staple in any retro girls wardrobe.

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