My Classic Black Heels by Tara Boyd

Narrowing down to ONE vintage-inspired piece is near impossible, but I keep going back to my classic black heels. You can see them here in this picture…but I have other pics if you want a different view.

Now, my personal review of these specific black heels is as follows – they are actually very nice black Prada suede heels- they were a gift from a very wealthy cousin of mine. They are high-heeled and fabulous, but they are so damn expensive that I can only bare with wearing them in protected areas, such as an indoor photo shoot.

After realized this dilemma with not wanting to wear expensive shoes, I realized something that is a bit of a secret – those $600 prada shoes…. you really can’t tell the different between a black suede pair of steve maddens for $50 or even a $30 pair of mossimo heels from Target….

But, a classy peep toe stiletto preferably 4-5 inch black heel – is a MUST HAVE in my pin-up clothing collection.

Please leave your 2 cents!

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