Let The Good Times Roll! –Part One–

After almost a year of anticipation, Viva finally arrived! For those of you that are unfamiliar, I am speaking of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender which falls on Easter each year. The event is hosted at the Orleans Hotel & Casino from Thursday until Sunday. There are endless things to see and do, you will not be able to get them all in at once so plan your time wisely.


We arrived around 1pm and immediately went to check into our hotel room at The Orleans. Not long after, we were on our way to my photoshoot with Vestige Photography at The Rumor hotel. Immediately I was greeted by Susana (Vestige), Jennifer Corona (makeup artist) and Madison Jane (hairstylist). These women have such amazing talent at what they do and made me feel like a million bucks! I wore a corselette by What Katie Did and Rago bodybriefer for my two looks. Being a complete newbie to pinup photoshoots, I was incredibly nervous and felt very self conscious. And yes, I am still really skeptical of my modelling abilities…but the ladies truly made me look glamorous. We shall see the final product in the near future.

Kali, Jessica(Me), Gail, Maralynn, Erin & Natasha.

After the shoot, we headed back to our hotel for dinner and quickly changed to head for the Pinup Girl Clothing event at Franki’s Tiki Bar. In the main lobby we ran into a few of the ladies from our online network which was so incredible! Once we arrived at Franki’s the night of great fun began! We met the rest of the group, along with the PUG crew…Vanessa Cheatwood, Micheline Pitt, Stephanie Castro, Natasha(La Cholita), Joe, Madelyn, Kevin, and more!

Stephanie, Angeli, & Jessica(Me)

Michelle & Jessica(Me)

The bar was packed from the moment we walked in and only increased as the night went on. Their fruity drinks were sinfully delicious (even being a non drinker) and the atmosphere was perfect to kick off the weekend. Meeting all the girls from our online network was a dream come true. It was like we have been friends forever and just clicked from the moment we laid eyes on each other. Being a non hugger, I was happy to put that aside for these gorgeous ladies! Our evening ended around 12:30pm since we were battling a 3 hour time difference…yuck!

Jessica(Me) & Natasha(La Cholita)


The day started off with a plan to line up for the Burlesque showcase tickets around 11am. Unfortunately the line was beyond ridiculous so we opted to pass and grab a buffet lunch with some friends – Maralynn, Stacy and Natasha.

Jessica(Me), Darren & Natasha

Right after, I made sure to make my way to the vendors upstairs to take part in the PUG Vintage Crawl. Sadly Laura was delayed and was unable to host the crawl so the lovely Micheline Pitt and Joe graciously led the pack. We visited various vintage kiosks and learned about what to keep an eye of for in our searches. After the tour was complete, I was eager to shop at all the indoor vendors. I will be doing a special post about all my purchases from the weekend…stay tuned!

Cynthia, Micheline, Justine, Angeli, Ashleeta, Jessica(Me), & Michelle

In the afternoon, we went to attend the Pinup Magazine Party. Sadly the space was so limited, we could not get a seat. Doris Mayday was signing autographs and there was a pinup competition being held as well. We had to leave as we were unable to find a place to enjoy the event. It was a real disappointment.

Jessica(Me) & Alicia Estrada(Creator of Stop Staring)

The evening was the highlight of the day, our special dinner with all the girls from our Facebook group together at last! We went to The Steak House at Circus Circus. It was a night of glamour, the ladies sure know how to get dolled up! To our surprise, we were graced by the lovely Laura Byrnes and Erin Cummings for our gathering. The food was delicious but more importantly the company was to die for. Erin is super sweet and absolutely stunning…she was blown away at the fact we have never met in person until now and just acted like old friends. Laura is a riot, she recognized me immediately and made a memorable introduction…she rocks!

Jessica(Me), Darren, Gail, Justin, Dan, & Michelle

After dinner, we were lucky to take part in a limo ride to the downtown Las Vegas strip. Our driver was a great tour guide and even took us to the Las Vegas sign to capture some great photos. Of course, the night was not complete without an appearance by Elvis and his pink Cadillac.

Jessica(Me), Michelle & Gail

Our first two days in Vegas were incredible…the days to follow were even better!

Stay tuned for Part Two…

7 thoughts on “Let The Good Times Roll! –Part One–

  1. Wow, I was wondering what was going on at VLV, thanks for sharing your experience! Can’t wait to see the pics from your photoshoot!

  2. I’m such a lucky girl to have been able to go to Viva and get the chance and pleasure to meet you and the other gals in person!! I can’t believe my luck! xox

  3. You all look like you had a blast, so jealous! :), hot photo’s of everyone and Michelle B you make me really want that Turquoise Erin, love it with the leather jacket and the shoes, you all looked great!

  4. It was a blast Kat!! If you get a chance i would say every girl should experience Viva at least once in their life!! I could totally see you in the Turquoise Erin dress! The color is even more maginificent in person!! I bought mine in a medium 🙂

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