Just Getting Revved Up –Part Deux–

So far you have heard about the first two days at Viva, but the main event is by far the vintage car show. Make sure to apply lots of sunscreen…it is always a hot one!


This was the one day we were most excited about and the weather was definitely on our side. I spent a large part of the morning working on my first pinup hairstyle and makeup. To my surprise, it was a HUGE success! I will post some detailed photos later on for all to see. Once all dolled up, we headed out to the car show to meet the PUG models Stephanie, Kristina and Angelique Noir. To our surprise there was no line…it pays to be an early bird!  I was thrilled to get some incredible photos with these gorgeous ladies.

Angelique Noir, Kristina Paulk, Jessica (Me), Stephanie Castro

While visiting the PUG booth, I was spotted by two PP ladies…Jen and Drea. I was beyond flattered to be photographed with each of them, it still makes me smile. Hopefully next year I will run into a lot more of you ladies.

Drea & Jessica (Me)

Jen & Jessica (Me)

Since Lux De Ville was starting their Golden Ticket Giveaway at noon, we decided to go visit the other booths in the mean time. First stop, Sourpuss! They had some awesome sales on LDV purses so I scooped one up without a second thought. Going from booth to booth, we noticed a lot of similar items or lack there of. The hot ticket item was by far the parasols since it was so hot and sunny all day. The time flew by and headed back to the PUG booth for the LDV prize…a Starlite wallet in our choice of 4 colors. SWEET!

Natasha & Michelle

At the same time, Viva Cholita (Natasha) & Micheline Pitt started their signing at the PUG booth. Micheline was selling prints of her beautiful artwork and I was the first in line to score the lovely Pirate Girl print. I had been lusting over her for months and now she will be framed on my wall very soon.

La Cholita (Natasha) & Jessica (Me)

Micheline Pitt & Jessica (Me)

We took a short break for lunch with the little Canadian crew at TGIF and quickly went back to the car show. This time we were going to see Masuimi Max, Erin Cummings and Doris Mayday. The line was quite long so we just hung out for a while and enjoyed some quality people watching. (Best place to people watch!)

Doris Mayday, Erin Cummings, Jessica (Me), Masuimi Max

For the remainder of the afternoon we visited more vendors and looked at the old cars to take it all in. It’s best to wear flats, again lots of sunscreen….plus don’t forget H2O!

Jessica (Me) & Darren

In the evening we joined Maralynn, Natasha and Stacy for dinner at Johnny Smalls inside the Hard Rock Hotel. We opted for the all you can eat menu so each one of us could sample multiple dishes. The food kept on coming….so delicious! At the end of our dinner it was photo opp time. These girls are so fricken’ amazing, it felt like we have known each other forever!

Stacy, Maralynn, Natasha, Jessica (Me)

Once we arrived back at The Orleans, we took the opportunity to go see the girls headed to the Burlesque Competition (tickets sold out) and headed upstairs to the vendors for some more shopping. I purchased a couple necklaces by Classic Hardware and hair flowers from the gift shop.



Who’s ready for the Pool Party??? Sunday’s main event was to lounge by the pool and the weather was so perfect! My fiancee and I headed there early in order to get the best spots by the pool. This was definitely another ideal place to people watch! All the lovely retro swimwear was an incredible sight to see. I wore my two piece swim suit by My Sugar Doll Swim with a simple red sarong.

Jessica (Me) & Ashleeta

The highlight for me was when a photographer requested to capture the gorgeous Stephanie Castro with her friend and asked for me to be included as well. I was in disbelief! I am NO model! Hopefully I can find the photo online, he gave us his business card thankfully.

Masuimi, Natasha & Laura

A little later we met up with the PUG crew. We were joined by Angelique Noir, Masuimi Max, Erin Cummings, Laura Byrnes, Micheline Pitt and so many more lovely ladies. It was such a memorable experience to chat with them…they are all so funny and truly wonderful. To look up to someone from afar for so long…now sitting next to them and hanging out was a dream come true.

Meredith & Julienne

The pool party finished off with the women’s vintage swimsuit competition. The contestants had to wear a true vintage piece, no vintage inspired or reproductions allowed. Micheline Pitt and Ashleeta took part in the competition. They both looked stunning. Micheline placed 2nd.



Sunday evening was the toughest time of the weekend, saying goodbye to a bunch of incredible friends. The Viva festivities were now over but we were already planning for next year.

Hope to see you there!!!

12 thoughts on “Just Getting Revved Up –Part Deux–

  1. What a great review Jessica of Viva!! It was like reliving it all over again!! 😀 I was so sad though that i didn’t get a chance to see you on Saturday evening to say my goodbye and get a chnace to squeeze in another hug! hehe! 😉 I look forward to seeing you again next year and hopefully get to spend a little more time with you!

  2. I love this post so much. I am seriously jealous of the attending people. I WILL be there next year. I am ENTERING YOU into my $25 dollar gift card giveaway. Good Luck.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  3. Great pics! What is that white polka dot dress your wearing? The skull looks like deadly dames, but its a swing! is this and older style???

  4. First time going to Viva this year and I would love to score some feebees. What was the deal with the Lux De Ville golden ticket giveaway? How did you get a ticket? Thank you.

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