Rule The World With An Iron Fist!! by Chrystal Allen

Iron Fist Clothing is a UK based brand that began in 2001 as a men’s clothing line. Four years later, the minds behind IFC ventured into the brave new world of women’s shoes. This is where I happily fit in as consumer. My first exposure to these wonderfully colourful and detailed shoes came about by looking at pin-up photos on I saw the famous and first of my collection, Zombie Stompers, on a gorgeous redhead (I couldn’t find the photo to credit, sorry). It was shoe love at first sight and I knew I just had to own the shoes that were literally smiling right back at me, ASAFinanciallyP!! I was able to finally find them at a new (at the time) local shop, Get Funky Boutique! So lucky was I that this unique store opened up on one of the main streets in my hometown, as I had coveted these shoes for months online but was too fearful to order them without trying them on. What if I got the wrong size?! Panic? No more! I now had the chance to see and feel them in person and I was not disappointed, ladies. The store owner, who has her own awesome look and is extremely friendly warned me that Iron Fist pumps tend to run a half size large. I have to admit, I was kinda relieved, as I “usually” wear a 7.5, and Iron Fist doesn’t make half sizes. So I ask for a size 7 and PRAISE THE COBBLER, they fit like a glove!! I’m not talking “Ok, they squish my shoes but don’t cause too much pain” kinda fit, because we’ve all have shoes like that, or is that just me? I mean they honest and truly fit like they were made for my feet*!!!!! Even more delighting was the realization that even though they’ve got a 4″ heel, they’re super comfortable! You can actually put these bad boys on and walk around ALL DAY (I’ve done it!) without feeling like you’re wearing bear traps on your tootsies by the time you take them off. Bonuses are, all Iron Fist shoes are 100% vegan, and they come with really cute decals on the very bottom. I’ve shown these in the photos but please ignore the fact that some are well worn.

*I’m aware that some of you won’t have the same luck with Iron Fist, and I’m so sorry for your loss ;(

In this photo I’m wearing Zombie Stomper pumps, a Living Dead Souls swing dress, Cuban heel stockings, red lipstick and a $2 headscarf. I was not having a good hair day, ladies, please be kind.

So far, I’ve got 4 pairs of Iron Fists in my too-slowly-growing collection. Let me introduce you to my “feet babies”….

Zombie Stomper – My eldest. Lime green peep toe pumps with fuchsia zombie eyes and white zombie teeth. The heel is a black textured suede (faux, of course, see above) and there’s a cute satin bow at the back. $80 @ Get Funky.

All Hope Abandoned – Black pumps with sugar skull and flower decals, in the flower is a shiny rhinestone to add some “oooohh” factor. This pair also came with a second pair of heel tips, just in case. I believe they include these heel tips in all Iron Fist shoes from 2009 to present, but I could be mistaken. Got them for $45 @ Get Funky (I love 50% off sales).

Race With the Devil – Charcoal pumps with pinstripe details. Chrome finish heel and hanging dice from the back. I also included a photo of the shoe off, because the print inside is so cute, makes these shoes feel even more like Vegas (in my humble opinion)!! $80 @ Get Funky.

Society Suicide – Somebody vomitted rockabilly all over these, and I LOVE THEM!!! A black satin-y platform pump with tropical flowers and sparrows. Cute polka-dot mary jane strap with a moveable (not RE-moveable) bow, the inside is leopard print. The left and right shoe are slightly different, they laid the print across them differently to give some extra character. $90 @ Get Funky, or a very Merry Xmas present from your clever and loving father 🙂

These shoes can add character and sass to many outfits, I personally love to wear them with a LBD or a pair of jeans to show off just enough of my personality to not scare folks away. I have to also mention that while I personally have a penchant for pumps, Iron Fist uses a lot of their designs on different styles of shoes and other items such as – flats, flip flops, booties, rubber boots, Ugg style boots, bikinis, dresses and bags. So they really have something for everybody who likes a little unique flair! ~C

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