Viva Shopping Madness!

As you all can guess, I could not pass up the opportunity of shopping like a mad women while at Viva in Las Vegas. To be completely honest, despite all the goodies I am going to share with you…I was rather disappointed with the overall selection at the event. The majority of the indoor vendors where true vintage items, memorabilia, or just uninspiring. The outdoor car show on Saturday proved to be more fruitful in variety and deals.

The first Viva purchases was at the Daddy O’s/Stop Staring booth. I was elated to meet the face behind the brand, Alicia Estrada! She is a true sweetheart and also very excited to hear about the Pin Up Persuasion blog. There was no way I could walk out empty handed from there, I purchased these two dresses.

Lux De Ville did not have a vendor booth set up but their purses where available at many kiosks. I scooped up the Sin City Kiss Lock purse for 20% at the Sourpuss kiosk. During the weekend, LDV also had their golden ticket giveaway. If you were spotted with one of their purses, they would give you a golden ticket to receive a special gift. We scored a Starlite wallet in our choice of color…I went with the green sparkle.

These unique purses by Victory Jane USA are super cute! Each one has a custom pinstripe hand painted for a one of a kind element. This green was too gorgeous to pass up, it retails for $70.

Jewelry was one of the hot items I was searching for. The entire weekend I kept going back to see a classic vintage pearl necklace, debating if I should purchase it or not. On the last day, the vendor was marking everything down so I took a chance by offering $20 for the $39 necklace. To my surprise, they sold it to me for $22…score! The little poodle brooch is also vintage. I loved this little birdie & Angelina Wrona artwork by Classic Hardware.

It was a flower heaven at Viva! The little tropical frangipanis are from the hotel gift shop, I had to have one in every color since they were only $3! Another popular hair accessory was the Snood; a mesh hair wrap. We will see how that works in the near future, need to experiment with it first.

My last purchase at the weekend vendors was a pair of Tres Noir Bombshell sunglasses in black and white. Not in a million years did I see myself paying so much for sunglasses but these are so worth every penny. They retail for about $92 but managed to get them for $85.

While exploring the Las Vegas strip, we ventured into the Forum Boutiques where I tried on my first pair of Louboutin shoes! It was love at first sight of those stunning red soles. No I did not buy a pair but my fiancee promised he would buy them next year. A girl can only hope.

Next stop was Bettie Page Clothing at the Forum shops. I tried on a few dresses and noted which ones I plan on purchasing in the coming months. The one deal that was impossible to turn down was the Illusion Dress on clearance for only $50. It fits like a dream.

Last but not least, Sephora! I most definitely had to take advantage of the cheaper US prices and lower sales tax. After falling in love with the look of liquid eyeliner it was time to try different brands to see what works best. A friend recommended the Kat Von D three piece eyeliner set, so I decided to give it a whirl. During my last makeup lesson, they used the Kat Von D eye concealer as well along with the Dior heated eyelash curler so I grabbed those as well.

Even with limited selection, overall I purchased a bunch of fabulous items at Viva. I am excited to order a couple new Bettie Page dresses very soon and will definitely let you know how things work out in upcoming reviews. Time to start practicing that perfect retro eyeliner look!

16 thoughts on “Viva Shopping Madness!

      • Thanks for another great report. Nice score on the Illusion dress. Will you be posting pics? Did you see any of the new Bettie Page stock?

        Interesting observation about BP sizes. I have two of theirs dresses. The Rita fits just right, but I might have been able to go a size down on the Dolly. Thank God for bengaline. It forgives a lot of sins : ).

      • I will be reviewing the dresses at a later time…still trying to get caught up on all my pre-Viva purchases. lol. The Rita is on the way from JBR, I was able to size down to the Medium in it surprisingly. Bengaline is definitely a miracle worker. 🙂

  1. Awesome! I got the same color Lux wallet. 😀 Love the Loubies – those are the Simple Pumps, yes? I have the Piou Piou style with the pointy sixties toes!

      • I’m with you; about 3 inches is my absolute limit, and even then I’m on limited walk duty. I got a lot of amused reactions from the Paris patrons as I attempted to run across the faux cobblestoned floor to the taxi stand on the afternoon of our dinner!

        I can’t wait to see you model the Simples; are you going to buy them in Vegas next year or get them for the holidays? 😀

      • Haha I would have paid to see that as well! I would say during our Vegas trip next year at the earliest. My 30th birthday present in the fall is a trip to Chicago and getting a tattoo by Hannah Aitchison so the shoes have to wait 😉

  2. Can’t wait to hear what you think about that eyeliner and concealer, I have seen them a few times at Sephora but haven’t tried it yet.

    Isn’t the Bettie Page Clothing store just bliss?! When my girlfriends and I take our annual Vegas trip that is one of our must-go places.

  3. I have a ton of Loubies…join us on the Christian Louboutin section of the Purseblog Forum to learn more before you make your first purchase! I bought my Mom her first pair and they were Simples 70mm at Neimans too. I also have both those SS dresses…dress twins!

  4. Oh, you did really well with your shopping, Jessica. I was a little dissapointed also with the shopping. There were things that I had planned to buy that I could not find including bathroom wall decore from Revamped39.etsy. I thought they were going to be there for some reason. At PUG, I wanted to try some things on like the vamp top and capris because I’m afraid to buy them online because of sizing difficulties and I wanted to buy the Victorian rose swing dress but it wasn’t there. If Laura’s birdcage dress was ready, I’d likely have bought it!!!! It lookede so great on her.

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