Polka Dots Anyone?

A girl can never have enough polka dots right? I came across the Darling dress by Switchblade Stiletto while shopping at Sourpuss. Made in the USA and very affordable sassy pinup/rockabilly clothing.

Available in various prints in sizes S to XL – MSRP $64USD

First things first, do not use the size chart on the Sourpuss site for this dress as it is very inaccurate. After checking the Switchblade Stiletto chart, I decided to order a Large. That chart is spot on and the dress fit perfectly with exception of the straps. They were several inches too long and had to be altered. Something very minor and not costly at all.

The material is very flattering since it is quite thick and made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. There is a smidge of stretch, definitely order up if you are in between sizes. The elasticized belt with snap closure provides a fabulous nipped in waist. I love that this dress is a bit edgier than my average wiggle dresses.

Surprisingly this brand is not very well known and quite understated. I am always happy to spread the word about the smaller companies because Switchblade Stiletto definitely makes great quality clothing.

They have a nice selection of pencil skirts, I may have to add one to my wishlist and report back at a later time. Do you own any Switchblade Stiletto clothing?

7 thoughts on “Polka Dots Anyone?

  1. I love Switchblade Stiletto! I have the swing version of this dress and had the same issue with the straps as you did. Really quick and cheap fix though. I also can’t say enough great things about their high-waisted pencil skirts. I like mine even better than my PUG skirt. The material really keeps its shape and holds everything in nicely. ❤ this company!

    • I would REALLY like to try their high-waisted pencil skirts as I have had little luck with the PUG styles or any other brand for that matter. It has been such a battle to find the perfect pencil skirts…it will definitely be a blog post in the future as it has been such a nightmare. Which Switchblade Stiletto skirts do you own?

      • I picked up the Waist Belt skirt in black from the amazing gals at Pretty Things Boutique (http://www.shopprettythingsboutique.com/item_1289/High-Waist-Black-Pencil-Skirt.htm) a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s too great! I just posted a pic of me wearing it with the baby blue vamp top on the PUG facebook fanpage, if you’re interested in seeing it on. (Although, it’s not showing up in the fan pic album, so I’m not sure if anyone can actually see it. The site seems to be eating my posts lately. -_-;) I completely recommend it. It does run a teeny bit small though, so order up if you’re between sizes.

      • I reposted and it seems to have made it to the photos section this time. Hopefully it worked!

  2. I have the highwaisted leopard cigg pants and i looove them!!! They hold you in tight and are so slimming! they dont pouch like some high waisted non stretchy styles. i want the black ones but i cant find any in stock anywhere. I reccomend them! they are a challange to zip sometimes with the zipper being in the back but sometimes i just flip them around and zipper in the front and they fit the same! lol

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