The Rago Love Affair Continues… *Wardrobe Staples*

Orchard Corset is my new go to retailer for shapewear, especially when it comes to Rago. The 9357 Lacette Open Bottom Corset Bodybriefer was the next on the MUST TRY list. Available in a variety of colors, the red & black was the winner for sex appeal.

Available in sizes 34B to 48D – MSRP $66USD

Definitely keep in mind that the 9357 Bodybriefer is for Extra Firm shaping…it is hardcore! Based on my bra size, I went with the 34D. When it arrived, I looked in disbelief because it was about half of my size…there was no way this was going to fit, or so I thought. Orchard Corset said my measurements were right in line and it had an abundance of stretch. I put it aside for a week debating whether to order up to a 36D instead.

Finally, I decided to give it another chance and see if I could make it work. Ladies….remember I said this was hardcore? It IS! After A LOT of stretching and shimmying, the bodybriefer fits like a glove and nips you in at all the right places. The 34D in fact fit perfectly with exception for the bust. Since it is a bullet style cup, I found this area to be a bit too generous. In order to resolve that issue, I have opted to wear the Victoria Secret Miraculous bra. Whatever you do, do not give up…it will most definitely fit, it does take some patience on the first few wears.

The description from Orchard Corset says it all: “Lacette” open bottom corsolette with inner circular bands for smooth shaping and firm control. This sexy body shaper trims and shapes full and average figures giving a smooth and unbroken look. Features lace jacquard knit elastic, circling bands to control waist, hips and back, firm nylon lace front flattens tummy comfortably, nylon lace cups with compressed fiberfill. Inside bands prevent girdle ride-up. 6 attached garters

This bodybriefer addresses all those nasty “trouble areas” in one sleek and sexy design. If you are looking for anΒ All-in-One to achieve a perfect silhouette, this is your best bet. I still love my Rago 1294 but this one definitely eliminates the bulge issue between your bra and the top of the girdle.

During my trip to Viva, I participated in my first pinup photoshoot with Vestige Photography. One of the looks I chose was to wear the 9357 bodybriefer. It was an amazing experience to say the least but I was terribly nervous being my 1st time (remember, I am not a model…just an everyday gal). These are the final product from shoot, I was blown away at the magic they created with my hair, makeup and posing! A heartfelt thank you to Susana, Jennifer and Madison.

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14 thoughts on “The Rago Love Affair Continues… *Wardrobe Staples*

  1. these photos look great! and your hair is amazing! i made my first purchase from orchird closet too! but it hasnt got to me yet… hopefully it arrives soon and I can tell youall about- but without the sassy pics πŸ˜‰

  2. JenTea

    Looks great! But I have one super-important possibly embarrasing question that I must ask with all long-line shapewear: Can you use the restroom while wearing it?

    • That is a VERY important question and the answer is YES! If you are wearing stocking, you will have to unhook a couple of the garter tabs for sure. Since it is an open bottom girdle, it’s way easier than the panty styles.

      • JenTea

        THANK YOU! I once was trapped in a tiny bathroom stall having to get undressed and wiggle in and out of a shaper because I didn’t check that vital activity beforehand. Never again! πŸ™‚

  3. Great Review, and I LOVE your hair. If you are interested in a great stocking source, I really like Great selection, fantastic service, and reasonable prices.

  4. Fernanda

    This is a gorgeous piece of functional lingerie! Unfortunately most of the vintage inpired shapewear I have seen stops at a D or DD cup. Have you come across any in your travels that go up to a G cup (with a 34 band)?

    • It seems the Rago only goes up to a DD as well unfortunately. I haven’t seen any to date that offer larger cup sizes sadly. If I do come across any, I will let you know for sure πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Jessica πŸ™‚ Do you find this piece “rides-up” when you wear it? I saw a post on FB from American Shapeware on this exact piece, I really like it and was thinking on buying!

    • Hi Corinne! Only after sitting a while, I usually give a little tug when I stand to make sure it’s smoothed out. If you wear stockings, those will hold it securely in place but without it takes minimal adjustments depending how active you are. πŸ™‚

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  8. Just got this lovely number for a belated mother’s day. It is just perfect, thank you for your review.

    There is an easy solution for the generous cups: bullet bra fillers!

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