Rainbow Petticoats *Wardrobe Staples* by Cara Hill

While I have admired the Pinup/Rockabilly style for a long, long time, I haven’t actually worn it myself for that long. I always thought – erroneously, I now know – that I wouldn’t be able to find the clothing in my size, plus size, and gave up before I actually looked into it any further. It wasn’t until I happened to stumble upon Pinup Girl Clothing’s plus range and take a chance on the Heidi dress, that I discovered that this style not only came in my size, but also suit my body type and looked quite good on me. And more importantly, I felt like a $1,000,000 every time I put on the Heidi, as well as the subsequent dresses and separates that I then started buying like they were going out of style (pun intended).

I have now built up a pretty impressive wardrobe, so when I started thinking about what I would write about for this contest, I was a little overwhelmed. How to choose? What one thing would I choose above all others as the thing I can’t live without? And then it hit me. The items of clothing in my retro wardrobe that I have had the most fun with, that I now build my wardrobe and outfits around, that I have acquired a significant collection of, are my petticoats. I LOVE petticoats, and wear one nearly every day. This is the part of retro/pinup dressing that I never considered when I used to admire it from afar – I didn’t think about petticoats, their role in an outfit and how much fun they could make the act of getting dressed and wearing clothes. I feel more comfortable in full and circle skirt styles, like the Heidi, and started wearing them without petticoats underneath. They looked good, but when I took a chance and bought my first petticoat – a black one – it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I love how they help to emphasize my figure by accentuating my waist in relation to my hips. I love how they make the full skirt just look better, and are so much fun to twirl in. I love how frilly and fluffy and frou frou and just all around girly they are. They remind me of when I used to play dress up as a little girl, and I love the fact that I get to have that feeling as an adult. Every day is dress up now, and I am loving having a fun wardrobe.

I have seven petticoats so far: black, red, blue, white, purple with black trim, green and yellow. I know I will get more, much to the chagrin of my husband and the ever-shrinking space in my closet. Four of my petticoats were purchased online from Domino Dollhouse (www.dominodollhouse.com), an online plus size clothing store, and the other three came from a woman here in Wellington who makes them (www.vamporium.co.nz). I now buy dresses based on whether or not they will match the petticoats in my wardrobe; I realize that the petticoats might not be seen (although, I do tend to flash them at people quite a lot) but the dress must still flatter the petticoat in some way. They are most definitely my thing I cannot live without, they are the basis of my retro wardrobe.

Because I have so many petticoats, I have submitted a few photos so you can see the different colours with some of my retro outfits – I’ve actually even worn my black petticoat as a skirt once, as you will see from one of the last photos. I’ve also included a photo of all of them lined up like a rainbow in my closet.


Check out Cara’s blog for more fabulous clothing reviews.


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Petticoats *Wardrobe Staples* by Cara Hill

  1. Great post! Cara, I’ve seen your pictures on the PUG facebook page and I think you always look good, beautiful and fierce! You pull out this look greatly!

  2. im sooo considering getting that heidi dress…but i have a few questions. id rather get them answered by a real person who bought the dress…i totally stumbled upon this page when i was googling petticoats…please message me on facebook asap…thanks soooo much. and you look absolutely devine!!!

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