Behind The Scenes With Miss Candyfloss

One of the great pleasures since starting the Pin Up Persuasion blog is discovering new vintage inspired brands of clothing. Although I do love expanding my retro wardrobe…it is definitely more about getting to know the people behind the brands that make this all worthwhile.

My latest find is a company that some of you may already know, Miss Candyfloss.  The lovely ladies behind it all, Noemi and Adele have graciously accepted to be interviewed in order for us to get the know them a little better.

– What was the brainchild behind your desire to create Vintage inspired clothing?

Personal development. we’ve always loved the 40’s and 50’s, especially old movies and music and at some point in our lives we felt that we had reach our stop, our peak of personal development and Miss Candyfloss was created. We see Miss Candyfloss as a reflection of us. A grown woman with a confident personality whom loves the vintage lifestyle.

– Can you tell us more about the person(s) behind Miss Candyfloss?

Adele and Noemi, sisters, have been working together for the past 12 years building up the company. Adele is the designer and creative person behind Miss Candyfloss while Noemi manages social media, updates, computer related matters etc.

We used to have our own brands which took a toll on us, so Miss Candyfloss is sort of the brand that we collaborate and work together as a team instead of working more separate.

– What is the meaning behind the name Miss Candyfloss?

The name, hmm, long story short. I, Noemi, got a cotton candy machine from my friends for my birthday and I absolutely loved it! So, I ended up changing my name to Noemi Candyfloss before the brand had it’s own name. As the brand developed we were debating about what name to choose and one day Adele said: Miss Candyfloss. So, that’s the short story hahaha.

– Where do you find ideas for new designs?

From everything basically. As long as the music is playing in the background and the mood is good, the designing part just flows by itself. We love to look at old fashion magazines and try to grasp what a 40’s-50’s styled woman would look like if she were to be placed in 2012. For us it’s important to make clothes that fit the modern world yet has the touch of the past. Back in those days women were expected to be housewives, nowadays women want to achieve so much more and we want to make sure we can create designs that will help women achieve their goals in comfortable beautiful clothes.

– Are your designs based off original vintage patterns or completely unique to the Miss Candyfloss creative team?

We don’t use original patterns, we create our own unique patterns.

– Where is Miss Candyfloss manufactured and from where are your fabrics sourced?

It’s manufactured in Transylvania. Adele and I are actually born in Transylvania so for us it felt very natural to work with manufacturers that share the same heritage and values as we do. There is a different level of respect and understand between us, something we can’t find anywhere else. We’ve considered producing in China at several occasions to be able to lower prices and sell greater quantities but for some reason we always chose to stay close to home. It just feels good knowing that the production is under control and that we pay a fair wage to the workers.

Our fabrics are sourced from different fabric suppliers in Europe. We purchase fabrics from Italy, Holland, England, Denmark etc. We have some companies we’ve been working with for a longer time whom we like to purchase from. Once again we treasure that good old feeling of nice respectful business experience, good old fashioned way.

– Why did you choose to serve clients online?

We want to be accessible to everyone and serving customers online is like bringing the entire world together on one platform. It’s sort of like having the greatest shopping and business experience in one place even though the customers are on the other side of the world. Online business is truly fascinating and as far as we can tell, it is going to expand even more as technology develops.

– Do you plan to expand in the future, where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We plan to expand everyday =) We have new ideas all the time on how we would like to develop. In 5 years? oh wow, we know that time flies by yet 5 years seems so far ahead given the economical crisis around the world. We have big plans but whether we can fulfill those or not depends on how well the world economy can recover. What we can reveal right now is that we are going to expand the line. The rest is our little secret so far =)

– Tell us more about your beautiful selection of hair accessories…

The hair accessories expansion came from the lack of finding hair flowers and fascinators that we liked. We looked for hair accessories for ourselves but couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for since we wanted something with hibiscus flowers. Our mother’s favorite flower is hibiscus and we’ve always had tons of those in our home while growing up, so it felt natural for us to create a line of something that had brought so much memories. Our parents house is not the same without hibiscus flowers, those plants add something extra to a house. The tragedy of when the flowers die or the joy they bring when they blossom. We simply have a lot of memories connected to those flowers and our mother is very passionate about her hibiscus plants.

– What sets Miss Candyfloss apart from other vintage inspired brands?

Our designs are unique, no vintage patterns are used. All the designs come from our heart. We are very flexible when it comes to manufacturing and how many brands can say that their garments are manufactured in the area where Dracula used to live =)

A heartfelt thank you to Noemi and Adele for allowing a behind the scenes look at the creative minds behind Miss Candyfloss. I am anxious to see what surprises they have instore for us with new designs and so much more! Stay tuned for in depth product reviews in the future…

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