Let’s Discover Vienna Together

One of the must have items on my wishlist from the Heartbreaker Spring/Summer line was the new eye catching Vienna print. I was lusting after both the red and sage green available in a variety of dresses and skirts. It was a toss up between the Aimee and the Diane dress, the winner was….AIMEE!!!

Available in sizes XS to 2x with a multitude of colors & prints – MSRP $90USD

In my past experiences with Heartbreaker, I always found their size charts to be spot on and once again I was not disappointed. The Medium fit perfectly with my bust 36, waist 29…no need for alterations, bonus! The Aimee features a sweetheart neckline with cute cap sleeves with full A-Line skirt. The matching printed belt gives you a clean cinched in waist, with no fabric bunching whatsoever with proper size selection. Definitely take note that the cap sleeves are not constrictive in any regard…there is a nice amount of breathing room.

Personally I adore wearing the Aimee just about anywhere since it provides more bust coverage than most styles and feels utterly comfortable all day long. The material is made from 100% cotton but the thickness seems to prevent major wrinkling found in most cottons. Since I work at a desk all day, wrinkling seems to be a major issue with most flared dresses/skirts…the Aimee passed the test with a gold star! The Vienna print is even more stunning in person, so classic and not overly distracting like most busy prints. Trust this gal, I am not into prints normally!

The length is perfect to wear flats or pumps depending on the setting. I tend to switch it up, it all depends on my mood that day. The red Vienna looks perfect with some cherry red shoes or a simple soft nude. Versatility is definitely a huge feature with the Aimee dress. Pair it with a solid cardi for those cooler fall or winter months…you will be wearing this dress year round.

I have to say the Aimee dress in Vienna was a total win on all fronts, style, print and fit. I will be keeping a close eye on the new colorways being released as you cannot own just one. The Diane dress in Vienna green is shouting my name…it is so hard to resist!

If you don’t see your favorite Heartbreaker dress available at JBR Clothing, just send them an email and they will custom order it in your size especially for you!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Discover Vienna Together

  1. I purchased a similar wrap dress from Heartbreaket, and despite the fabulous quality and spot-on size chart, the dress was about 1″ too high in the waist. So, how’s the waist on Aimee? Right spot? Or too high for a long-waisted gal?

    • I would qualify myself as more short-waisted to be honest. The Aimee fits well, not too high but it would definitely depend on your torso measurements. I did find their wrap dress to sit higher than the Aimee. What are your measurements?

      • Thanks for answering my question: 39″ bust, 30.5″ waist, 5’7″, a Heartbreaker large (judging by the wrap and diner dresses I bought). I guess I will give Aimee a try myself, as I have developed a bit of a crush. And maybe one of the a-line skirt/top combos to compensate for the long-waist!

      • I definitely agree that a large would work best for you. It is a fabulous dress, the Vienna won my heart as I never gave the Aimee a 2nd look before. Their separates as great too, let me know how you make out šŸ™‚

  2. Jessica, I found your site not too long ago and love love love it! I’d love to ask you about fit with Heartbreaker; I have several PUG and Hell Bunny items and want to try Heartbreaker fashions, but I’m a bit worried about fit. I so want to try the Aimee for its gorgeous neckline and adorable sleeves, and your review has sold me! I’m broad-shouldered but typically XS in PUG and Hell Bunny. I’m not busty (32C), but worry that an XS in this would be snug in the bust, since their XS is 31-32 (but sizing up, I worry that the top will swim on me!). With the cut of this top, do you think loose material would drape nicely if sized up? Any thoughts?

    • Thank you Lisa! You’re going to love the Aimee, I’m itching to buy another since I wear mine so often. What are you bust and waist measurements? From there I’ll be able to give you a better idea what we are working with šŸ™‚

      • I love how it looks – and it’s perfect for work and fall and winter and spring and summer and… all the time. I wear a 32C or a 30C depending on the style; I’m actually 32.5 in the bust – which is an annoying place to be šŸ™‚ . I’m 24.5ish in the waist. I was thinking a small might be too big in the bust – I’m looking at Beverly as well (your post on that one sold me on it as an essential!); not as worried about the waist being loose with that one because of the ties, but with this one…not too sure.

      • Oh you will be just fine with the XS then. I sometimes wear my VS Miraculous bra that puts me at 37″ and the medium still fits perfectly. You are so right, this dress works for ALL seasons! The Beverly is awesome too…it’s nice that they are not a full circle skirt, more a-line. Please let me know when you get your order.

      • Thanks so much, Jessica! Now I just have to decide which print will be my first – because I know I will want more šŸ™‚

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