And The Winners Are…

Thank you to all you pretty ladies that submitted entries for the Betty Le Bonbon contest. I wanted to share your submissions with the fellow Pin up Persuasion readers to see how much we truly love ourselves.

Jess – I never really thought much of my eyes. They’re brown. Not “chocolate” brown, or “cocoa” brown like you’d read about–romanticized in a book. Just plain ol’ brown, rimmed with stubby, dark lashes. It wasn’t until someone–a complete stranger–took the time to compliment me on them that I started paying attention to what my mama gave me. Turns out, my eyes are quite wide. This person, who has since become a good friend, told me that they remind him of “doll eyes”. “They laugh when you laugh.”,  he said.  They’re round, and big, and since receiving my little confidence boost, I love playing them up with fun lashes, make-up, and my now signature cat-eye eyeliner. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so now I like to dress my “windows” up with great drapes. Winner of the $40 Betty Le Bonbon prize!

Rebekah – Contemplating what to write about was definitely a bit of a struggle for myself in that I probably tend to concentrate what I need to work or improve upon rather than what I admire mostly that I succeed at or admire about myself. Given the rules here is what I came up with. It was a tie between work ethic and loyalty. I am a hard driven worker, a bit of a perfectionist and like to go above and beyond standards when set before me. On a more personal side I put my family and friends before myself and am extremely loyal to them. I guess what it came down to was if I could only have one of these qualities what would I choose? Loyalty. Loyalty to those I hold the closest and most dearly in my life. Some of my friends who have been there for me through thick and think I am more loyal to than family who flakes when times get tough. I truly value people who appreciate my giving heart and support me even from hundreds of miles away. People come and go throughout your life but ones who still love you and are there from you despite distance, successes and heartaches do not come by often and I would do anything for those special few. They are my true family and I love them endlessly. Winner of the $20 Betty Le Bonbon prize!

Miss Blaise – The one thing I love about myself is my soft skin.

Kimberly – I love the fact that I have my own style and always have. I was so shy growing up and never had confidence. But I can say I bloomed as an adult. I have never been a follower and the pinup style that I have helps me shine.

Kimaada – The one thing I love the most about myself is my passion for the environment. My passion allows me to volunteer and give back to environmental organizations that work on causes that I support, such as the Surfrider Foundation. As a surfer and lover of the beach, I love to spend my time with like-minded people who support the same cause. My passion is what has been getting me through a very difficult Masters Program in Environmental Law & Policy and it shows me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to keep swimming!

Emmy – The one thing I love most about myself is my obsession for vintage and everything retro-inspired. Although my bank account doesn’t always like that, since I discovered it I feel so much better about myself just dressing up with a nice swing dress and embracing the curves instead of hating them. It’s also a great way to relax for a little bit, just reading awesome blogs, like yours.

Justine – Since I was little, I had been told how “big” or “huge” my lips were. They weren’t any different to me, I had seen other girls with lips twice the size of mine. Why did my lips always have to be mentioned? Although my family and friends intentions were positive, rather than negative, unfortunately I think it made me self conscious. Were they really that big? Of course, they weren’t. After such a long love/hate relationship, I am finally grateful now for having full lips, since there are so many ladies who pay for lip injections! I LOVE being able to have full nude and bright pink lips or my favorite color, red. I guess I’ll keep mine just the way they are.

Susan – The thing I most love about myself is red, wavy hair.

Katie – The number one thing that I like about myself is my humor and my ability to put someone in a good mood, cheer up their day, and make them feel special. I didn’t realize until this past year that I had that effect on people but when I was moved up into a secretary job at the doctors office I work at, I started to get feed back from patients. Even when I made a mistake, almost every patient I have dealt with was understanding. Every time I get told, “You have the nicest smile and personality, you make coming to the doctor pleasant” it makes my day. I love that I can make other people happy, especially when I can make them happy by laughter. That’s my favorite part of me. Because even if I’m having a bad day and I’m down, and lately that’s been a lot, the fact that I make the day brighter for someone else makes me happy.

Kathryn – My favorite feature is my plus size figure! I’m lucky to be able to adapt it to most styles, be it a pin up style, or a bit more commercial. It’s been a journey to accept myself, but finally, with the help of some blogs and very dear friends, I dress for me, and it shows in my confidence.

Sarah – How I describe myself = always there for you.

Michele – The thing I love most about myself is my ability to cry. I cry in joy, in sadness and in frustration. I cry because I am touched by something someone says or does. Its taken me a long time to come to accept this part of me, but I think I’m finally there. Just because you see someone with tears in their eyes does not mean that something is wrong, it just means that they have emotions.

Calisa – I love my open mind and my spontaneity.

Amanda – What I love most about myself would have to be my desire to learn, and coming from that, disinterest in giving up. It has carried me through many challenges in life: academic, physical, and mental. It is the reason I am doing a PhD, it is the reason I kept swing dancing, it is the reason I enjoy what I do and live the life I have. What could be better than that?

Leah – That I am totally and completely unique. And even though sometimes I get a bit depressed when I think, ‘I don’t have the same body shape/ hair color/ complexion as other rockabilly pin-up girls’, that’s OK, because if I was like them, I wouldn’t be me

Abbie – I always keep my hubs on his toes – with hair and color, he hasn’t been married to the same woman for these past 10 yrs – and he always has to wonder what woman he’s getting when the Army sends him home – leave em guessing!!!

Lindsay – I love my sardonic wit!

Michelle – The feature I have the most love and affection for is my hair. My hair reminds me of my mom. When I brush and do my hair or get a compliment on my hair it reminds me of her. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. I miss her everyday. She had glorious black strong vibrant healthy hair and mine is a lot like hers. I used to play with her hair as a kid. I was a bald child for most of my early years. I used to take her hair and cover my head with it. It made me smile and laugh when a little toddler girl did that with my hair. Her own hair hadn’t grown in yet. Whenever I brush my hair now or get a compliment on my hair I’m reminded that a part of my mother lives on in me.

Chrystal – My greatest quality is my resourcefulness. I have a health condition that keeps me out of the workforce, so I help save money by clipping coupons and taking surveys to supplement my lack of income. I enter contests and buy EVERYTHING non-essential on sale, and do NOT have a credit card, or any debt for that matter. If I don’t have the money to purchase an item, it doesn’t get bought. I’m not “proud” per-say about growing up/being poor, but I am proud of how I’ve learned to make the most of what little we have.

Dana – My favorite thing about me is my open mind! I’ll try just about anything once, and believe people should be free to live their lives as they like as long as they’re not harming others.

Cornelia – I love my freckles, they make me happy and remind me of summer and sun even in the wintertime.

Whitney – My eyes.

Missy Kim – what i love most about myself is that i am genuinely able to be supportive for and towards my friends. i have myself been through so many ups and downs that at the time it didn’t seem to make any sense WHY i’d be going through such crap – and coming out on the other side now i can see that the real reason is to provide honest support and love and guidance when i am able to my fellow “sisterhood”. the satisfaction that is gives me, to be of helpfulness (even the smallest amount) and to be of service, to provide a kind word when someone just feels so kicked down and misunderstood – to let them know that they are NOT alone and that they have had other walk that path before them, to give them a little bit of hope, and that teeny bit of strength – that’s really all that matters at the end of the day. if that is what the “reason” was for MY own struggles has been, to be able to sincerely help someone else down the road, then that is what has made MY hard times all worth while. and THAT’S what i feel is my greatest asset. i’m pretty sassy about it most times, too, so i’m able to make my girlfriends smile while they are going through the crap – and i feel pretty blessed about that part, too. i feel pretty lucky, all in all – and i gain even more strength from the awesome women that i continue to get to know! life is awesome and full of surprises, isn’t it?

Mhairi – My favorite thing about me, is well me, I am imperfect, plus size and a bit crazy, but I am just me, I am loved and this means I love me too.


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