Hours of Fun for Pin Up Lovers…

It has been a very exciting week with two new online websites to keep us pin up lovers entertained for hours on end. Who doesn’t like making adorable pin up dolls to look like themselves in their favorite retro outfit? Even more exciting, is a new private community for pin up lovers alike to avoid the dreaded changes we all loathe on Facebook.

Have you seen the flurry of adorable pin up dolls online this week? Do you want to have one of your own? Kinkei has launched a Deluxe Pin Up Maker hosted by Deviantart with endless possibilities of outfits, hair, accessories and so much more! The best part is, you can save them to your desktop to share with all your friends. You will be on there for hours on end, trust me. Here is my likeness in the DD Gingham Courtesan swing dress, create by the lovely Michelle B…she even remembered my tattoos!

Check it out for yourself!

The most exciting news of all that I have been secretly aware of for a few months now is the launch of the Pinup Girl Style community created by Pin Up Girl Clothing. The PUG team has been working on their very own social networking site for all Pin Up lovers alike. Since Facebook has implemented some very user unfriendly changes in recent months, PUG wanted to build their very own place for us to share our love of all things pin up! All you have to do is sign up for free, create a profile and enjoy! You can add friends, chat with other members, check out the swap & sell section, discuss whatever you like in the forums and much more. I am just getting my feet wet myself, there are tons of cool features available. Don’t be shy, add me as a friend!

Bookmark it now!

It is so exciting to see the Pin Up community grow and evolve in such a positive way over the years. PUG has been a pillar in establishing a positive environment for all women to feel comfortable in and enjoy. I look forward to seeing all of you on Pinup Girl Style and see your adorable renditions of your pin up selves.

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6 thoughts on “Hours of Fun for Pin Up Lovers…

  1. Thanks for letting us know about these cool items, Jessica! XO

  2. stacyblaise

    I am so excited about the PUG site. But, I couldn’t get my pinup girl dressed.:(

    Miss Blaise

  3. i love this!! i couldnt stop making pin up girls!! and im pretty excited about the new PUG community! I have to go sign up asap!

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