Accessories Are A Retro Girl’s Best Friend!

For as long as I can remember, I have obsessed over costume jewelry with little interest in traditional gold pieces. It was my way of expressing my personality while wearing ugly high school uniforms and simply never outgrew it. As my love for vintage grew in recent years, so did my obsession for uniquely bold accessories. They seriously go hand in hand!

One day I happen to stumble upon a little shop of handmade accessories based in Australia called “The Emerald City“. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how fabulous their products were at such incredible prices. Their shop is made up of several independent artists with the goal of offering their line to buyers from all over the world.

I plotted my first order for months and contacted The Emerald City about having some of their retro earrings made into necklaces since I rarely wear earrings. They responded immediately and were more than willing to create these custom pieces without any hesitations. You have seen some of them already in recent blog posts as they go perfectly with many of my retro outfits.

This strawberry necklace was one of the custom made pieces inspired from their retro earrings. It was one of the items that immediately caught my eye and had to have it! Lately I’ve been all about strawberries, even more than cherries believe it or not. This necklace goes perfectly with the Glamour Bunny Strawberry Cream dress.

Although I do not wear much costume jewelry earrings, these teal blue starfish were too adorable to miss out on. Plus, I seriously have a little fetish for all things starfish. They pair perfectly with the Hell Bunny May Day dress.

These tiny double pink rose stud earrings are a perfect compliment to the Deadly Dames Victorian Rose Print and Bettie Page Pink Roses. The incredible detail is so impressive as they are merely 0.5 inch in size.

The white rose earrings are over sized but very delicate. They are placed on a business card in order to get a better idea of their size. They are a perfect staple for any retro wardrobe but remain versatile to wear for many occasions.

The second custom piece was this delicious ice cream necklace. Originally offered in earrings, The Emerald City turned it into this beautiful signature creation with a cherry on top!

Last but certainly not least, the Elegant Rose Baroque Cameo Necklace. The antique brass is a true compliment to the rose cameo and features a lengthy chain. Simply, it is the definition of classic beauty.

If you have coveted Micheline Pitt’s sparkly bone hair candy, The Emerald City is the place to get one! Definitely their top seller, as they sell out regularly in all colors.

This little boutique also offers the most unique leggings you will ever find and recently partnered with Hola Chica Clothing; a breathtaking vintage inspired clothing line.  The Emerald City is your go to place for unicorns, skulls, hearts, birds, bows and so much more! There isn’t another handmade store around that can compare to these fabulous finds! They create new items regularly…make sure to add them on Facebook to be the first to see their new releases.

4 thoughts on “Accessories Are A Retro Girl’s Best Friend!

  1. Great blog! I love these kinds of accessories, too, especially strawberries and other things I can wear for my themed shows.
    I bought some very cute jewelery from a lady on Etsi. She is very reasonably priced and does very cute pieces. She even did some specialty items for me.
    She’s on holiday right now ’til the end of July.
    I want to buy some things from The Emerald City as soon as I can. They have some super cute items.
    Thanks, Jessica! Keep up the good work.

  2. HAH I guess sometimes you can not really realise how spoiled you are until an ‘out of towner’ as it were, points it out. I’ve known about the Emerald City for quite some time now (being an Aussie gal and all) and actually know the lovely lass who makes Micheline’s sparkly bones but it had never really crossed my mind to bring it to anyone’s attention, it was always just…there…you know? Glad someone has made me realise and put a spotlight on such a wonderful and deserving crafty community 🙂

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