Sinful Sparkle

Among many sinful pleasures, being a hardcore handbag addict is nothing that I am ashamed of. Honestly, owning a Coach or Gucci designer bag is of no interest to me because I crave handbags that are bold in color and going to make a statement. More importantly, not going to cost a small fortune!

Have you ever put on that perfect vintage inspired outfit only to discover you have no handbag to match? Insert “this girl” here!Β  You read right…with my extensive retro wardrobe, I had absolutely no handbags to compliment them. Why didn’t I own any fabulous retro handbags? The ladies in the pinup community were raving about Lux De Ville and from there I became infatuated with their entire line of sparkly handbags.

Looking for a basic handbag staple, I chose the Lux De Ville High Seas Tiny Tote in black & white. Do not let the name fool you, it is not tiny at all. On the contrary, this handbag measures 13 inches long, 9 inches high and 3 inches wide. The interior lining is a high quality leopard print satin like material featuring a zipper pocket for your beauty necessities. The chain link shoulder strap is the perfect length with a convenient magnet flap closure.

The cute little nautical anchor charms are removable in case they make a little too much noise for your liking and prefer hanging them from your review mirror. The best feature hands down is the pearl white quilted vinyl complimented by the shiny black. It is so fabulous in person! A note of caution, the metal bullet feet are quite sharp and will scratch delicate surfaces so be sure not to place it on leather seats or wood floors. The LDV High Seas Tiny Tote is also available in red, blue and solid black.

While attending my first Viva Rockabilly Weekender I decided to invest in a second LDV handbag. They were definitely a hot ticket item being sold at several vendors during the event. Being a die hard bargain shopper, it was a wonderful bonus to snag a LDV purse at 20% Off from Sourpuss. It was a toss up between the Sin City Kiss Lock and the Atomic Tote in blue sparkle but the Sin City won by a long shot with the fiancee.

This piece is the sparkle of any girls’ eye! I have never received so many compliments from complete strangers, all asking where I purchased this beauty from. Normally I personally do not like this particular type of shoulder strap due to the short length but the Sin City is an exception due to it’s wonderful comfort. There is plenty of space to stash a million goodies with the convenient kiss lock snap closure. The interior is lined with the famous LDV satin leopard featuring their classic logo on the exterior and interior. The cute silver dice are a perfect compliment to the design. Once again, beware of the metal bullet feet on any delicate surfaces. The Sin City Kiss Lock purse is available in blue sparkle, purple sparkle, white sparkle, red and black.

For those practical ladies like myself, the LDV handbags are perfect for everyday use. They are well constructed, easy to clean and suitable for a busy lifestyle. I have been using my LDV Sin City handbag daily since Viva this past April and it is almost as beautiful as the day it was new. There is slight wear showing on the straps where the rubber trim is pulling away but nothing a little glue can’t fix. Definitely worth every penny and I will continue using it non stop being so practical while making a statement!

5 thoughts on “Sinful Sparkle

  1. I have a bright primary blue purse from LDV in the style of your Sin City with the anchor charms and I love it! My amazing mama bought it for me for christmas two years ago and I’ve used it almost everyday since! The rubber edging on the straps have started to come loose and I accidentally tore a strip off but it’s not noticable and it was my fault. I have some scuffs on it just from use and I don’t know how to get them off. No one else seems to notice them tho since when I go anywhere out with it I get at least one compliment, even from older gentlemen! It honestly my most used item from PUG and probably why I give out the cards so much.

    • What an incredible mom! My only suggestion for the scuffs is either a Mr. Clean magic eraser or a little Goo Gone to see if they remove it. Both a super gentle, so it won’t ruin the finish. Two years going strong is definitely awesome to hear πŸ™‚

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