The Orchard Corset Waspie Contest Winner is…

Thank you to all the lovely ladies that submitted an entry for the Orchard Corset Waspie Contest! It was so very difficult to only pick one winner with so many fabulous submissions.

Drumroll please…

Krysten Smietana!!!

You would like to know where I would wear my Waspie Corset from Orchard Corset? SILLY QUESTION! EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE! Ask an obvious question, get an obvious answer I usually feel.

Seriously, though, my first thought is that a Waspie Corset would look great over my Pinup Couture Doris top to give my figure that extra va-va-voom! Either with one of my full circle swing skirts or even just a pair of jeans to blend my love of the vintage look with my love of cute casual modern pieces. I also think a Waspie Corset would look fabulous over my Heart Breaker Beverly dress as an extra bit of flair or under just to give my shape a boost.

I would also wear my new Waspie Corset as part of my garb for the Ren Faire (Casta Dive Corsets, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! The pieces at Orchard Corset are just as beautiful and well-made AND more affordable priced). A beautiful Waspie Corset over a peasant blouse and a large full skirt? Ren Faire perfection! With just a quick thought I can already imagine soo many ways I can mix and match my grab pieces and come up with great looks incorporating a new Waspie from Orchard Corset. I can see me having a glass of wine and listening to the Sultry Sirens and other performers feeling absolutely beautiful in my new Waspie.

Reading about the contest, so many images and ideas immediately popped into my head as to how I could wear a new Waspie Corset. Dressed up, going to dinner with my boy or to Atlantic City with my girls. Dressed down running errands or grabbing lunch with my mom. Heck, I would even wear my Waspie Corset under my chef whites for work, just because I could! Though, maybe not since it freaks the boys out enough when I come into the restaurant looking like a girl as it is… Maybe you should have asked where I wouldn’t wear my Waspie Corset. Though, each time I think of an answer to that question, I think another minute than go ‘Nah! I could totally wear it there!’ or ‘No way! It would look gorgeous with that!’.

Now my wardrobe seems so lacking without a new Waspie Corset from Orchard Corset! Thanks for this opportunity to win one! Good luck to me and everyone else, as well. I know any of us will love and look stunning in our new Waspie!


Stay tuned to the Pin Up Persuasion blog for upcoming reviews, sales and contests!

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