Pin Up Persuasion’s Top 6 PUG Jewelry Must Haves!

Today I’m going to share my Top 6 PUG Jewelry Must Haves that you can’t live without. No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory to compliment your look. You don’t have to own hundreds of pieces…a small selection of wardrobe staples will allow you to mix and match.

~ One ~ The perfect staple for any Rockabilly gal is the traditional Silver Swallow Necklace. I cannot tell you how many outfits this little birdie has dazzled over the years. If all other pieces fail, the swallow is always a winner. It features an adjustable chain and more importantly does not tarnish. Currently on sale for $9.95, don’t wait too long otherwise it will be gone forever. A fine runner up is the Tiny Sparrow Necklace for $16.

~ Two ~ Every vintage fashionista needs a set of lovely pearls. I was so excited when Eldorado Club released the new Deadly Dames Pearl Beaux Necklace in ivory and pink. It was a complete toss up which to choose but thankfully I already owned the lovely peach vamp, tangerine Ava and Victorian Rose Print skirt that would look fabulous with the pink pearls. They are not your average faux pearls; they are supreme quality as found in all EC jewelry and substantial in weight. You can twist the multi-strands to your desired look. These lovelies will only set you back $36 instead of hundreds of dollars.

~ Three ~ Oh Edgar ! Yes, I was smitten with this little guy from the day Micheline announced he would be featured in the EC line of jewelry. I stalked poor Joe for months asking when he would hit the site as I knew it would sell out fast. This cutie pairs perfectly with all the old school Deadly Dames, or simply spice up your favorite v-neck and jeans. Edgar is not for the faint of heart measuring 2.5″ high, 1.75″ wide. Currently sold out on the site at $36, I recommend adding yourself to the waitlist for your chance to love this little cutie.

Now onto the pieces I am lusting after…

~ Four ~ The “Love” Swallow & Rose EC Necklace is so breathtaking in person, I cannot wait for it to be restocked! I saw it at a local store a few months back and could not believe I didn’t give it a second glance on the site until that moment. The details and color are so eye catching, it will make statement with any outfit. Unfortunately I did not buy it at that time since the retailer marked it up much higher than the retail price ($36) which was a real bummer. Now to start bugging poor Joe to get my hands on this pretty.

~ Five ~ Being a hardcore fan of Micheline’s art, I love having the option to wear her creations around my neck. The Haunted Mansion Girl has always caught my eye and it is a two for one deal for $36! One side features La Vie (Life) and the other La Mort (Death) enveloped in a delicately ornate frame. My personal favorite is La Vie, pure beauty with an edge wearing her skull adorned dress…similar to the old school Deadly Dames that we all know and love. Another item to add to the waitlist.

~ Six ~ Hot off the presses…the La Cholita Guitar Brooch! I had the opportunity to preview this exquisite piece at the Viva Rockabilly Weekender this past April. It is as beautiful as its inspiration, Miss La Cholita. The sparkly rhinestones and rose gold design are so delicate but definitely a show stopping accent to any retro wardrobe. Pin it on your favorite cardigan to add it to any PUG dress that suits your fancy.

As you can see, the majority of my selections are PUG necklaces rather than earrings or bracelets. Why? Simply because they are what I find the most versatile for my wardrobe and always a sucker for costume jewelry necklaces.

What are your favorite PUG jewelry pieces or which ones do you lust after…?

5 thoughts on “Pin Up Persuasion’s Top 6 PUG Jewelry Must Haves!

    • I have the silver swallow necklace as well…unfortunately the chain on mine did tarnish where it sits on my neck. =/ I wish I knew how to get it clean, as it’s probably the most versatile PUG necklace available. Understated but still pure rockabilly.

      My other favorites are the EDC skull & crossbones necklace, Haunted Mansion girl, cherry necklace by Illegal Leopard, and any of the EDC charm earrings. I also love my Black Dahlia necklace with skull cabochon and fleur de lis, but that one’s been discontinued for some time.

      Currently lusting after the Wild Card necklace (would be perfect to wear in Vegas for VLV, no?), and basically all the brooches on the site.

      • Have you tried the silver jewelry cleaning cloths? I need to get the cherry necklace too…it’s always sold out when I place my order or forget. lol The Wildcard is PERFECT for Viva!

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