High Tea Anyone?

Miss Bernie Dexter is not only a famous rockabilly pin up model, but a very successful clothing designer to boot! With Bernie’s extensive repertoire of vintage clothing, she designed a line with a selection of her favorite 1940’s and 1950’s styles. Bernie Dexter Clothing features pin up dresses, high waist pencil skirts,  swing dresses, high waist dungaree jeans. and classic high waist capri pants. Believe it or not, Bernie wears every piece that she designs! The Ruby Dress in Dark Tea Room was my first BD purchase, currently on sale at JBR Clothing for $99.

Available in Sizes XS – 2XL: MSRP $156
Since the Ruby dress is made from 100% Cotton, I knew it was definitely not going to have any stretch and needed to size up to a Large to allow for ample room in the hips (bust 36, waist 29, hips 41-42). To my surprise it fill very well all over and only requires a minor alteration in the shoulders ( I am very narrow in the shoulders & often have to get dresses altered in this area). The long back zipper allows plenty of ease to get in and out with no hassle. Featuring a key hole detail and small gathers flattering to the tummy area. Although I was a bit apprehensive with the key hole due to bra visibility issues, I found it rather conservative and able to pair it with a simple plunge bra. The skirt is very form fitting and shows off your curves in the best of ways. The thick cotton holds it shape impeccably and conceals all levels of shapewear.

The most breathtaking feature of the Ruby dress is the Dark Tea Room print featuring lush cabbage roses with a contrasting black background. Sure to turns heads where ever you go, this is truly a classic elegance to add to your wardrobe. I would be so thrilled if Bernie made a pencil skirt in this print, I cannot get enough of it! The Ruby Dress is proven to be Hollywood worthy; recently worn by Brooke Bundy at the World Premier of The Hunger Games. I personally love seeing so many famous women embracing the vintage/retro culture by wearing the designs that we all know and love.

For a more conservative look, pair the Ruby Dress with your favorite round toe pumps or Mary Janes. For a formal affair, throw on some strappy sandals with your favorite vintage earrings.  The Rago 1294 girdle creates a flawless silhouette with the Ruby. The light cotton is perfect for those hot summer nights, even for dinner on the beach tested by yours truly.

The quality and fit of Bernie’s clothing is fabulous, I look forward to purchasing more of her designs and definitely recommend them to all my readers. I have been eyeing her capri pants for some time now…maybe that will be my next purchase?

8 thoughts on “High Tea Anyone?

  1. My favorite dress so far and luckily I have it :), just have to find somewhere to wear it to now, it was definately the print that drew me to it as well.

  2. I have yet to buy a Bernie Dexter dress but I’d sure love to! Besides, I think she is just awesome looking. She’s the closest to Bettie Page that I’ve seen. She’s really got it.
    Thanks for the review, Jessica. Keep up the good work.

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