The Viva Show Stopper

Even with two suitcases overflowing with retro clothing for Viva, there was one dress I was anxiously awaiting and terrified it would arrive too late. I was thrilled to hear the Stop Staring Watercolor Winter Floral Dress was finally restocked, just in time for Viva! The fabulous Rachel at JBR Clothing offered to ship it to the hotel and have the parcel waiting for us upon our arrival. Everything worked out perfectly, I had the most fabulous dress to wear for the soiree at Franki’s Tiki Room.

One thing is certain, Stop Staring has very consistent sizing with all their clothing. The Large fit perfectly all over, such a relief getting it so last minute. The Winter Floral features cap sleeves and a well constructed wrap twist bust area to allow for ample room for the bustier ladies. The tapered skirt has the famous side rushing to flatter and conceal any tummy issues. It is the true definition of a classic wiggle silhouette. Pair it with your favorite shapewear, the fabric conceals all levels from Spanx to Rago.

The fabric on the Watercolor Floral Dress is breathtaking in so many ways…I would compare the look and feel to red carpet glam, it will turn heads wherever you go. The print is truly unique and not like any other I have seen, photos do not do it justice. Make sure to pair this with your highest heels to give you elongated sexy legs. For all nighter on your feet, a pair of white flats will also do the trick.

Never in my life have I received so many compliments from complete strangers and asked dozens of times where did I get my dress. I honestly felt like a superstar that night at Franki’s, the Watercolor Winter Floral was the biggest hit of the evening! Thankfully, no one else was wearing the same outfit although I did see many of the Watercolor Summer Floral at Viva. Alicia said she had so many requests for this dress at the Stop Staring booth but they did not have any available.

I lucked out with JBR coming to my rescue, always going above and beyond with their customer service. The Watercolor Winter Floral was the show stopper of all dresses for Viva…I’m very thankful to have so many incredible photos of that evening with tons of beautiful ladies. Check out the Pin Up Persuasion Facebook page for Viva 15 photos.

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