~ Part Two ~ Sweet DIY Retro Cupcake Halloween Costume

This past weekend I finally got out to the local craft stores to get the ball rolling on my Retro Cupcake Costume. Surprisingly I found the majority of the supplies at a local liquidation store (Lens Mills), a real heaven for crafters. Let’s just say I spent WAY too much time trying to pick the perfect embellishments but so worth it now seeing the end result. Make sure to visit the remnants section at any fabric stores as you will find fabulous materials at a fraction of the price.

Let’s get the crafting started…

Once my turquoise corset arrived from Orchard Corset, it was time to bling it out! My main concern was to not damage the satin brocade as I want to wear it sans decor at a later time and not able to wash it due to the steel boning. If you are not planning to wear it other than for your costume, you can definitely skip the hand sewing and bust out the glue gun which is SO MUCH FASTER!

You’ll need to pick up the following materials for this step of the process…

– Overbust corset

– Strung sequins

– Frilly fringe

– 4″ ribbon (wired) & 2″ ribbon

– Construction paper/foam with sparkles.

– Hot glue gun, needle & thread, scissors, pencil, straight pins

Click on image to see details

As I mentioned above, I opted to sew on the fringe to avoid damaging the corset (use a hot glue gun is your don’t plan to reuse the corset for anything else). Place the fringe along the existing seams in order to achieve a flawless look. If you plan to reuse the corset after Halloween, ensure to stitch along the boning and not pierce the brocade material. A simple straight stitch will secure the fringe securely. After completing the first two rows, I opted to add two more for an extra pop of colour. Once complete, I carefully hot glued the stringed sequins overtop the fringe and carefully made sure not to apply the glue to the brocade material.

The inspiration piece has cupcakes on the bosoms, but I’m unsure if I will replicate that at the moment. Maybe once the costume is more complete, it may be a deciding factor to add them or just nix it.

Step by Step

The next step is to create the Retro Cupcake Queen’s Sash. You can do this with any extra wide ribbon and make it your own. With the ribbon I was able to find, I had to double up and sew it together for more stability. I highly recommend a thick satin ribbon to avoid the extra step of sewing and apply the accent ribbon with a hot glue gun instead. With restricted materials available, it surely requires more time and effort.

Make sure to put aside enough of this ribbon to use on the bow on the back of the costume. We will work on that a bit later.

Skip the sewing, look for thick satin ribbon

The next step is pretty simple, making the cupcake for the sash. Check out your local dollar store for fun foam sheets that you can use to give it a little more dimension. These glitter sheets were a pack of 8 for only $1. Draw out the base of your cupcake, just go online and reference some clip art images for inspiration. Next step is a little icing in an accent colour and then your top. I will be adding a cherry on the finished product, I still have to find some glitter red pom poms.

Crafting 101

If you are serious about making your own costume, you will save a lot of money but it is definitely a time investment. There are always ways to do things faster and still get the same end result, it is all up to you! Stay tuned for Part 3…creating the crown & bow, finding the right accessories to complete your look and fine tuning the details.

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