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The Final Reveal ~ Sweet DIY Retro Cupcake Corset Costume

The time has finally come and I am beyond thrilled with the end result of my very first Halloween Corset Costume creation. It took a lot of time and patience but worth every single minute of this new challenge. All it takes is some creativity while using the resources available and most importantly, have fun with it!


A corset can make for some of the most creative costumes while giving you a fabulous silhouette to knock them dead! Check out Orchard Corset for your every day and Cosplay needs. Incredible selection of quality products at affordable prices, what more can you ask for!

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~ Part Four ~ Sweet DIY Retro Cupcake Halloween Costume

This will be the last update before the final reveal of the Retro Cupcake Costume. It has been a crazy busy couple of months but I got it done in the nick of time. Yes, I am famous for procrastinating but I work well under pressure and never miss a deadline! Get creative, the possibilities are endless and I simply went with what was readily available in my local stores and most importantly, cheap! The last two elements that remain are the crown and back bow.

The base of the crown is a plastic headband from the dollar store. Simply overlap the ends and hot glue them together to create a ring shape. Once the glue solidifies, you can start creating the gold trim with a 1.5 inch wired gold ribbon. Simply fold over the ribbon while leaving a 1 inch pleat for the length of the ring base. Apply a small dollop of hot glue between each pleat to help hold the shape. Don’t worry about making it perfect, the pleating creates a nice three dimensional look. Stop! Do not glue the ribbon trim on just yet, put it aside for now. (I had to remove it and continue to the next step before reapplying the trim to the base.)

Search for scraps at your local fabric store as you do not need more than a yard to create the crown, preferably a thick velvet or any rigid fabrics. The next step to create the crown is to cut the fabric for the poof. Using the resources around the house, I grabbed a wide plastic cup to help stretch the fabric to achieve the right shape and size. Once you have pulled the fabric through to the desired size, cut away the excess around the base of the crown (cup). In order to trim the rough edges, fold the fabric into a half moon or quarter moon. Since I was only able to find a blue velvet, I added a purple colored organza overlay and quickly sewed them together.

Once again, place the fabric over the cup and slowly slide the ring down until you reach the bottoms edge. Carefully hold it in place and hand sew or hot glue the fabric to secure it to the base (hairband). Pleats are part of the design, perfection is not necessary. After you have secured the poof to the base, apply the gold ribbon trim with hot glue sparingly.

The following step to creating the crown is the gold ribbons to create a look of royalty. Check the scrapbooking section at your local Michaels for a thick cardboard sheet in gold. Cut two 1 inch strips and ensure the length will work to wrap around the poof. Simply hot glue each end securely inside one of the ribbon pleats while ensuring they are spaced evenly to create the crisscross pattern. Gently fold the cardboard where the strips meet at the top of the crown and push down to mold the shape. Add a sparkly red pom pom for the cherry on top of the cupcake (not pictured, I have to make one last trip to Michaels). Adorn the gold trim with some multicolored jewels and the royal crown is now complete.

Using the same wide ribbon for the sash, it is time to create the bow. Measure out extra ribbon to ensure you will have enough to create the large bow. If you need help creating the bow, there are tons of how-to tutorials online that will walk you through the process step by step. As you can see above, I opted for a simple design and trimmed the ends to form a inward V shape to match the sash. To attach the bow to the corset, simply use a few safety pins to secure it in place.

Last but not least, the inspiration design had cup like shapes on the bust area but decided to change it up a little. I adorned the corset with some cute swirl stickers to create the look of candy on the cupcake. They are easily removed and will not damage the brocade fabric.

I am just as excited as all of you to piece all these elements together and see the completed design. It has been a fun new venture and so thankful to Orchard Corset for selling such amazing corsets perfect for unique costume creations.

Stay tuned for the final reveal…

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Define Your Curves – Wardrobe Staples

Believe it or not, my very first dress purchased from Pinup Girl Clothing was the Erin in Berry back in Spring 2010 upon its release. Although owning a wiggle dress was quite intimidating, the sex appeal was impossible to resist. Now available in a multitude of colors, the Erin has become a PUG household name and wardrobe staple.

Available in sizes XS to 2XL & now limited colorways in 3X-4X – MSRP $96USD

The Erin dress is made from the stretchiest bengaline meant to hug your curves. By following the size chart for each colorway you can safely select the perfect size. The Medium fits like a glove – Measurements: Bust 36, Waist 29, Hips 41. If you are in between sizes, sizing down is recommended for an all over snug fit. For those of you that own the Laura top, you will love the Erin as well with the same shoulder and bustline detail. The gathered neckline allows for ample bosom room but be ready to show them off with the sexy crisscross design. The wiggle skirt features a 7 inch slit for ease and comfort and falls perfectly below the knee.

The form fitting design creates the illusion of a perfect silhouette for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a size small or a 2x, everyone looks fabulous in their Erin dress. To help conceal any trouble areas, pair it with your favorite shapewear. I personally like to wear the Rago 1294 girdle with a plunge push up bra to create a sexy silhouette. One note of caution, Spanx like satin materials may cause the skirt to bunch or ride up.

Chances are, you already own plenty of shoes to pair perfectly with the Erin. Whether they are peep toe pumps or strappy sandals, this dress is quite versatile for any outing. Play up the accessories from jewelry, to belts or a contrasting bolero…the options are endless. The classic 50’s design with a modern twist is perfect for an evening on the town or possibly a wedding dress in the new white colorway.

Named after the stunning Erin Cummings, it certainly reflects her beauty and grace in the design. Recently PUG released three colorways in larger plus sizes so more ladies can own this classic wiggle dress. The new plum Erin is on my wishlist once it is restocked as it sold out fast.

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Channel Your Inner Dita

From the moment I saw Miss Dita wearing this classic navy two tone dress…I dreamed of owning something similar someday! Needless to say, it was a great surprise to discover it was a Glamour Bunny original design at a very affordable price. Beware of online knock offs and ensure to buy from Glamour Bunny direct or an authorized dealers like Rockabilly Pinup where I snagged mine.

Available in XS to XL in Navy or Black – MSRP £80.00

The great thing about Glamour Bunny sizing is that it is spot on with their size chart. The Medium fits like a glove while measuring Bust 36, Waist 29, Hips 41-42. There is a slight stretch to the soft cotton material but if you are in between sizes or want a looser fit, definitely size up. The Navy Two-Tone dress is meant to hug all your curves for a classy bombshell silhouette. It features a scooped neckline trimmed in contrasting white accents and button detail. This cut is suitable for all size bosoms while not showing all the goods. The three quarter length sleeves are perfect for those cooler fall/winter months.

This sleek pencil skirt dress is a perfect length for the office. Personally I choose to pair it with the Rago 1294 Girdle to give the illusion of a flawless silhouette. The quality and design will blow you away…with the feeling it was hand tailored just for you! The back kick slit and zipper allows for ease of movement in this form fitting style.

For a classic retro look, add a pair of white/cream vintage gloves and handbag to play up the two tone accents. For the office, a large faux pearl necklace and white pumps. For a day of shopping a la Dita; hair pulled back, red lips with kitten heels, vintage handbag and sunglasses. Whatever your look, the Navy Two-Tone dress is quite versatile.

Whether you want the mirror Joan from Mad Men or channel the elegant Dita, this lovely number will be a knock out! It is truly mind blowing to own the very same dress as Dita without breaking your wallet.

Make sure to take advantage of the 10% discount coupon (PP2012) from Rockabilly Pinup exclusive to Pin Up Persuasion readers.

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