Old School Deadly Dames

Hope you all had a fabulous summer and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that we were spoiled with this year. I just returned from my first trip to California and had an incredible time visiting San Fransisco, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz! Unfortunately our timing was a wee bit off with the Pinup Girl Clothing yardsale but I would have probably gone broke if I attended. Two wonderful ladies grabbed a few things off my wishlist at ridiculous prices and I will be sharing some reviews once they arrive. Stay tuned…

Now onto the main event, the glorious Old School Deadly Dames. Fortunately my obsession with PUG started many years ago before the redesign of Deadly Dames occurred. These gems are in high demand and get snapped up fast on Ebay or the PUG Swap & Sell Page. Why? Simply because they are the epitome of edgy pin up/rockabilly fashion. If you are lucky enough to find a gal parting with something in your size, don’t think twice or else it will be gone!

As I mentioned, keep an eye on Ebay and the PUG Swap & Sell page 24/7. This is how I managed to score the Pink Psychobilly Swing, Juvenile Delinquent in red and snapped up the Polka Dot Babydoll at Rowena on the clearance. My most recent treasure was the Pink Malibu Tiki, perfect for our wedding/honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Now there are still several Old School DD items available from PUG that are waiting to jump into your closet. Check out the Juvenile Delinquent Dress, Malibu Tiki Dress, Polka Dot Wiggle Dress, Capri Pants, Deadly Curves Bow Skirt, Troublemaker Dress, Jailbird Dress & Top, Psychobilly Halter Top, and Dolly Top. Don’t risk taking the chance these items sell out as they may not be restocked in the future.

One of my favorite features of the original DD designs is the adorable detachable Skully Brooch. He can be added to any outfit with the convenient alligator clip. If you happen to misplace yours, they are now available for sale separately on the PUG site. Skully dates back before the creation of the Kiss Me Deadly A.K.A Deadly Dames line. Micheline Pitt hand panted him on her skirts as a teenager and brought him to life many years later as the DD logo. The design is perfect for those gals that also love the more edgy rockabilly culture, a perfect compliment to the vintage pin up lifestyle.

A part of me longs for more Old School DD styles to be released but I also adore the new Classic Victorian designs in the collection. Micheline has a great eye for up and coming styles…Deadly Dames definitely has a bright future in the Vintage Pin up World. The new Fetish Folly has a mix of old with the new…who knows what she will come up with next!

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