~ Part Three ~ Sweet DIY Retro Cupcake Halloween Costume

Just a mini update on the costume design to ensure you have all the elements in place to get it done in time for Halloween. Next week I hope to post the last progress report featuring the cupcake crown, bow and last minute details before sharing the final product.


Second to the corset, the most important element to your costume is the petticoat/tutu skirt. There are several options available online, it all depends on the look and coverage you want. Believe it or not, some of the best choices are available on Etsy but keep in mind most are made to order so be sure to get them right away. My personal favorite style is the adorable extra poofy tutu’s in a combination of fuchsia and purple. A few choices that best suit the cupcake design are featured below ranging from $20-$45. For the cost, I honestly believe it is cheaper to buy a ready made skirt rather than attempt to make one from scratch.

Sisters of The Moon Design $45

Sisters of The Moon Design $35

The fun colorful hair is another option based on personal preference. From a short bob to long luscious curls in a multitude of colors. I snagged a cute purple bob wig for $16 at a local Halloween store. Unless you plan to use it much in the future, an inexpensive wig will do the trick quite well. Ebay and Amazon are great resources to snap them up for cheap.

Purple Bob $15-$40

Candy Pink Wig $30-$50

Certainly many of you fellow shoe addicts have more than one pair of knock out heels stashed in the closet that will work perfectly.  Rather than go out and buy turquoise heels, I decided to compliment the sequin trim on the corset with a pair of yellow heels. You can definitely play up the fuchsia, teal, or purple.

Yellow Platform Pumps

Turquoise Platform Pumps

Don’t forget to order the Crepe Suzette Opera length gloves with your corset from Orchard Corset, available in 14 different colors. If you prefer shorter gloves, they also offer elbow length in the same colors.

Crepe Suzette Opera Length Gloves Fuchsia $12

Available Colors

Last, but not least…the colorful fishnet stockings. Based on your shoes, you should go with a bold contrasting color…fuchsia, purple, teal or yellow. The best place to get them for cheap is definitely at online costume stores, or local accessory boutiques. Make sure to steer clear from the neon shades as they will clash with the rest of the costume.

Fuchsia Pink Fishnet Stockings $5-$10

Blue Fishnet Stockings $5-$10

Before the final costume update, you will need to visit your local craft stores to make the crown. What to get? Scrap fabric in velvet or lame, a ring for the base (plastic headband or foam ring, etc), 1-1.5″ gold ribbon, gold construction paper, jewels & candy stickers, and red pom-poms for cherries. Stay tuned for the final progress update….

P.S. For those of you that won’t be a sexy cupcake…what will you be???

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