Dressed To Impress At The Office

These days, women want to make a statement at the office without revealing too much. The gracious Joan Holloway-Harris on Mad Men is the perfect inspiration for this classic elegance; a modest neckline with a curve hugging silhouette falling just below the knee. Sex appeal can be defined in more ways than showing excess flesh. During my trip to Vegas this past March, I had the chance to visit the Bettie Page stores and fell head over heels with the Rita Dress as soon as I walked out of the fitting room. Although I did not buy it at the time, my friends at JBR Clothing were happy to custom order one in.

Available in sizes XS to 4X – MSRP $102USD.

Initially I tried the Large Rita at the Bettie Page store but quickly found there was enough stretch in the bengaline material to try sizing down. The Medium fit perfectly and sat well on my shoulders. The Rita features a wide collar design; one that does not overwhelm ladies like myself with narrow shoulders. The curve hugging pencil skirt accentuates all the right places and comes with a thin black belt. At 5 ft 4 inches, the Rita falls a couple inches below the knee…no hemming required.

What I love most about the Rita is the gorgeous turquoise color. A true representation of the era, there is nothing more classic than the silhouette it creates. Keep in mind, the bengaline is not known to conceal trouble areas so I highly recommend pairing it with your favorite shapewear. In the photos I’m wearing the Rago 1294 girdle but as you can see, it slightly shows through. Some seamless shapewear like Spanx or Body Wrap would be a better solution in this case.

The Rita can be worn to the office, or to any classy affair you may attend. Pair it with your favorite round toe pumps and add an extra touch with contrasting gloves. Simple earrings or a short pearl necklace will be a nice accent as well.

Bettie Page has recently released more classic 50’s office looks this season and I am very excited to try them as well. Check out the Beverly and Iced Coffee dress at JBR Clothing…both are on my must have list.

4 thoughts on “Dressed To Impress At The Office

  1. I love the color and the style! Perfect for office. I haven’t try Bettie Page clothing yet, but your review give good advice ๐Ÿ™‚

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