Bye Bye Stomach Shame

For as long as I can remember, my stomach area has been problematic and always quite ashamed to be honest. Whether I was 88lbs as a early teen or my current weight, I have never known what it’s like to have a smooth flat stomach.  For years I hid under baggy over sized t-shirts, anything to hide my flawed shape. Thankfully I overcame my body issues over the years but never found a resolve to achieving a flat stomach.

After falling in love with vintage inspired clothing, it was time to find some tricks to give the illusion of a perfect silhouette since genetics didn’t bless me one. Then came the discovery of Rago’s line of retro inspired shapewear. All I can say is…it’s MAGIC! Rago has something for all shapes and sizes to help various trouble zones based on your needs. The newest addition to my collection is the Rago 21 Firm Control Control Waist Cincher from Orchard Corset.

Available in sizes XS/24 – 8XL/46 in White, Black & Custom Colors – MSRP $40USD

With all Rago, I find myself in-between the 28(Medium) and 30(Large) since my waist is 29 inches and hips 42 inches. Rago recommends to size up when you hips are 10 inches or greater than your waist; that being said, I always size up to the 30(Large). The Rago 21 Cincher is made from firm control Power Net Fabric which features contour bands for smooth shaping and flexible spiral boning for back support. The front hook and eye closer makes it so easy to put on by yourself and doesn’t take any wiggling or special tricks to get into. I opted to have the white custom dyed to nude so it would be more versatile under light and dark clothing.

According to the product description, if you wear the correct size you should see between 2-4 inches of reduction. In my case, I can say it is only about 1 inch overall but note I could have definitely sized down to the 28(Medium). Although there is less reduction than specified I really love this cincher as it creates the illusion an all over smooth stomach and is not overly constricting. After wearing it on several occasions for extended periods of time, the comfort level does not diminish and provides a level of control that is very satisfying. The cincher has a slight tendency to roll up on the edges if you go sans stockings but nothing a quick adjustment won’t fix.

The placement of the cincher is recommended at 3.5 inches above your waist but I tend to raise it a little higher to work with my short torso. This shapewear is perfect for any A-line or swing skirts/dresses since you may find it creates a little bulge in the hip area not suitable for wiggle styles like the Rago 1294 Girdle. The four garter tabs are removable, a nice option when you choose not to wear stockings.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Rago 21 Cincher to everyone that has ever had stomach control issues and looking for a comfortable solution suitable for everyday wear. If you are in between sizes, I would recommend ordering both to find the perfect fit since Orchard Corset offers a 30 Day No-Hassle Return Policy.

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