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Malibu Barbie With a Vintage Twist

As promised, the spotlight on vintage inspired sarong dresses continues…

Next up is the redesigned Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki dress available at Pinup Girl Clothing. The original design was inspired by the old school Malibu Barbie herself, available in both pink or blue Hawaiian print. Micheline Pitt brought the Malibu Tiki back from retirement after the late Amy Winehouse was seen wearing it while performing and as a result, the demand went through the roof! The re-release meant new colorways and redesign to create a much improved overall fit with matching bolero.

Available in sizes XS to 2X in blue & red floral; blue & pink floral; solid black – MSRP $126USD


First off, if you own one of the old style Malibu Tiki dresses…be sure to follow the new size chart as the fit has definitely changed immensely.  After consulting with other PUG fans, it was confirmed the new version ran small compared to the size chart and I went with the feedback to size up into a Large. Thankfully I did, there was absolutely no way the Medium would fit as the Large “just” fit in the waist even though my waist measurement is 29 inches. The redesigned Malibu Tiki now has adjustable straps (which is a wonderful feature I must add) and tie sarong skirt instead of the faux belt that always had a tendency to slip. Another positive change is the longer tulip skirt which helps prevent accidental slips of the wrap skirt popping open. Lastly, the Malibu Tiki now comes with a matching lined bolero for those cooler evenings.


Owning both the old and new Malibu Tiki, I must admit the redesigned version has a MUCH improved fit and more practical for regular wear. The padded bullet bra bust with adjustable straps is definitely suitable to wear sans bras comfortably. Originally I had ordered the light blue print but decided to swap it for the dark blue since I plan to wear it after our trip to the Bahamas. Both are stunningly beautiful colorways, it all depends on personal taste. The bolero is well constructed and fits wonderfully even when sizing up. As I mentioned earlier, the longer tulip skirt is a great enhancement as I always feared the wrap skirt would slip open on the old style with my wide hips.


The beauty of the Hawaiian floral print is the fact that it stands out and requires minimal accessories.  Add a hair flower with a matching bamboo bangle and you’re ready to go! The Malibu Tiki is so well constructed to create a flawless silhouette, shapewear is not required. Go from the beach to dinner in a flash…with no need to change your outfit, just add a pair of wedges or strappy heels.


We owe a big thank you to the late Amy Winehouse who inspired Miss Pitt to bring this beauty back, better than ever! May 2013 cannot get here fast enough, I am so excited to wear the Malibu Tiki in the Bahamas!

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Vintage Style With An Edge

The Rockabilly girl in me has a weakness for anything with skulls…especially when they are incorporated with my love of vintage clothing. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, the Collectif Violet Skull Dress is a perfect combination of softness with an edge. At first glance you don’t immediately see skulls as the soft colors truly create the look of classic elegance.

Available in sizes UK6 to UK22 ~ MSRP £57.50


The Violet dress runs true to size like the Collectif’s current seasons’ styles. I ordered a UK12(Medium) and found it was definitely not possible to size down as there is no stretch in the 100% polyester fabric. If you are on the larger end in the bust measurement, it is recommended that you size up so the button bodice lies flat and will prevent it from gaping. Due to my shorter torso, the shoulders require some alterations otherwise I could not wear it sans camisole. The dress features a frill neckline and cap sleeve with matching sash to cinch your waist.

Since the release of the first round of Violet dresses, Collectif has made a few small changes to the pattern to achieve a better fit.


The pastel skull-floral motif is a beautiful overlay with a soft turquoise lining. The skirt has a flirty and delicate feminine feel with a small flare. The Violet dress is super comfortable and thankfully does not require any special shapewear to achieve a flawless look. I also want to note the overlay is quite durable compared to your average sheer fabrics but be cautious of sharp objects that may cause snags. Also keep in mind, it would be best to use a steamer to remove any wrinkles as I believe an iron would be too harsh on the overlay.


Pair the Violet Dress with your favorite button down cardigan and round toe pumps, perfect for any occasion. Add a pearl necklace to create a true classic vintage look, complimenting the skulls perfectly. With the solid turquoise lining there is no need for concern of your undergarments showing through. The length falls a couple inches below the knee at 5ft 4inches in height.


Although we are headed into the cold winter months here in Canada, I cannot wait for spring as the Violet will be one of my go-to dresses to wear to the office….and just about everywhere! Make sure to snag this beauty as it was JUST restocked and will sell out fast!

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A Tropical Paradise

We all know and love our vintage inspired swing and wiggle dresses…but there’s another fabulous vintage staple that you may or may not be so familiar with. What am I referring to? That would be the vintage sarong dresses in fabulous colorful bold prints. With my upcoming nuptials in the Bahamas, I have been seeking an array of vintage style dresses suitable to wear in this a tropical paradise. I’ll be featuring reviews on a variety of vintage style sarong dresses with a modern twist; perfect for any tropical vacations or hot summer months for our friends down under. First up is the Collectif Sarong Dress in red hibiscus from the summer 2012 collection.

Available in sizes UK6-22 in a variety of prints & colors – MSRP £50


Recently I have found the newer Collectif releases are more generous in sizing compared to their past styles. In older reviews, I always had to size up to the UK14 – Large to accommodate my hips and 29 inch waist. With the 2012 collection, I can now comfortably wear the UK12 – Medium with ease (measurements bust 36, waist 29, hips 41). The Sarong dress features a pleated sweetheart bodice suitable for ladies requiring ample space and tie halter straps. The best part of the faux wrap skirt is the fact it won’t show your lady bits like authentic wrap styles. Made from high quality cotton with no stretch.


What I love most about the Sarong dress is the beautiful and vibrant red hibiscus print fabric! The richness of the color is truly breathtaking. The fit was perfect off the rack, no alterations required…not even a hem at 5ft 4inches. The matching fabric belt is perfect to cinch your waist and features a lovely bamboo loop detail.


The Sarong dress is very well constructed and conceals body imperfections quite well thus no shapewear is required. This is definitely a blessing since no one wants to wear stuffy undergarments while in the Tropics. Accessorizing can be kept simple with a fabulous hair flower and thong sandals…perfect to go from day to evening with minimal effort.


Although the Collectif Sarong dress in hibiscus print is now discontinued, you can definitely try to snag one from their Ebay store at incredible clear out prices! I truly hope to see new colorways for the Sarong dress in their summer 2013 collection as it’s definitely a fabulous wardrobe staple.

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All Grown Up From The Prairie

It’s always a big thrill to discover new retro-inspired clothing lines and I seriously get so excited when trying them out for the first time. This past summer I shared a wonderful interview featuring Miss Candyfloss and placed my first order not long afterwards. The ladies behind the label are two fabulous sisters from Sweden with a passion for all things retro and vintage. Their summer dresses were all super fun & flirty…it was a hard task to buy only one. Thankfully there was a Violeta-Grace Dress hidden away in my size as their stock sells out fast!

Available in sizes XS to 3XL – MSRP €85


Being new to Miss Candyfloss sizing, I relied on the feedback from the designers themselves to ensure I found the right fit (Yes, they have really amazing customer service I must say). Based on my measurements I fell right in line with the Medium on the size chart( bust 36, waist 29, hips 41). When the Violeta-Grace arrived, it fit like a glove! The quality is fabulous and the light cotton floral print is breathtaking. The Violeta-Grace is boob friendly and the wide straps allow you to wear your favorite undergarments. The contrasting belt cinches your waist and full swing skirt is perfect to pair with a petticoat.


The only minor alteration required was to shorten the hem as it was quite long since I am only 5ft 4inches tall. It is always a relief to find clothing that fits well right off the rack and does not require costly alterations. The Violeta-Grace is super flattering in the bust area and find that it actuates them while still being on the more conservative side. My favorite part of the dress is the soft floral pattern, although my fiance said it reminded him of Little House On The Prairie. LOL


Although the Violeta-Grace is more suitable for summer months, you can definitely pair it with a nice cardigan and tights for the cooler months. Perfect to wear with your favorite petticoat but definitely not required as you can see in the review photos. I know come spring I’ll be wearing this dress all the time to the office since it’s so easy to throw on and doesn’t require any shapewear.


My first order with Miss Candyfloss was a smashing success and I cannot wait to shop their new styles from their Fall/Winter collection. As I mentioned earlier, make sure to snag the items you want right away as they sell out FAST & won’t be restocked once they do. Sadly I learned that lesson the hard way when their fabulous long winter coats sold out in record time…they are just that amazing!

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