Heidi Revisited

One of the first blog reviews I shared was about the famous Heidi by Pinup Girl Clothing, a household name for all vintage lovers. The Heidi is by far a prominent wardrobe staple and definitely my personal favorite go-to retro dress for so many occasions. PUG knows how much we love our Heidi’s and has released some exciting new colorways and fun prints! But that wasn’t all…PUG decided to create limited edition Heidi’s for their top selling wholesale clients to reward their customers with something extra special. As soon as I laid eyes on the Heidi in red floral print I rushed to see where it was being sold. Being a proud Canadian, it was a pleasure to see Rowena aka Retroglam had the exclusive for North America.

Somehow, the mint Heidi found it’s way into my cart as well…

Available in XS to 2X in a variety of prints & colors – MSRP $98USD


As mentioned in my earlier review, the Heidi runs true to the size chart and I definitely recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes in the waist area. The material is a high quality cotton with minimal stretch. The Heidi is suitable for ladies with bosoms of all grandeur with a modified sweetheart neckline. It features a full swing skirt and flattering cap sleeves perfect to conceal your favorite push up bra for extra pizazz! The thin belt defines your natural waist, easily adjustable for when you eat some extra treats.


The red floral Heidi is even more stunning in person, the true definition of a Modern 50’s housewife dress. Add a matching red petticoat, round toe pumps and a pearl necklace to complete the look. Please bare in mind, nude undergarments are a must due to the white background and recommend the same with the mint color as well. I found the newer colorways to be a bit more snug in the waist but I still stuck with the medium like the cherry and pindot versions.


My only point of discord with the Heidi’s in general is the need to iron them after each wear. The cotton is known to wrinkle after any prolonged sitting which is only normal for this type of material. Due to the thickness of the fabric, I highly recommend ironing as steaming doesn’t quite cut it.

The Heidi is ideal for every occasion; work, weddings, shopping…you name it! Have fun accessorizing as the options are as endless as your imagination will allow. If you want to kick it up a notch, a petticoat is the way to go! Personally the Heidi is my go-to dress on those days where I just want to dress up with little effort as shapewear is definitely not required.


PUG knows how to make their loyal customers come back for more and more Heidi’s as you cannot own just one. Hopefully we’ll see more limited edition prints in the near future, we can never get enough of these dresses!

6 thoughts on “Heidi Revisited

  1. You look so nice! I love the cut of those dresses, I have been wanting the Royal Blue one. I have the Natasha, which is the same top, but with a pencil skirt instead of the full skirt. it is pretty awesome.

  2. I bought the red floral Heidi dress based on seeing the pictures on your blog. I am so happy with the fit. It’s a beautiful dress.

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